Chapter 551 - Luxurious Tavern

MGA: Chapter 551 - Luxurious Tavern

As for cultivation of the brain, it was even more impressive. The chant had no more than a hundred words yet contained the world’s boundless mysteriousness. Just a single word encompassed many profound matters. However, as for how much he could understand from it, that relied solely on the cultivator’s own comprehension strength.

In short, the Pulse Searching Method thoroughly engrossed Chu Feng because he felt if he were to completely grasp the Pulse Searching Method, in the future, he truly need not worry about any cultivation resources. Perhaps relying on the Pulse Searching Method, he would become a supreme expert because he felt hiddenly that the Pulse Searching Method seemed to conceal some divine secret.

So, Chu Feng’s days were entirely cast into the cultivation of the Pulse Searching Method, and that lasted over two full months of time.

In two months, the Elite Armament chariot flew over innumerable deserts and plains, and rivers and lakes. They even flew past several small-scale sea regions.

And after two full months non-stop all-out hurrying, Chu Feng and the group finally entered the Eastern Sea Region.

“Chu Feng, Chu Feng!” At that instant, Chu Feng was currently in his room, painstakingly studying the Pulse Searching Method, but when Su Mei’s beautiful and excited voice rang out without end, Chu Feng had no choice but to stop cultivating.

“Little Mei, what’s the matter?” Opening his eyes, Chu Feng discovered that Su Mei and Su Rou, the two sisters, were standing in front of him presently. Moreover, sweet smiles were worn on their pretty little faces.

“Heh, quickly come, come and look! You’ll know when you see it!” Su Mei didn’t explain. She directly grabbed Chu Feng’s hand and pulled Chu Feng out.

After walking out of the room and coming up to the window, Chu Feng’s pupils couldn’t help shrinking abruptly before similarly his face brimmed with excited emotions.

Because, at that very instant, underneath the Elite Armament chariot, it was an edgeless and endless sea, but that sea was completely different from what Chu Feng saw before.

The seawater was azure, and large waves rose into the sky. Even the smallest were several meters tall, while the largest reached heights of several hundred meters. They were truly incomparably fierce.

At that very instant, despite standing within the Elite Armament chariot, Chu Feng was also able to hear the sounds of the waves, and the noises of the wind. A sea like that was absolutely not something ordinary people could survive in, and a region of sea like that was clearly the Eastern Sea Region.

“The Eastern Sea Region, completely boundless. Above this sea are only islands, but the sizes of these islands are over several times larger than the continent of the Nine Provinces.”

“The Eastern Sea Region, imperceptibly deep. From what I’ve heard, there lives within the bottom of the sea enormous and vicious sea creatures. There are even powerful Monstrous Beast species living deep under the sea for very long years.”

“Similarly, within the bottom of the sea, countless artifacts can be found, and the number of treasures is even immeasurable.” Jiang Wushang said on the side.

“It is indeed not simple. Entering this place is truly like coming to another world.” Chu Feng was quite amazed as well. It was as though he entered a new point in his life.

The Eastern Sea Region was very big. Even though the Four Seas Academy was located at a relatively eastern location, if they wanted to reach it, they still needed a few more days.

After roughly two weeks of rushing, an island finally appeared within their lines of sight, and on the island, finally, they saw traces of humans.

“Look! There’s a tavern ahead. Since we’re not far from the Four Seas Academy anyway, why not go down there and have a meal? Let’s check out how the Eastern Sea Region’s dishes taste like.”

Jiang Wushang pointed forward and loudly yelled out. Looking over at that direction, a very large tavern was indeed situated there. Many chariots and special horses halted outside. There were even Monstrous Beasts bound by Spirit Formation ropes.

Simultaneously, many figures were scuttling. Even though the distance was still very far, they could see that almost everyone there was a cultivator. Even many chariots were pulled by Monstrous Beasts.

How was that even like a tavern? It was simply like a small-scale city. At least, in the continent of the Nine Provinces, Chu Feng and the others had never seen a tavern of such magnitude. They had never seen so many cultivators gathered in a single tavern as well.

“Waa, there’s so many people! Let’s go down and have a look. After eating rations for so long, I also want to savor appetizing dishes.” At the same time, Su Rou also exclaimed with a face full of longing.

Seeing that, Zhang Tianyi who was currently responsible for urging the chariot forward looked at Chu Feng, and after seeing him nod his head, he willed, drove the chariot forward, and entered the vast tavern directly.

Following the entrance of the Elite Armament chariot, driven by Chu Feng and the others, into the tavern, the attention of quite a few people was aroused. After all, Elite Armaments were treasures. Even in the Eastern Sea Region, they were still priceless.

Especially when the Elite Armament chariot Chu Feng and the others sat in was extremely luxurious, naturally, it attracted some observers.

Even in the first instant, some people gave birth to malicious thoughts. Since this place wasn’t within the borders of the Four Seas Academy, and it was located quite remotely, there would usually not be any investigations after an instance killing, robbing, and silencing via extermination. So, many criminals stood guard at a place like that, specializing in finding weak people for unlawful activities.

However, after Chu Feng and his group walked out of the Elite Armament chariot, the ones with malicious intentions couldn’t help dispelling those thoughts.

Five young males and females. Three in the third level of the Heaven realm, two in the second level of the Heaven realm. That age. That strength. Even in the Eastern Sea Region, it was not weak in the slightest.

It was even to the extent that when some people saw Chu Feng and the others, they actually evaded hurriedly, a bit of fear emerging into their eyes.

Only some fearless people, who were attracted by Su Rou’s and Su Mei’s beauty, dared to shoot another glance.

But when they discovered that there was some aggravation within Chu Feng’s and the others’ gazes, they also quickly redirected their sight. As they smiled apologetically, they speedily left, deeply afraid being given a lesson by Chu Feng’s group.

“It seems like no matter where, people still bully the kind and fear the evil.” Seeing the crowd that surrounded with tiger-like stares yet rapidly withdrew after he displayed his strength, Zhang Tianyi smiled derisively.

“The weak are meat and the strong eat. That’s the only rule of this world, without exception regardless of the place.” Chu Feng also smiled.

“Guests, are you staying, or eating?” Just at that moment, a male dressed as a waiter ran over with a face of smiles.

But despite of that, even though it was a waiter’s attire, his clothing was many times more gorgeous than a waiter’s clothing in the continent of the Nine Provinces. He simply did not even seem like a commoner.

But the thing that shocked Chu Feng was that the waiter was actually a cultivator belonging to the Origin realm.

“So this is the Eastern Sea Region huh? Even a waiter has the cultivation in the Origin realm.” But at present, the one most astounded was none other than Su Mei.

It was because her initial cultivation was in the Origin realm. If the Pearl of Flames didn’t enter her body, perhaps she would still be in the Origin realm right now.

Yet, in the Eastern Sea Region, a lowly waiter who poured tea for others was quite unexpectedly also in the Origin realm. That really stunned her, and she even felt a bit of unfairness.