Chapter 559 - Congratulatory Gifts

MGA: Chapter 559 - Congratulatory Gifts

The examination of the Four Seas Academy was very complicated. Especially as several tens of thousands of people entered at the same time, going through them in turn required several full days before it could be completed.

And in this period of time, Chu Feng continued studying his Pulse Searching Method in his resting area, while awaiting their examination results.

“Chu Feng! Chu Feng!” Several days later, the resting area which had remained in silence for many days was disrupted by a voice brimming with joy. At that instant, Chu Feng knew that the lengthy examination finally ended.

When Chu Feng opened his eyes, he saw his room’s door pushed open and a beautiful body dashing in, immediately arriving in front of himself, leaping into his embrace.

Looking at the little beauty before him, Chu Feng chuckled, because that person was none other than Su Mei, “Seeing that you’re so happy, you’ve passed?”

“She has not only passed! Big Brother Tianyi and I really admire Lady Su Rou and Su Mei to death!” But before letting Su Mei respond, Jiang Wushang voice rang out at the door.

Turning towards the voice, he saw Jiang Wushang, Zhang Tianyi, and Su Rou walking in. There were faint smiles worn on their faces. Especially for Su Rou, the alluring and mature great beauty. Her smile could truly dazzle a person to death.

“Brother Wushang, why so?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

“It turned out that in this examination, the Ten Divine Instructors came over to observe. Big Brother Chu Feng, you must not know about the Ten Divine Instructors right? These Ten Divine Instructors are truly outstanding! I’ll explain it to you like this. In the Four Seas Academy, there are no ‘masters’, only ‘instructors’. Instructors are the ones who teach us abilities.”

“There are also different levels of instructors, and the Ten Divine Instructors are the ten strongest Divine Instructors in the entire Four Seas Academy. Their position is supreme, and they are extremely exceptional. It is everyone’s wish to become their disciple.”

“As long as one becomes their disciple, not only will they obtain development of the highest quality, they will acquire an extremely high position as well. Even many elders and instructors will respect them.”

“Lady Su Rou and Lady Su Mei have caught the eyes of two Divine Instructors. Moreover, it was determined on scene that they need not participate in any more exams or competitions. Also meaning that in the next four years, they are disciples who will be specially developed by the Divine Instructors.”

“Big Brother Chu Feng, you don’t need to worry about anything. These two Divine Instructors are female, so they were definitely not enticed by Lady Su Rou’s and Lady Su Mei’s beauty but saw their potential!”

Jiang Wushang narrated with an extremely admirative tone, but from his face overflowing with smiles, one could see that he also felt happy, from the bottom of his heart, for Su Rou and Su Mei.

“Brother Wushang, stop acting like a victim here! Aren’t both you and Senior Zhang also very impressive? You’ve also gained the approval of Divine Instructors!”

“As long as you can gain victory in the showdown tomorrow, you can become disciples of those Divine Instructors.” Su Rou said on the side.

“Showdown? What’s this?” Hearing the word “showdown”, interest immediately came for Chu Feng as he hurriedly asked.

“Chu Feng, it’s like this: Senior Zhang and Brother Wushang caught the eyes of two Divine Instructors.”

“However, that applied also for many other powerful disciples. Yet, every Divine Instructor can instruct only a single disciple, so if Brother Wushang and Senior Zhang want to follow them, they must defeat the other disciples and reign victorious at the end.” Su Rou walked up to the Chu Feng and warmly explained.

“Those two Divine Instructors are too half-hearted to select multiple disciples at the same time.” Chu Feng teasingly said.

“Ahh, so that’s why I said Lady Su Rou and Lady Su Mei are impressive! They have no need to participate in any showdowns and were directly secured as disciples by their instructors. It can even be said it’s the first time this happened in history!” Jiang Wushang said, curling his lips.

“This is actually not really much because other than the two instructors who chose Lady Su Rou and Lady Su Mei, all of the other instructors chose multiple disciples as well, and many wanted to have a process of elimination.” Zhang Tianyi said smilingly.

“Mm. But Big Brother Chu Feng, you don’t need to worry about anything.”

“Big Brother Tianyi and I have already meticulously examined our competition. Honestly speaking, yes, there is pressure, but there’s not much.”

“Ah yes, that’s right. The interesting thing is, within the people who are competing against me and Big Brother Tianyi, there is also a pair of brothers surnamed is Shentu and they’ve come from the Shentu Dynasty as well. I’m sure they must be related to that Shentu Lang in some way.” Jiang Wushang said with an evil smile, seeming to want to take revenge for Shentu Lang’s bullying back then.

“Hoh. If they are related, then great; if not, no matter. All in all, this is a rare chance. Regardless of who your opponent is, do not have mercy. The more you let the instructors see your abilities, the more advantageous it will be to your future developments. So, do not hold anything back.” Chu Feng gravely reminded.

“Don’t worry, Big Brother Tianyi and I are people who do not like to leave face for our opponents, right? Big Brother Tianyi!” Jiang Wushang smugly looked at Zhang Tianyi.

Facing Jiang Wushang’s question, Zhang Tianyi smiled, then said, “Of course.”


At that instant, Chu Feng and the others happily roared with laughter. They were all very joyful. After all, if Zhang Tianyi, Jiang Wushang, as well as Su Rou and Su Mei, could truly become disciples of Divine Instructors, then it would be accurate to describe their position in the Four Seas Academy as “stepping to the Heavens in a single step”.

In terms of strength, they will rise abruptly; in terms of status, they will also receive many people’s respect.

“Ahaha, congratulations, congratulations!!” But just at that moment, from outside the door suddenly came incomparably excited laughs.

After those laughters sounded, Chu Feng and the others all looked at each other, their smiles on their faces couldn’t help becoming even wider. Because, without even seeing the person, they knew who it was. It was definitely Yuhe.

“Juniors, really, congratulations! You’ve actually all become disciples of Divine Instructors! In the future, please treat me well!” Indeed, Yuhe soon walked in from outside, and there were even some gifts in his hands.

But behind him, there was even another Four Seas Academy disciple who followed. He had also a face full of smiles, and was similarly holding priceless gifts.

“Senior Yuhe, what are you doing?” Seeing that, Jiang Wushang asked a bit puzzledly.

“Ah, Junior Jiang. Please accept this. It is but a small part of my heart, think nothing of it.” Yuhe forcibly pushed the presents in his hands to Jiang Wushang.

“Yeah! Juniors, these are just small parts of our hearts. You must accept them! In the future, we will still need to rely on your care...” Quickly after, the disciple behind Yuhe also, full of smiles, brought gratulatory gifts and went forward.