Chapter 562 - Provocation

MGA: Chapter 562 - Provocation

“Junior Chu Feng, your things have all been sold.” Yuhe said after coming back from the auctions.

“Sorry for the trouble Senior Yuhe.” Chu Feng accepted the Cosmos Sack, but when he examined inside, his expression couldn’t help changing greatly because he discovered, astounded, that there were a hundred and fifty thousand Heaven beads packed in the Cosmos Sack.

Although his treasures were invaluable, according to Chu Feng’s calculations, it would already be extremely challenging to sell them off for any more than several tens of thousands of Heaven beads, yet presently, he obtained one hundred and fifty thousand beads. That truly exceeded his expectations by a long shot.

“Hehe, Junior Chu Feng, I wonder where you got so many treasures from? Although many are goods for living, they have long years of history, some even of several thousands of years. Treasures like those are very well-received.” As Chu Feng had his doubts, Yuhe spoke.

After hearing his words, Chu Feng roughly understood some things. The Eastern Sea Region was incomparable to the Eastern Continent. In this place, there were even Martial Kings. Let alone Heaven beads, it was likely there were even Martial beads. Something that this region lacked the least should be cultivation resources.

But, after all, the Ji Dynasty had been prospering for so many years. Thus, it was reasonable that the treasures they accumulated sold well here.

“Oh? Isn’t it Junior Su Rou, and Junior Su Mei? So you know these two bumpkins?”

But just at that time, a sharp voice rang out behind him. Turning his head back to look, he saw a group of people walking towards them.

The ones who led were two young men. They had the cultivation of the fourth level of the Heaven realm. Moreover, they wore the exact same clothing as Shentu Lang’s, so with a single glance, Chu Feng knew who they were.

They were definitely the two people from the Shentu Dynasty who were fighting for the two disciple spots against Zhang Tianyi and Jiang Wushang.

“Big Brother Chu Feng, the two of them are Shentu Jiang and Shentu Hai. They are likely brothers with that Shentu Lang.” Indeed, Jiang Wushang’s voice verified Chu Feng’s guesses.

Behind Shentu Jiang and Shentu Hai followed four disciples from the Four Seas Academy. Clearly, they were the same as Yuhe. Knowing that the two people from the Shentu Dynasty were very possibly going to become disciples of Divine Instructors, they tried to become acquainted with them.

Or else, why would grand disciples of the Four Seas Academy, like little brothers, follow people who hadn’t even officially become disciples yet?

After Chu Feng indifferently swept his gaze over those people, he coldly said, “Whose unleashed dogs are being so damn rowdy.”

“God damn, who are you? You dare to speak to Junior Shentu like that?!” However, before letting the two people from the Shentu Dynasty speak, the middle-aged disciples behind them pointed at Chu Feng and howled.

“He is my fiancé. Do you have any complaints?” But just at that moment, Su Rou spoke. Displeasure was everywhere on her exceptionally beautiful face. Her pair of pretty eyes were like invisible blades as they emitted eerie cold glares. It could be seen that she was truly furious.

“What? Junior Su Rou, he’s your fiancé?” Hearing those words, the crowd was both shocked and frightened. Shocked because such an excellent woman like Su Rou actually had a fiancé. That more or less broke the hearts of the male disciples who longed for Su Rou.

And the reason they were frightened was because Su Rou was truly angry. They were able to feel Su Rou’s killing intent. Although, with their cultivation, they were simply not afraid of Su Rou, her current status was something that had to be feared.

“Not only is he my elder sister’s fiancé, he is also my fiancé. So, you better speak more politely or else I will report this to Instructor Duanmu that someone has disrespected me. You will then definitely not escape the consequences.” Just at that time, Su Mei fiercely spoke as well. The Instructor Duanmu she mentioned was the Divine Instructor who took her as a disciple.

“This, this, this...”

At that moment, those people were completely stupefied. What was happening? Where did that brat come from? Taking the huge beauty Su Rou was one thing, but he also took the little beauty, Su Mei? He took in the pair of beautiful sisters, and those sisters even seemed like they completely surrendered themselves with unwavering hearts, and would marry no one other than him?!

It really made everyone feel a bit of disbelief, like a huge hammer of several billion tons stuck their heads to the point of buzzing.

Especially Su Mei’s words of “reporting to Instructor Duanmu”. That made many people mute from fear because it was not a small matter. If Instructor Duanmu put down punishments, not to mention them, even their own instructors would have to receive the penalties. At that time, they would truly have horrid luck.

“Fiancé huh? It’s not only he’s truly become your husband. Why so protective?”

“That’s right that’s right. Juniors, there are exceptional people everywhere in the Four Seas Academy. He only has the cultivation of the third level of the Heaven realm. Is he worth it for you to entrust yourselves to him for your entire lives? From what I see, it’s much better to go with us!”

While many people feared, the two brothers Shentu Jiang and Shentu Hai intentionally provoked. After all, the two of them were people also chosen by Divine Instructors. Moreover, they had great confidence they could become the disciples of Divine Instructors, so naturally, they were not frightened by Su Rou and Su Mei.

“Do you wish to die?” At that moment, Chu Feng was furious. Bloodlust was evident in his words. When there were really people who dared to make fun of his fiancées in front of him and moreover in public, Chu Feng truly had killing intentions.

“Chu Feng.” Seeing that, Zhang Tianyi quickly went close to him and powerfully patted his shoulders, signaling him to not act rash.

He understood Chu Feng too well. Chu Feng was a smart person, and he definitely knew in those circumstances he could not easily perform attacks.

But Zhang Tianyi also knew that Chu Feng was a bloodthirsty person. If that bloodthirstiness was thoroughly ignited, Chu Feng would do some insane things, disregarding the consequences.

So, he was truly afraid. Afraid of Chu Feng starting a massacre at that place because with Chu Feng’s cultivation, he could, without any problems, kill Shentu Jiang and Shentu Hai.

However, Chu Feng did not enter the Four Seas Academy. That was the issue. He belonged to those outside of the academy, whereas Shentu Jiang and Shentu Hai had already entered the Four Seas Academy, and could be counted as being somewhat part of the Four Seas Academy.

If Chu Feng were to kill those two, he would simply be slapping the Four Seas Academy’s face. No matter what, the academy would not forgive Chu Feng, so he could not allow Chu Feng to assault them at that place.

“Shentu Jiang, Shentu Hai, you’ve got some problems? If you do, come at me. I, Jiang Wushang, will keep you busy at any time.” Jiang Wushang was also enraged. With a bang, he stood up, and loudly yelled at Shentu Jiang and Shentu Hai.

He voice was clear, and almost everyone in the square heard it. Countless gazes looked towards them.

Those gazes belonged not only to those of outsiders. Many were also disciples of the Four Seas Academy. There were even some elders and instructors.