Chapter 567 - Sleeping Together With You

MGA: Chapter 567 - Sleeping Together With You

“Moon Festival? What festival is that?” Su Mei blinked her hazy big eyes and asked, intrigued.

“Have you discovered that tonight’s moon is particularly big, particularly round, and particularly bright?” Yuhe lightly smiled, replying with a question instead.

“Yeah, yeah! Tonight’s moon is so beautiful. I have never seen such a beautiful moon.” Su Mei pursed her little lips, nodding in agreement.

“Heh, the moon is not normally this beautiful. Every year, it happens only once, and to this phenomenon, there are many types of explanations. However, in the Eastern Sea Region, the most widespread is a legend.” Yuhe said.

“Legend? What legend? Senior Yuhe, quickly tell me!” Su Mei curiously asked.

“The legends say in ancient times, only the sun existed and there was no moon. There were also no stars that filled the sky. So, during the day, the sun lit up the sky brightly, but when nighttime came, it was pitch-black, to the point where one could not see their fingers if they stretched out their arm.”

“In ancient times, there was a pair of lovers. Both were cultivators.”

“They were friends from a young age, and there was nothing they didn’t talk about. They had a very strong relationship.”

“The male even had exceptional talent, and was a very rare cultivation genius. In the cultivation world, he kept on making breakthroughs and soared powerfully.”

“But nothing could be done regarding the female’s ordinary aptitude, so she was slowly left behind, very far, by the male. However, their feelings did not fade away because of their distance in cultivation. Rather, they became stronger and stronger, and made those next to them very admirative.”

“However, with the flow of time, both of them got older and older. Although, with special medicine, the female could always keep her young beautiful appearance, the limit of her life gradually approached.”

“The male was aware of that, and started to madly think of methods to save the female. He cared not of her complexion, but absolutely, he could not lose her.”

“Finally, he thought of a way. It was to make himself stronger, so strong that he could prolong the female’s life.”

“And with his hard work, he finally stepped into an extremely outstanding realm. He lacked only one step before he entered a realm that none had entered before. It was a realm that was going to shock the world. In order to successfully take that single step, he painstakingly cultivated in isolation.”

“When he exited his seclusion, the world quivered. He gained the power to rule the world, and was already invincible. Everything was within his grasp.”

“But what he never, ever would have thought was that his single closed-door cultivation lasted for several hundred years. His lover existed no longer, eerie white bones were all that remained.”

“The man lost all spirit. He grasped the power to rule the entire world, became a god in the eyes of all the living, but he could do nothing to save the person he loved the most.”

“He cried for an entire day. When the night fell and he saw the pitch-black world, only then did he think of some words his lover said to him before.”

“She said, she disliked the night because if there were no flames, she could not see his face.”

“She said, how great would it be if the night also had the sun. She could then, at any time, see his complexion.”

“The man loved her too much. He loved her so much that without her, he lost any significance in living. Even though he had an uncountable number of years left in his life and received the world’s adoration, all of that was inferior to the female’s company.”

“Since he already lost any thoughts of surviving, since he already decided to accompany the female’s death, he chose to complete her wish before his death, and at the same time, made all lovers complete. He decided to bring light into the night.”

“So, he burnt his own body as the sacrificial price, he collected many Natural Oddities, and he laid a formation that covered the entire sky. It condensed above the Nine Heavens, and finally, he created an object. That object would appear during the nighttime to light up the world.”

“Moreover, when the man was forming such a thing, he named it with his final breath. Moon, the name of his lover.”

“It’s because of Moon that there is light in the night. So, in remembrance of Moon, people named the day that the moon was born on as the Moon Festival, and today is that day.”

“Although it is only a legend, it is widespread and has been passed down for generations. Furthermore, a special meaning was bestowed upon the moon. It is to cherish the ones close to you.” Yuhe detailedly narrated.

“Haha, nonsense! What is the moon? There is only one in this world, and no matter how much stronger a cultivator is, they cannot be so strong to make their body into a moon. It is merely a legend. How can it possibly be true?” At that instant, Jiang Wushang laughed loudly, feeling that it was rubbish.

“That’s right. How can the moon be created by a human? That’s too nonsensical. Come come come, drink, drink, drink!” Zhang Tianyi also spoke in contempt.

“Cherish those close to you, huh?” However, the joke-like legend in the males’ eyes stirred up special thoughts from the females.

Su Rou and Su Mei couldn’t help casting their gazes full of love towards Chu Feng who was drinking with Jiang Wushang and Zhang Tianyi. There was no one who knew what they were thinking.

After the banquet, Chu Feng impatiently returned to his own room and took out the Son of Magma, wanting to refine it. After all, he currently had heavy responsibilities, so the earlier he raised his strength the better.

*dong dong dong, dong dong dong*

But just as Chu Feng prepared to take out the Son of Magma, his doors were knocked. Through Spirit power, Chu Feng knew that the one who came was Su Mei.

“Little Mei, we separated just now and you’re already missing me?” Chu Feng opened the doors and discovered that indeed, Su Mei stood outside. So, he couldn’t help teasing her.

“Yeah, I miss you.” However, surprisingly for Chu Feng, Su Mei who would usually be affected by his teases not only wasn’t affected in the slightest, she instead leaped, and pounced into Chu Feng’s embrace.

That wasn’t even anything. After Su Mei entered the room, she closed the doors and actually, while hugging Chu Feng, shoved Chu Feng further into the room and pushed him onto the bed.

“Little Mei, you...” When facing Su Mei who acted completely differently than usual, Chu Feng was a bit lost on what to do.

Although Su Mei was often cheerful, lively, and was quite intimate with Chu Feng, she acted appropriately. For example, the thing between a man and a woman, or sleeping in the same bed. Those were forbidden behaviors, yet today, she seemed to be doing taboo actions.

“Tonight, I want to sleep together with you.” Su Mei slowly crawled onto Chu Feng’s body, and again, put her little beautiful face up to Chu Feng’s face, and with a sweet and warm, warm and delicate voice, spoke to Chu Feng.

*gulp* At that instant, Chu Feng fiercely swallowed some spittle because Su Mei in front of his eyes was too enchanting.

Under her eyelashes, a pair of big, walnut-sized eyes emanated haziness. On her pretty face, a layer of redness permeated. It was quite bewitching.

Especially as Chu Feng shifted his gaze downwards and scanned over her chest, he actually saw snow-white. The originally firm but soft spherical objects, when pressed against his chest, already became ovally, but gazing from the center, he could still see a V-shaped ravine. The size of that was not to be underestimated, and one could simply not see the bottom.