Chapter 550 - Deep and Profound

MGA: Chapter 550 - Deep and Profound

“Pulse Searching Method?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s grogginess immediately vanished.

A long time ago, Eggy had told him about the Pulse Searching Method. It was a special method that could search for Natural Oddities, myriads of mystical treasures, and cultivation resources.

However, cultivating that method was very troubling. In addition, the things Chu Feng needed to handle before never ended, so Eggy hadn’t mentioned that to Chu Feng.

Eggy didn’t mention, Chu Feng didn’t ask; but in reality, Chu Feng always had his mind on the Pulse Searching Method. At present, Eggy was finally willing to teach him that method, so of course, Chu Feng was very excited.

Thus, as he willed, he shot his awareness into his own Spiritual World and came inside the World Spirit Space.

Seeing Eggy who was coldly beautiful without detraction from cuteness, and cute without detraction from sweetness, Chu Feng grinned, chuckled, and said, “Eggy, you’re finally willing to teach me that Pulse Searching Method?”

“Chu Feng, listen carefully. This Pulse Searching Method is a method that normal World Spiritist are unable to grasp. Even above the ranks of Gold-cloak World Spiritists, there is almost no one who grasps this method.”

“It can be said to be a secret that hasn’t been passed down. The number of people who grasp this method is few within few. It is even more precious than your Secret Skill. If this gets known, it will definitely cause a bloody catastrophe to arise.” Eggy said.

“What? This Pulse Searching Method is something that normal World Spiritists cannot grasp, and it is actually that precious?!” Hearing those words, Chu Feng couldn’t help gulping, then curiously asked, “Eggy, where did you get such a thing? Could it be your Asura World Spirit’s unique method?!”

“Of course not. This Pulse Searching Method was created by a very mighty World Spiritist. I learnt it from a World Spirit senior who is even several times more powerful than me because this senior was the World Spirit of that mighty World Spiritist.” Eggy said.

“What? A senior even several times more powerful than you?” Being told that, Chu Feng was very startled. Before Eggy was sealed, she should have been already extremely strong. If so, what level of existence was the World Spirit even stronger than her?

“It’s a World Spirit that very few people dare to be disrespectful towards in the entire Asura Spirit World.” Mentioning that World Spirit, even on the face of the usual prideful Eggy emerged a hint of respect. From that, it could be seen that the World Spirit was truly extraordinary.

But what made Chu Feng even more amazed was the master of that World Spirit. If the World Spirit itself was already so powerful, what strength would the master of that World Spirit have?

“But Chu Feng, something I need to remind you beforehand. Although I know the cultivating method of this Pulse Searching Method, I do not know if it will be successful.”

“The only thing I can tell you is that this Pulse Searching Method is not easy to cultivate.”

“Hehe, in this world, what things are easy? Eggy, just tell me. What do I need to do?” Chu Feng indifferently smiled as he asked.

“The Pulse Searching Method requires one to cultivate three things. First, cultivation of the eye. Second, cultivation of the brain. Third, cultivation of the heart.”

“The cultivation of the eye can be said to be the critical juncture of the Pulse Searching Method because the method requires you to use your eyes to see everything, and eyes like those are called the Heaven’s Eyes.”

“Heaven’s Eyes?”

“That’s right. As long as you cultivate your eyes to the point where you see things that others cannot see, and notice things that others cannot notice, then you can say that you’ve grasped the early stage of the Heaven’s Eyes.”

“And cultivating the Heaven’s Eyes requires enormous Spirit power. The lowest standard is Spirit power that can use blue-coloured Spirit Formation power. That’s also why I had to wait until you were a Blue-cloak World Spiritist before willing to pass down the Pulse Searching Method.”

“Then what is cultivation of the brain?”

“Cultivation of the brain is the replenishment of your knowledge. Of the millions of things and organisms in this world, its rivers, streams, mountains, hills, there are truths to their existences. There are meanings in their shapes.”

“For example, a seemingly ordinary mountain range can possibly contain many peculiar objects; a seemingly ordinary book can possibly hide unseen artifacts.”

“However, no matter how much more special they are, ordinary people cannot see such things. However, if you have the Heaven’s Eyes, you can see their remarkability from their external shapes.”

“But if you needed to determine whether there are truly treasures hidden within, then you are required to grasp the related knowledge. I have here a chant. This chant records almost all geographical shapes of areas that conceal various Natural Oddities. As for how much you can comprehend from it, that will depend on yourself.”

“Regarding the cultivation of the heart, it is actually very simple.”

“For all things, if there are benefits, there are detriments. Danger always coexists with advantages. The greater the advantage, the greater the danger.”

“And after you grasp the Heaven’s Eyes as well as the knowledge related to the Pulse Searching Method, you will be able to dig out many buried oddities, or locations with treasures.”

“But you need to know that even though the things there can possibly turn you into a dragon, causing your cultivation to greatly soar, it can also evaporate all your work, killing you within.”

“When you discover a place that hides treasures, to enter or to not, and what to do after entering, all of that needs to be determined by your heart. A serene yet strong heart can always guard your life, and allow you to gain even more results.”

“Chu Feng, that’s the Pulse Searching Method. Simple when said, difficult when done. Are you certain you want to cultivate it?” Eggy, with her pair of slender brows and big eyes glittering in jet-black, she stared at Chu Feng solemnly. She was waiting for Chu Feng’s answer.

Confronting Eggy’s question, Chu Feng lightly smiled, and answered, “Of course I want to.”

After obtaining Chu Feng’s answer, the corners of Eggy’s mouth curved upwards, revealing a devastatingly beautiful smile because she precisely liked Chu Feng’s spirit of fearless adventuring.

From then on, Eggy told the three cultivation methods of the Pulse Searching Method to Chu Feng. The proverb “the master shows you the door, but you must walk through it” was very evidently shown in the Pulse Searching Method.

Eggy had also never truly seen a person cultivate the Pulse Searching Method, she only knew the method of cultivation, so she had no clue if he could succeed or not, or how fast he could grasp it.

In reality, the Pulse Searching Method was truly very difficult to cultivate. It was so hard that even Chu Feng, who had extremely powerful comprehension power, had a muddled head and had to intensely study it word-by-word.

But, the more Chu Feng cultivated, the harder he worked; the more he cultivated, the more serious he became; the more he studied, the more absorbed he got into it.

It was because he discovered that the Pulse Searching Method was truly deep and profound, and he wondered what kind of divine being the creator was, actually being able to produce such a thing.

Putting all other aside, just the Pulse Searching Method’s cultivation of the eye was an upgraded version of Spirit power.

If one were to succeed in learning the method, there would be no need to use Spirit power for detection. With merely a glance, they could see through everything that Spirit power could perceive.

Let’s say it like this. If the cultivation of the Heaven’s Eyes succeeds, Chu Feng would be able to see objects through walls. The so-called x-ray vision.

Reaching the later stages of cultivation, Chu Feng’s pair of eyes would have savage destructive abilities. With a look, he could flatten mountains and evaporate lakes.

If he were to master it, he could see one’s inner heart and soul, ascertain the evil and just; with only a glimpse, he could see through a person’s nature, and possibly with only a look, he could force others to be submissive, and serve himself for their entire life.