Chapter 566 - Moon Festival

MGA: Chapter 566 - Moon Festival

One thousand Heaven beads. With that price, it was definitely the cheapest treasure sold in tonight’s finale auction stage.

But such a low price was viewed as a waste in many people’s perspectives. So, there was naturally not going to be anyone who fought against Chu Feng for the Son of Magma.

Just like that, the priceless treasure, in Chu Feng’s eyes, was easily bought into his hands with the price of one thousand Heaven beads. But in the eyes of outsiders, Chu Feng seemed more like an idiot. Some even felt he was mentally ill, yet no one knew Chu Feng’s current excited emotions.

“Thank you elder.”

After the conclusion of the auctions, Chu Feng, with one thousand Heaven beads, obtained the Son of Magma, the oddity that came from deep underground. Looking at the fiery-red infant doll flowing with overwhelming power in his hands, Chu Feng’s heart really was incomparably excited.

After grasping it in his hands, he believed more and more that the Son of Magma would help his cultivation grow, and there was absolutely no problem in making a breakthrough. After all, back then in the Imperial Tomb, a lot of Heaven power was already accumulated in his body.

“Honestly speaking, they are correct. The Son of Magma is an inauspicious object. Are you truly going to collect it?” Seeing such a joyful appearance from Chu Feng, the auctioning elder, as if he discovered kindness, reminded Chu Feng.

“Don’t worry elder. Of course I know about the Son of Magma, so I am certainly not buying it for a collection. If you must ask what I am planning to do with this, it can be understood as me preparing to thoroughly destroy it.” Chu Feng smilingly said.

“You’re a World Spiritist?” Hearing those words, a hint of astonishment flashed into the elder’s eyes, and a hint of surprise couldn’t help being within the gaze he looked at Chu Feng with. The power that the Son of Magma contained was extremely horrifying. Unless it was a Martial King, there was no one who could truly destroy it.

The only method of destroying it was for a World Spiritist to build a Sealing Formation and seal the Son of Magma. They call it “destroy”, but in reality, it was only sealing.

So, that was why the elder felt that Chu Feng was a World Spiritist, otherwise his cultivation did not allow him to have the methods to destroy the Son of Magma.

And being a World Spiritist, no matter where, was an excellent occupation. Given identical cultivation, they would always be a level higher than others, and make others treat them with an extra bit of respect.

“I am indeed a World Spiritist.” Chu Feng smiled, but since Su Ru and the others were waiting for him, and moreover there were still many people currently waiting to exchange their goods, Chu Feng only spoke a few courtesy words to that elder before turning around and leaving.

“I keep on feeling something off about this little boy. Judging by his age, he should be afraid when he sees the Son of Magma, yet he was very excited. Does he really know about this Son of Magma?” Gazing upon Chu Feng’s departing back, the auctioning elder muttered to himself.

“Did someone buy it?” But shortly after Chu Feng left, a hoarse old man’s voice suddenly resounded behind that elder.

Turning his head back to look, the auctioning elder’s initially unperturbed complexion turned immediately tense. He quickly bowed, and respectfully said, “I pay my respects to Lord Taikou!”

The person who currently appeared in front of him was an aged man. Although his face was full of wrinkles, his head was full of black hair. He wore the clothing of a Four Seas Academy instructor, but he was extremely disheveled. Most importantly, he held a cane. He had only a single leg.

“We pay our respects to Lord Taikou!” At that instant, everyone at that location in the Four Seas Academy, no matter if it were elders, or disciples, or instructors, all of them saluted respectfully, fear emerging onto their faces.

Because that person was definitely one of the strongest characters in the Four Seas Academy. He was the leader of the Ten Divine Instructors, the strongest Divine Instructor who could easily defeat the nine others with a single hand, Taikou.

“I’m asking you. Have you sold it?” Instructor Taikou’s expression was chilly. The scar at the corner of his eye made him seem even more frightening.

Looking at it, the auctioning elder was terrified endlessly. His heart was uneasy, so he dared not to hesitate any longer, and quickly reported, “Milord, it has already been sold.”

“Oh?” Hearing those words, Taikou’s cold expression changed faintly, then he asked, “There’s really someone who bought my Son of Magma with one thousand Heaven beads?”

“Yes milord.”

“Who bought it?”

“It’s him. A young man named Chu Feng.” The auctioning elder hurriedly flipped through the auctioning bills and records, then gave the one to Taikou.

“Mm? He’s not a disciple of the Four Seas Academy, nor has he registered to enter the Four Seas Academy?!” Taikou’s eyes lit up when he saw Chu Feng’s information.

“Yes. That young man is different from the others. He somehow feels a bit special.” The auctioning elder said.

“Haha, interesting. This Chu Feng is rather interesting.” At that instant, what no one expected was that the usually cold Taikou brimmed with smiles on his face, then waved his sleeves and drifted away.

Only after he left did the people at that place breathe a sigh of relief, as if they released some heavy burden. Taikou’s position was really too high. His strength was very frightening as well, and he was an abnormality in the Four Seas Academy. Other than the head and several manager elders, not a single other person did not fear him.

Chu Feng and the others, however, did not know about the scene in the auction. Through the power of Teleportation Arrays, they arrived at Yuhe’s land.

Yuhe’s place definitely counted as small when compared to the other disciples of the Four Seas Academy, but with a glance, there were still a small mountain and a small lake. The scenery was quite nice, especially the rows of structures. They actually all belonged to Yuhe himself, and from that, it could be seen that the treatment the disciples of the Four Seas Academy received was truly very good.

In order to welcome Chu Feng and the others, Yuhe even specially prepared a lavish banquet. Under the night sky, they drank wine and conversed.

“Today’s moon is so round, so big, and so beautiful!” Su Mei normally did not touch any wine, but today, she wanted to drink nothing but wine. She, who had no resistance to alcohol, flushed like a red apple. Her speaking voice was very coquettish, very alluring.

“Little Mei, you can’t handle wine, so don’t drink that much! If you drink too much, you will feel very bad.” Su Rou urged on the side.

“Sister, you’re the one saying that? Aren’t you also drinking wine? Are you more tolerant than me? Ever since I was young, this is the first time that I’ve seen you drink wine!” Su Mei’s mouth smelt like alcohol as she giggled and said.

“I...” Su Rou was asked to speechlessness by Su Mei, and didn’t know how to reply.

“The two of you, drink less. I don’t usually see either of you drink wine, so what’s with you two today?” Chu Feng smiled and advised on the side.

“Hmph!” But after Chu Feng spoke, what he got instead were two glares by the two sisters. That made Chu Feng completely befuddled, and a bit embarrassed.

“Hoh, there’s nothing wrong with drinking some wine because today is the annual Moon Festival! It is a day very rare to come by.” Seeing Chu Feng’s slight embarrassment, Yuhe hurriedly spoke to diffuse the tension.