Chapter 561 - Selling

MGA: Chapter 561 - Selling

“That’s the most exciting auction out of all these auctions, and it only starts after the sky darkens. The ones able to appear in this auction are not priceless treasures, but peculiar oddities. Every year some rare good objects appear, so it is also the auction people look forward to the most.” Yuhe explained for Chu Feng and the others.

“Senior Yuhe, if you can, sell off all the things I have here. Optimally, change them all to Heaven beads.” Chu Feng handed a Cosmos Sack to Yuhe, inside containing all the treasures he plundered from the Ji Dynasty.

Since the Four Seas Academy was equipped with specialized appraisal elders for the auctions, in addition to Su Rou and Su Mei already disciples of Divine Instructors, Chu Feng was not afraid that Yuhe would swindle him, because he likely did not have the guts to do so.

“Junior Chu Feng, you...this...” After Yuhe accepted Chu Feng’s Cosmos Sack and examined within, his originally composed face immediately surged with astonishment.

It was because the treasures inside filled the eyes with dazzle. There were even several Elite Armaments, and even three Mastered Elite Armaments! Even if he didn’t want to be shocked he couldn’t.

“Senior Yuhe, is there a problem?” Chu Feng asked with a smile.

“There’s no problem, there’s no problem. I will certainly give you good prices for these. Wait for me, I’ll auction these off for you right now.” Yuhe hurriedly replied, immediately flying towards an auction stage.

Initially, their talent made him feel that they were not simple people, yet Chu Feng just casually took out so many treasures for him to auction. So, from that point on, he decided to better the relationship between him and them. He would even be willing to sacrifice his own interests for an improvement in closeness.

“Oh? Yuhe you poor brat, what are you here for? Could it be you also have treasures for auctioning?”

One of the elders responsible for appraising in the auctions revealed a disdainful and derisive attitude.

It was because he recognized Yuhe, and also knew he was an ordinary and useless disciple. If one were to look into that elder’s heart, they would discover contempt.

“It is not me who has things to auction. I am auctioning in place for those juniors over there.” In usual circumstances, Yuhe would definitely pettily greet that elder, but at present, he did not. Rather, he very calmly pointed at Chu Feng and the others in the sky.

“Oh?” The appraisal elder felt rather surprised at Yuhe’s abnormal behavior, and followed along Yuhe’s fingers, looking over.


But after seeing Chu Feng, his eye couldn’t help lighting up because Chu Feng, with his age, in addition to his cultivation of the third level of the Heaven realm, could absolutely be considered to be a genius even in the Four Seas Academy.

“This! Isn’t this!!” But when he saw Zhang Tianyi, Jiang Wushang, as well as Su Rou and Su Mei, his expression became stunned.

As he was an elder, he had the authority to gaze upon the information of the disciples who participated in the exam. In order to avoid offending outstanding disciples, he had especially looked at the information of the disciples who had excellent results in the examination.

So naturally, he recognized Zhang Tianyi, Jiang Wushang, as well as Su Rou and Su Mei. The sisters had already been confirmed to be disciples of Divine Instructors, and though Zhang Tianyi and Jiang Wushang hadn’t been confirmed yet, their strengths gave them strong chances to become disciples of Divine Instructors.

Of the ten Divine Instructors, only nine were willing to instruct disciples, and of those nine disciple slots, currently four appeared right in front of his eyes. Moreover, other than those four, Chu Feng’s cultivation was not simple at all either.

Furthermore, seeing their intimate appearances, without even a thought the elder knew they were in a close group. It was a group of geniuses!

“Yuhe, you’ve actually got acquainted with them?!” At that instant, in the gaze that the appraisal elder looked at Yuhe with was filled with wonder. Not only did it no longer have its former disdain, there was instead an extra hint of respect, coincident with that also shock and confusion.

He could not understand. Geniuses like them should be extremely proud. How could a person like Yuhe get himself related to such geniuses?

“Hmph. But of course. I even have a great relationship with these juniors. Before, innumerable people had came bearing gifts, yet they were all denied outside. They were willing to befriend me only, and were simply treating me as a blood-related elder brother! Otherwise, they wouldn’t have given me such valuable things for auctioning.”

Seeing the completely inverted attitude that the elder gave him when compared to before, Yuhe seemed even smugger. As he spoke, he directly threw the Cosmos Sack Chu Feng gave to him at the appraisal elder.

And after the elder looked through the treasures in the Cosmos Sack, his face couldn’t help changing, and he couldn’t help gasping deeply. Although he had seen many treasures, there were very few people who took out so many in one turn. Normal people could not own so many treasures.

“Elder, you should know my juniors’ identity, so it would be wiser to give them good prices. Also, there is no need for the processing fee right? Ah yes, change everything to Heaven beads as well. Only Heaven beads.” Yuhe instructed.

“Right now, they are counted as people from my Four Seas Academy, so naturally, there is no need for processing fee. Also, his things are in high demand, so don’t worry. It will definitely not be hard to auction them off for good prices, nor is it difficult to exchange them for Heaven beads.”

“But after the auctions, I’ll be counting on you to say a few good words in front of them… Hehe...” The appraisal elder solicitously smiled and said.

Despite being an elder, in front of instructors, his position was not high. Especially to elders like him who were responsible for very trivial matters. To him, disciples of Divine Instructors were great people who held very high positions.

“It’ll be nothing.” Yuhe very calmly smiled, but his heart was filled with excitement.

It was because he knew that from today on, he, Yuhe, was going to flip upside down. He was no longer going to be a person looked down upon. He was going to be a person that many people respected and wished to befriend, and all of that happened was for no other reason but because he was lucky and got himself acquainted to the geniuses.

After that, Chu Feng and the others went around the auctions. Seeing little toys Su Rou and Su Mei liked, Chu Feng extravagantly bought them, making the two girls very happy.

Particularly when Su Mei gave a kiss to Chu Feng in front of the large crowd, that attracted quite some people’s attention and admiration. After all, no matter where Su Rou and Su Mei were, they were beauties who caught other people’s awareness.

And Chu Feng was accompanied by the two completely different-styled beauties: one alluring and mature, the other pure and cute. Naturally, it gave rise to envy from the observers.

Time passed, and in a blink the sky became black. The auctions also reached the final, most exciting, stage.

Because of Su Rou and Su Mei’s current special statuses, Yuhe helped them obtain several seats very close to the auction.

“Junior Chu Feng, your treasures simply could not keep up with demand. They have all been sold.” Shortly after they sat down, Yuhe, who went in a circle to auction off the items, walked back with a cheerful face. Moreover, he even held a high-quality Cosmos Sack in his hand.