Chapter 558 - Ten Divine Instructors

MGA: Chapter 558 - Ten Divine Instructors

“Senior Yuhe, you are truly too polite. We don’t really need a servant.” Jiang Wushang said embarrassedly. On the road, after some chatting, they learnt that the middle-aged man was called Yuhe.

“Ahh, you have tired greatly from this journey. It simply won’t do for you to refuse this service. Besides, ‘the ones who come are guests’. Since you’ve come to my Four Seas Academy, how can something like pouring your own cup of tea be allowed?”

“There are still several days to the start of the examination, and besides, the examination is a very lengthy process. In this period of time before the examination, I would feel more relieved if there were a person taking care of you. If you require assistance in any areas, you can directly tell the servant, and get them to notify me. I will definitely arrive as soon as I can.”

“Okay, it’s getting late now. You guys rest early. I will inform you later about the specific times of the examination.” Yuhe smiled with a face of indifference, then drifted away.

Chu Feng and the others looked at each other, then smiled in relief towards Yuhe’s actions, and gladly accepted all his arrangements. They knew that the reason why they could gain Yuhe’s respect was because they were armed with that strength.

At that moment, Jiang Wushang’s, Zhang Tianyi’s, Su Rou’s, and Su Mei’s confidence rose by many times, and felt more and more that being in the Four Seas Academy was like fish being in water.

Several days later, they finally reached the moment of the examination. Although Chu Feng was not planning to join the Four Seas Academy, he still went along with them. It was for no other reason but his own worry.

And when Chu Feng and the others reached the place of the examination, they once again truly witnessed what “grand” was.

The so-called examination grounds was simply an enormous sealed castle. Its area was comparable to even a small-scale mountain range.

As for the people who came to participate in the examination, although the ages were uneven, they were truly all in the Heaven realm, and when several tens of thousands of Heaven realm experts appeared at the same time, that scene could really only be described as “magnificent”.

“Chu Feng, are you really not going to enter the Four Seas Academy with us? Can I really not go together with you?” Outside of the examination grounds, Su Mei was gazing intently at Chu Feng with her clear and beautiful eyes.

She actually didn’t want to enter the Four Seas Academy, and also wanted very much to continue following Chu Feng. However, he advised them to stay in the Four Seas Academy, for a very simple reason. He did not want them to face danger.

“Little Mei, listen to Chu Feng. There are some things that are better left up to him to do. You will only distract him by staying close to him.”

But before letting Chu Feng speak, Su Rou intimately stood out, but at the same time she spoke those words she also looked at Chu Feng. Within her pretty eyes, there was similarly some reluctance.

“Go ahead, I will come back often to see you.” Chu Feng waved his hand at the two of them with a smile.

Seeing that, Su Rou and Su Mei no longer clung onto him, and turned around, heading towards the examination’s entrance. Zhang Tianyi and Jiang Wushang followed in as well.

“Eh? Junior Chu Feng, why are you still here? This examination will start immediately! If you don’t enter now, you won’t make it.” Suddenly, a voice rang out behind him, and turning his head around to see, it was Yuhe.

“Senior Yuhe, I am only accompanying them. I’m not planning to enter the Four Seas Academy.” Chu Feng replied with a smile.

“That’s not true is it? You’re not planning to enter the Four Seas Academy?” After hearing Chu Feng’s words, Yuhe had shock across his face, but seeing Chu Feng’s firm appearance, he had no choice but to believe them. Quickly afterwards, he said with a strong shake of his head, “A pity, a pity, what a true pity.”

*whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh*

But just at that moment, several blurs of light appeared abruptly from the distant sky. Very soon, those lights dashed up to the sky above the examination grounds, and halted in mid-air.

At that instant, Chu Feng’s eyes couldn’t help brightening because in the air he discovered there stood nine people. Of the nine people, two were females, seven were males, and all were white-haired and aged.

However, their cultivations were overwhelming. Their powerful auras far surpassed the Azure Dragon Founder’s, so Chu Feng determined they were nine Martial Lords, and their realms were definitely not low either.

“Look! It’s the Ten Divine Instructors!”

After those nine people appeared, from the disciples of the Four Seas Academy, bursts of cheers rang out, and even many elders revealed admirative expressions.

As for the nine in the sky, they seemed to enjoy the crowd’s reaction quite a bit, as though they were waiting for such exclamations when they stopped in the air.

It seemed to prove true when very quickly they shot across the sky and dashed into the examination area. Only a good while after they entered did the churning crowd quiet down.

“Senior Yuhe, what’s the history behind these nine people?” Chu Feng curiously asked Yuhe.

“Junior Chu Feng, could it be that you haven't even heard of the Ten Divine Instructors?” Yuhe very astonishedly gazed at Chu Feng, as if looking at a peculiar animal.

“Honestly speaking, I truly haven’t heard of them.” Chu Feng shook his head, slightly embarrassed. Although he knew the Four Seas Academy was very strong, it was absolutely not stronger than the Immortal Execution Archipelago. So, ever since Zi Ling was taken away, Chu Feng abandoned the thought of entering the Four Seas Academy because it simply could not oppose the Immortal Execution Archipelago.

Thus, naturally, he hadn’t scouted out many things about the Four Seas Academy. After arriving at that place, he kept on cultivating behind closed-doors, studying the Pulse Searching Method. Up until now, his comprehension of the Four Seas Academy stagnated within his previous knowledge that expanded only from Jiang Wushang and the others’ conversations.

“Whatever. I’ll tell you about this.”

“Within the Four Seas Academy, elders are responsible for handling the internal and external matters. The ones responsible for passing abilities down to disciples are instructors.”

“Instructors are separated into three levels. One of them are Mortal Instructors, and the other are Earthen Instructors. They are assigned to disciples based on the disciples’ examination results.”

“But other than the two types of instructors, there are also Divine Instructors. The strength of Divine Instructors are extremely powerful, and can be said to be a portion of the Four Seas Academy’s strongest battle force. Their position in the academy is extremely high.”

“However, there is no disciple who can choose them. In order words, only they choose the disciples, and no disciples choose them.”

“Most importantly, there are only ten Divine Instructors in the entire Four Seas Academy, and each one of them take only one disciple.”

“Only after their disciple leaves the Four Seas Academy do they choose a new one, and this year coincidentally is the time when all of their disciples leave, so it is also the time to choose new disciples.” Yuhe very detailedly narrated.

“No wonder the people from the Four Seas Academy cheered in such a way. So they were great characters within the academy.”

“But Senior Yuhe, you said there are ten instructors, but there were only nine just now!” Chu Feng counted and discovered that the numbers didn’t match, so he couldn’t help expressing his doubts.

“There’s another that hasn’t come. Oh that person… He has a very strange nature, and there are very few disciples who catch his attention. It can even be said ever since becoming a Divine Instructor, he had never accepted a disciple. So, don’t have expectations that he will come this year.” Yuhe said.

“He’s that unconventional? Does the Four Seas Academy not care about his actions?” Chu Feng felt bewildered. Becoming an instructor, yet not instructing any disciples. It was like occupying the toilet but not taking a crap! Yet the Four Seas Academy allowed such behavior?

“Hoh.” To Chu Feng’s question, Yuhe chuckled, then went near his ear and said in a low voice, “When a person reaches a certain level in strength, he can create exceptions.”