Chapter 564 - Son of Magma

MGA: Chapter 564 - Son of Magma

“Damn your ancestor.” At that instant, the corners of Shentu Jiang’s mouth twitched, and he couldn’t help cursing at the bottom of his heart because he knew that he was played by Chu Feng. That guy clearly had no plans to buy the Elite Armament, and intentionally raised the price to force him into a trap.

“Is there any higher price than ten thousand Heaven beads?”

“Ten thousand going for once, ten thousand going for twice, ten thousand going for thrice!”

*dong* “This Elite Armament Treasure Fan belongs to that young knight.”

The sound of the bell settled, making Shentu Jiang’s face gloom completely because he knew that he wasted ten thousand Heaven beads on an ordinary Elite Armament. His foolishness with money this time truly went far.

Especially as he saw Chu Feng and the others’ applause and their pleased expressions at his misfortune, he grinded his teeth in fury, yet he could say nothing. He could only forcefully endure it, and silently take such a deficit.

“Okay! Of the items before, some have extraordinary origins, some have exquisite workmanship, but no matter what, they were all treasures created either by cultivators or World Spiritists.”

“Next up, we will auction some oddities not made by humans, but formed by nature.”

The elder clapped, then the two beautiful females pushed the auctioning cart up again. After tearing the cloth away, it was an object the same size as a watermelon, yet was like cotton, and emitted faint radiance.

It was a Natural Oddity that contained dense Heaven power. After that treasure appeared, almost everyone’s eyes lit up, intrigued.

They did so because it was a supreme cultivation treasure. When cultivated, it was treasure many times more useful than Heaven beads. It could be said to be a holy artifact used to make breakthroughs for Heaven realm experts.

“This Natural Oddity is called Firefly Silk. The Heaven power it contains is comparable to ten thousand Heaven beads, but it can be very easily absorbed, not something Heaven beads can compare to. When reaching upon times of breakthroughs, refine it, and you will obtain unimaginable effects. Starting price, one hundred thousand Heaven beads!” The auctioning elder loudly said.

“One hundred thousand Heaven beads, that expensive? Heaven power equivalent to ten thousand Heaven beads is actually selling for one hundred thousand Heaven beads?” Hearing those words, Zhang Tianyi, Jiang Wushang, and the others all felt disbelief.

“This is indeed a treasure. To normal people, its worth is much higher than Heaven beads. The price of one hundred thousand Heaven beads is absolutely worth it. But to me, it isn’t too useful.” Chu Feng shook his head.

He felt that the Firefly Silk was indeed a treasure, because when normal people cultivate cultivation resources such as Heaven beads, they could absorb only a portion of its total power. That was also why Natural Oddities were so valuable. The power contained within made it easier for ordinary cultivators to absorb them.

But the reason why Chu Feng shook his head was because he was different than normal people. Even if it were Heaven beads, he could completely absorb all of the power within them. So, to Chu Feng, there was simply no difference between the special Natural Oddity, and Heaven beads.

“One hundred and ten!”

“One hundred and twenty!”

“One hundred and thirty!”

“One hundred and fifty!”

“Two hundred!”

After a round of bidding, someone actually raised the starting price of one hundred thousand to two hundred thousand, and at the end, the so-called Firefly Silk was taken by the astonishing bid of two hundred thousand.

It was an aged man, and based off of his appearance, he was at least over a hundred years old. His cultivation was very strong as well, being in the ninth level of the Heaven realm.

He was likely planning to use the Firefly Silk to undergo the final attempt. If he were to succeed, his cultivation could strengthen, and his life would be prolonged. If he were to fail though, then he wouldn’t have many years left in him anyway, and there would be no use in leaving those Heaven beads around.

“Damn. Some lump of Firefly Silk really sold for two hundred thousand Heaven beads. This, this is twice the amount of wealth that my Jiang Dynasty accumulated for several thousands of years!” Jiang Wushang widened his mouth in shock, feeling inconceivability.

“Haha, Brother Wushang, don’t forget. This is the Eastern Sea Region! More experts, so more wealthy people! Besides, there has always been a lot of cultivation resources in this place, so Heaven beads in this place are worth a lot less in comparison to the continent of the Nine Provinces.” Chu Feng patted Jiang Wushang’s shoulder. It was something that he also learnt just now.

After the Firefly Silk, there were quite a few Natural Oddities that appeared in succession and brought up to the auction stage. Moreover, they were all very rarely seen cultivation treasures, but their prices rose higher and higher as the treasures were auctioned.

There was even one that sold for a high price of one million Heaven beads. That price nearly shocked everyone on scene.

And the person who bought that object was a young man. He was garbed gorgeously, had airs of excellence, and was similar in age as Zhang Tianyi, but his cultivation was even above Zhang Tianyi. An expert in the fifth level of the Heaven realm.

That person was also the person who prepared to enter the Four Seas Academy. Furthermore, he was already chosen by a Divine Instructor. His name was Zhu Daye. He was a real genius, and he had quite the origin as well. He came from a wealthy and prominent clan in the Eastern Sea Region, and both his grandfather and his father were Martial Lords.

“The treasure coming up next is very special. Its rarity can be said to be far above the previous treasures. The power it contains is also completely incomparable to the former treasures. Accordingly, it should be priced at several millions of Heaven beads, but regretfully, the power it contains incidentally cannot be refined.”

“So, it is fated to have no use in terms of cultivation, but it is definitely a superb object for a collection.”

“As for its name, I’m sure everyone here has heard of it. From deep underground, from the legends, a Son of Magma!”

As the auctioning elder introduced it, an object as large as a newborn baby appeared on the auction cart. After that object appeared, everyone couldn’t avoid gasping deeply, excitement emerging into their eyes. In some people’s gazes, there was even fear.

It was truly the exact same as a baby. Simply, it was like an infant in deep sleep. However, it was absolutely not an infant because the skin on its entire body was steaming like lava. More accurately speaking, it was magma.

“What is that? It contains such berserk power!” At that instant, Chu Feng rose suddenly, excitement simply shooting out of his eyes.

He discovered that the so-called Son of Magma contained extremely dense power. It was much stronger than the Spirit Formation Essence he saw quite some time ago. If he were to refine it, Chu Feng could definitely make a breakthrough again.

“This is a Son of Magma. Legends say they are ancient organisms that exists deep underground. They are born from the earth, and can only be shaped after a thousand years of condensation.”

“But when a volcano erupts, it possibly forces them onto the surface from underground, and if they leave the magma before they are shaped, they will die.”

“Looking at this Son of Magma’s appearance, it should have condensed for almost a thousand years and was going to soon have its own intelligence, but sadly, it is already dead, and cannot become a real Son of Magma.” Yuhe explained.

“Son of Magma. Is there really such an organism in this world?” Hearing Yuhe’s seemingly exaggerated explanation, Jiang Wushang and the others expressed doubt.