Chapter 560 - Auction

MGA: Chapter 560 - Auction

“This...” At that instant, Jiang Wushang was in a bit of a difficult situation. He didn’t know whether to accept the gifts or not, so he cast his gaze towards Chu Feng and Zhang Tianyi.

“Brother Wushang, just accept them. After all, Senior Yuhe has looked after us quite well, so it is only reasonable to take care of each other in the future.”

Chu Feng smiled. He had always recognized favours and paid them back. Although Yuhe had dishonest intentions when contacting them originally, he had helped them, after all. Thus, it was only right to look after him as well.

As for the other person, since Yuhe brought him over willingly, they undoubtedly had a very good relationship. So, there was no problem in him using his closeness with Yuhe and also obtaining a tiny bit of the benefits by being with Chu Feng and the others.

After hearing Chu Feng’s words, Jiang Wushang did not hesitate anymore and accepted the presents successively.

“Ahh, thank you Junior Chu Feng, thank you Junior Wushang, thank you, thank you!” The thing that made Chu Feng and the others speechless was that after Jiang Wushang accepted the presents, Yuhe and his friend actually bowed and thanked without end. Their level of shameless bootlicking skills was indeed exceptional.

“Su Rou, Su Mei!”

“Jiang Wushang, Junior Zhang Tianyi! Do you live here?”

But immediately after accepting their presents, a voice that was rather loud, yet very soft, rang out from outside.

It seemed like more people learnt of them becoming disciples of Divine Instructors and came to gift presents, hoping to befriend them.

But Jiang Wushang and the others did not accept the presents from those people. The reason was very simple too: after eating one’s food, your mouth goes “numb”, therefore you do not curse them; after taking their things, your hands becomes “short”, therefore you do not fight them.

It wasn’t that they were approaching unkindly, but there was really no need to become acquainted with people who wished to do naught but to take advantage of them.

If you flourished, perhaps they would be completely obsequious, and be a cow or horse as you so desired, but if one day everything fell apart, not only would they entertain themselves from your own misfortunes, they would even strike when you were down. It’d be wise to distant oneself from those kinds of people.

Like that, after several continuous waves of people came, even Jiang Wushang and the others could not bear it any longer because those people would not stop the pestering. It was not easy to handle them.

But just as Chu Feng and the others were irked, Yuhe and the others were quite complacent.

It was not schadenfreude of course. The reason they felt happy was because Chu Feng and the others accepted their gifts.

After all, their position in the Four Seas Academy was not high, and those who came bearing presents were in better positions than they were.

But people like them were all denied entry by Chu Feng and the others, while they received treatment for distinguished guests.

Even if they didn’t want to be smug they couldn’t. It was the first time in the Four Seas Academy that they felt superiority.

“Juniors, right now, your names resonate too strongly. There will be many more people coming to befriend you.”

“It will never end if this continues, and I’m afraid you will even find it difficult to sleep peacefully tonight. How about I bring you to another residence?” But while being pleased, Yuhe did not forget to dissolve their concerns, so he suggested on his own initiative.

“Oh? Senior Yuhe, you can find a rather tranquil place for us to rest? We wouldn’t be disturbed by anyone anymore?” Jiang Wushang expressed uncertainty. If those people could find out that they lived here, how could it be they couldn’t do so after they switched places?

“That’s very simple. There are records of you living in this place, so of course it’s easy to find you guys, but if you come to the residence in my land, naturally, they will not be able to locate any of you.” Yuhe said.

“Will this not be too inconvenient?” Chu Feng asked. More importantly, he was worried Yuhe would offend many people by doing that, and was afraid he would attract unnecessary troubles.

“Don’t worry. Although my land isn’t too big, it is not small either. There are mountains, creeks, lakes… Not to mention empty houses, the environment over there is much better too. Put away your worries and follow me.” Yuhe patted his chest, guaranteeing.

Seeing that, Chu Feng and the others hesitated no longer. After a simple pack up, they followed Yuhe and left.

But before walking to the Teleportation Array, they discovered there were people endlessly flying past in the sky, heading towards the center area of the vast city.

In addition, on their faces, there were bits of excitement and longing, as if there were a good occasion.

“Senior Yuhe, what are those people going over there for?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

“Ah, every year, at this time, in the center of the city, there will be some auctions. As long as you have treasures, you can sell them off for quite good prices.”

“Of course. Because these auctions are set up by my Four Seas Academy, there will be some processing fee taken.”

“Junior Chu Feng, is there anything you want auctioned off? If there is, you can do so with your two juniors’ status. Given their current positions, there will be no need to take any processing fee.” Yuhe explained.

“As the people here come from many places, every year, there will be some strange treasures taken out for auction. There are even people who come here, not to join the Four Seas Academy, but for auctioning treasures off their hands.”

“If you are interested, there is no harm in going over and having a look because this auction that happens only once a year can be counted as a rare festival. Even many disciples and elders of the Four Seas Academy will come for the liveliness.” At the same time, the disciple, who came along with Yuhe, spoke. It seemed like he had quite some interest in the auction as well.


“Chu Feng, since this auction is so interesting, let’s go take a look. It’s still early after all, so why not go join the liveliness?” Hearing those words, Su Mei got interested, and started to shake Chu Feng’s arm as she tugged it.

“That’s fine. Incidentally I have some things I want to sell off, so I’ll have to trouble you, Senior Yuhe.” Chu Feng said with faint smile. Back then, other than cultivation resources, he obtained quite a few valuable treasures from the Ji Dynasty. It was wealth that the Ji Dynasty accumulated over several thousands of years.

At first, he wanted to use those treasures for trading the cultivation resources that the Azure Dragon Founder and the Jiang Dynasty’s old ancestor looted from the other two dynasties, but they just gave Chu Feng cultivation resources and did not take his treasures. Those treasures were currently all on Chu Feng.

Moreover, since there was no use in keeping them, it would be better for Chu Feng to sell those things, converting them into cultivation resources. Then, leave a portion for personal emergency uses, and also leave a portion for Su Rou, Su Mei, Zhang Tianyi, and Jiang Wushang, for unexpected situations.

After deciding, Chu Feng and the others went to the auction grounds. It was a huge square, and within the square, people formed mountains and oceans. Within the square there existed over a hundred auctions stages, selling off various treasures.

It could be said that a large group of people surrounded every single auction stage, endlessly bidding and overriding bids. It was a very explosive scene.

Only in the heart of the square, the largest, most luxurious auction stage, was completely empty. Although there was nothing being auctioned on the stage, the outside was already filled with people, and their faces looked very forward to what was coming.