Chapter 565 - A Heavenly Great Deal

MGA: Chapter 565 - A Heavenly Great Deal

“It’s real. According to historical records, ten thousand years ago, a matured Son of Magma appeared in the Eastern Sea Region. At that time, it began a massacre. However, no one could defeat it. Even when all of the peak experts in the Eastern Sea Region gathered together, they were unable to defeat it.”

“In the Eastern Sea Region at that time, it was really like hell. Corpses formed mountains, and blood formed oceans. It was truly able to destroy the entire Eastern Sea Region with its own power.” Yuhe spoke solemnly.

“It was actually that powerful? But right now, the Eastern Sea Region still exists, which means it didn’t cause total destruction. Could it be that it left on its own accord?” Jiang Wushang asked curiously.

“Left on its own accord? How is that possible!”

“It has a bloodthirsty nature and simply no emotions. Killing is its hobby, so why would it leave on its own accord and let the souls of the Eastern Sea Region go?” Yuhe shook his head.

“Then what exactly happened?” As Chu Feng and the others were hung in suspense, they impatient asked.

“It was defeated. An unknown hidden expert suddenly showed up. With his destructive might, he pushed the Son of Magma back, forced it back deep underground, and sealed the entrance that it came from. Only by doing that could the Eastern Sea Region be saved.” Yuhe narrated.

“He’s that powerful?! Who is that person, actually having such level of strength?” Jiang Wushang continued asking. At the same time, Chu Feng and the others tightly stared at Yuhe, wanting to know who saved the Eastern Sea Region.

“No one knows who he is, and no one knows his name. It’s said that he was a young man with an extraordinary demeanor, and so strong that even the horrifying Son of Magma could not defeat him. If the guesses were correct, then he was likely a Martial Emperor.”

“Moreover, beside him, there followed four symbolic powerful divine beasts.”

“One was an azure dragon, one was a fiery phoenix, one was a white tiger, and one was a black tortoise. Those four divine beasts were incomparably strong, and like pets, accompanied the man.” Yuhe seriously narrated while he wore an idolizing expression.

“What?!” Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s expression changed greatly and surprise emerged onto his face. Simultaneously, Jiang Wushang, Zhang Tianyi, Su Rou, and Su Mei did the same.

Hearing to that point, they could already guess roughly who that man was. He was very possibly the master of the terrifying Imperial Tomb within the Azure Province in the continent of the Nine Provinces; the super-expert who baffled the Nine Provinces ten thousand years ago, Qingxuantian.

After all, those four unique divine beast were too distinct. They were clearly the four Secret Skills created by Qingxuantian, and in addition to the time of “ten thousand year ago”, everything matched perfectly with Qingxuantian.

But what they did not expect was Qingxuantian’s achievements also being recorded in the Eastern Sea Region. He was even a hero who saved the Eastern Sea Region.

Although they had already guessed that the expert in Yuhe’s words was Qingxuantian, Chu Feng and the others did not say anything. After all, three of Qingxuantian’s Secret Skills were on Chu Feng. If that became known, it would very possibly attract a murderous disaster.

Ultimately, the inheritance of a peerless expert, the Secret Skills that had the ability to devastate the heaven and earth, was too enticing. If people were to know about that, there would definitely be many people who would try to take them away.

“A terrifying organism from the deep underground, a Son of Magma condensed by the earth. Starting price, one thousand Heaven beads!” The auctioning elder loudly shouted.

“One thousand Heaven beads? That thing has such an impressive origin, yet it is actually selling for so cheap?!” Jiang Wushang and the others all felt puzzled.

“It’s too expensive. This price is too high. It is impossible for it to be sold.” However, as Jiang Wushang and the others felt shocked, Yuhe shook his head.

“Too expensive? Senior Yuhe, what do you mean? Are you saying that this Son of Magma is not even worth a thousand Heaven beads?” Jiang Wushang asked confusedly.

“The origin of this Son of Magma is impressive, yes, and it is also extremely rare, but all of that is useless when it can only be used for the eyes. It can only be collected and not refined.”

“In addition to that, ten thousand years ago, the Son of Magma almost destroyed the Eastern Sea Region! Therefore, many people view it as an inauspicious object, and who collects something that is inauspicious? Even if some person buys it, they would use a special method to seal it, so that the inauspicious feeling gets dispelled.”

“The price of one thousand Heaven beads is very expensive. Reasonably speaking, this Son of Magma is worth at most a hundred Heaven beads.” Yuhe explained with great understanding.

Chu Feng and the others still held their doubts after hearing Yuhe’s words, but when there was really no one who bid after the starting price of one thousand Heaven beads was called out, and when there were even many people cursing, they had no choice but to believe it.

“Elder. This Son of Magma is an ominous object, and should be destroyed. How can it be collected?”

“I do not know who this thing belongs to, but one thousand Heaven beads is really too much. I am willing to take two hundred Heaven beads out to buy it and seal it off, in order to dispel the inauspiciousness.”

”I wonder only if the seller is willing to or not?!”

Just at that moment, a middle-aged man called out loudly. At the same time he spoke, he even swept his gaze around him, seeming to be searching for the owner of the Son of Magma.

He was a disciple of the Four Seas Academy, and his strength and position was quite high, so that was why he dared to speak those words.

“This...” At that instant, the auctioning elder was in a predicament. In the auctions, it was forbidden to reveal the identity of the treasure holder. Besides, this was an auction that allowed the seller to set their own starting price, rather than the price being set by the appraisal elders.

If it were a normal person, using his status as an auctioning elder, he could, in fact, change the price according to some rules, but all of that was useless as the seller of the object held a special position. Even he, the auctioning elder, did not dare to change the price without the permission of the seller.

Actually, even he knew that the Son of Magma was an ominous object, and was not even close to being worth the price of a thousand Heaven beads.

Logically speaking, he wouldn’t even put something like that onto the auctioning stage, because that would do nothing but give rise to displeasure.

But he could do nothing as the seller was too obstinate. He simply didn’t dare to argue, and could only take it out for auctioning, no questions asked. He even had to set an unreasonably high price to start it off.

“Elder! I’ll take this Son of Magma for one thousand Heaven beads!” Just at that moment, Chu Feng spoke.

“What? There’s really someone who’s willing to spend a thousand Heaven beads to buy something like this?” Chu Feng’s words attracted quite a few people’s attention.

It was because nearly everyone felt that that sort of thing was not worth one thousand Heaven beads. Even if it was rarer, more special, it was absolutely not worth one thousand Heaven beads.

“My friend, are you sure you want to buy this Son of Magma?” Even the auctioning elder felt rather surprised because he also knew that the Son of Magma was not worth a thousand Heaven beads. So, he never even had plans to sell it.

“Elder, I want it.” Chu Feng very firmly nodded his head.

“Okay! If no one gives an even higher price, this Son of Magma will belong to you, my friend.” At that instant, the auctioning elder’s face shifted and hurriedly yelled.

“He’s sick! An idiot!”

“He’s actually spending such money to buy such a thing! There must be something wrong with his brain!” After Chu Feng confirmed it, some whispering insults came from his surroundings.

But Chu Feng just faintly smiled at their insults. Perhaps in their eyes, the Son of Magma was an ominous object, but in Chu Feng’s eyes, it was akin to a priceless treasure.

A priceless treasure bought for merely one thousand Heaven beads. No one knew how joyful or how happy he was, but this time, he truly picked up a heavenly great deal.