Chapter 563 - Bidding

MGA: Chapter 563 - Bidding

“You think I’m afraid of you? I just don’t want to attack you in this place.” Facing the gazes of the crowd, containing even of elders and instructors, Shentu Jiang did not dare to be too aggressive. He pointed at Jiang Wushang and said, “Brat, just wait. Wait until tomorrow and see how I’ll take care of you.”

After finishing those mean words, they waved their big sleeves, walked towards nearby seats, and sat down.

“Big Brother Chu Feng, don’t worry. Just watch how Big Brother Tianyi and I will take care of these two bastard dogs tomorrow.” After Shentu Jiang and Shentu Ha left, Jiang Wushang spoke solemnly.

“Hoh.” However, Chu Feng only lightly smiled at Jiang Wushang’s words, and then gestured for them to sit down, and no longer paid attention to Shentu Jiang and Shentu Hai.

Although Chu Feng feigned indifference on the surface, within the gaze he swept over their backs with, immense bloodlust emerged.

Chu Feng was definitely not going to just simply teach them a lesson when they dared to toy around with his own women right in front of his face. He would kill them. As long as the chance was given, he was definitely going to kill them.

Though their side’s disturbance attracted everyone’s attention, after the auctioning elder for the finale auction stepped onto the stage, everyone’s gazes were taken away by him because all of them knew that today’s greatest scene was finally going to begin.

“Sorry for the wait everyone.”

“In today’s auction, we’ve received quite a few treasures. I’m sure many of you will feel interested in the first item that will start it off.”

As the elder spoke, two young and beautiful females behind him pushed an exquisite little cart onto the auction stage.

Those two did not have very high levels of cultivation, and were clearly not people from the Four Seas Academy. It was likely they were that elder’s, or a certain disciple’s, servants.

The little cart they pushed up was very intricate too. Treasure was placed upon it, ready to be auctioned, but veiled over the little cart was a shiny cloth.

That cloth was not normal cloth, as it was reinforced with a Spirit Formation. Even World Spiritists could not detect what the treasure underneath the cloth specifically was with Spirit power. That increased the mysteriousness of the auctioned treasure, as well as the audience’s expectation.

*whoosh* The elder waved his big sleeve, then the two beautiful females pulled away the shiny cloth. A delicate dagger three inches long, swirling with five different coloured brilliance, appeared within the crowd’s line of sight.

“Rainbow Dagger. It is the Mastered Elite Armament personally made by Senior Qing Xianrou of the Immortal Execution Archipelago five hundred years ago, and also the only Elite Armament he made in his entire life. Starting price, five thousand Heaven beads!” The auction elder loudly called.

“Five thousand? A Mastered Elite Armament like that is actually selling for five thousand Heaven beads?” Chu Feng was a bit shocked. Indeed, the Rainbow Dagger’s quality was quite nice, but it wasn’t even comparable to his Asura Ghost Axe. It was, at most, similar to the two Mastered Elite Armaments he looted from Shentu Lang.

Although, within the category of Mastered Elite Armaments, its quality was decent, the starting price being five thousand Heaven beads seemed a bit too high.

“Nine thousand! Nine thousand, I’ll take it!”

However, when people started to endlessly bid, and when a person even called the price up to nine thousand Heaven beads, Chu Feng understood. The people of the Eastern Sea Region truly did not lack money!

No wonder the things he plundered from the Ji Dynasty, which were simply useless in his eyes, could sell for a hundred and fifty thousand Heaven beads.

From then on, there was a myriad of treasures entering the stage continuously, and there were also many different prices for them. However, not a single one of them could move Chu Feng’s heart.

That continued until another Elite Armament emerged onto the stage, of which stirred up Chu Feng’s interest. It was Elite Armament fan, and it wasn’t even a Mastered Elite Armament. It was just a normal Elite Armament fan.

But the special thing about it was the map imprinted upon it. It was said to be a treasure map, but because the specific lines on it were too blurry, no one was able to determine if it was real or fake.

The reason why Chu Feng felt interested wasn’t because of the fan itself. It was because Shentu Jiang seemed to be interested, which in turn made him interested.

“Five thousand Heaven beads.” Shentu Jiang yelled loudly. The fan wasn’t Mastered, and despite there being a map on it, because it was a bit blurry, he could not determine the specifics. But also because of that exact same reason, there were very few people willing to start a bidding war against him. The starting price was merely three thousand, so he was confident he had it with five thousand.

“Six thousand.” But at that moment, Chu Feng unconcernedly yelled out such a number.

Hearing that, Shentu Jiang lightly furrowed his brows and fiercely glared at Chu Feng, but said nothing other than another bid, “Seven thousand Heaven beads!”

“Eight thousand.” Chu Feng continued bidding.

At that instant, the fury on Shentu Jiang’s face soared immediately because he could tell that Chu Feng was messing with him. Yet, he did not dare to be sure whether Chu Feng was the same as him or not: to take a chance with luck, to hope that the Elite Armament’s map was truly a treasure map, and to see if he could find any opportunities within.

But no matter what, he would not easily give up. So, he glanced at Shentu Hai beside him. After a nod of his head, Shentu Jiang involuntarily gnashed his teeth, as if steeling his heart, before loudly yelling, “Ten thousand Heaven beads!”

“What? Ten thousand Heaven beads? This Elite Armament’s worth ten thousand Heaven beads?”

“Yeah! It is only an ordinary Elite Armament, and it’s not even a Mastered Elite Armament. It is on a completely different level than the high-quality Rainbow Dagger before.”

“The only special thing about this is the imprinted map on it, but since that map is so hazy, you can simply not ascertain if it’s a treasure map or not, or even if it’s a map or not. It is simply not worth such a price! Not to mention ten thousand, this Elite Armament is really worth no more than three thousand Heaven beads.”

“Ahh, with a single gleam I know already they’re from the Eastern Sea Region. Only people from that place have excessive hopes that they can rely on something like this to gain some sort of chance encounter, yet they do not know that there are innumerable Elite Armaments like this one in the Eastern Sea Region.”

“There are even many people who intentionally paint an unclear map on an ordinary Elite Armament and use that to raise the starting price. But in reality, they are just swindling.”

“It can’t be helped. In this world, there will always be people like them who like to daydream, and do things that are penny wise but pound foolish. Since they themselves are willing to do such a foolish thing by betting on this fan, so really, who can it be blamed on?”

After hearing Shentu Jiang call out that number, bursts of exclamations rang out instantly from the crowd. Some people even started to criticize Shentu Jiang’s action.

And also at that moment, Shentu Jiang came to a realization. He finally knew why no one fought over a Elite Armament that possibly held some amazing opportunity. So it seemed like those things were used to trick people in the Eastern Sea Region.

However, he was not a simple person. After being aware of the turn of events, he did not show any panic. Rather, he acted out a proud and very “cool” expression, looked towards Chu Feng, and even sent a provocative gesture at him.

He was implying that Chu Feng was a poor bastard, unworthy to match his price. He wanted to use that to enrage Chu Feng so he would continue bid, upon which he would back out with everything.

But how would Chu Feng not see through his little tricks? He did not even give Shentu Jiang a glance, and continued to chat and laugh with Su Rou and Su Mei, no longer bidding.