Chapter 632 - Qiushui Fuyan

MGA: Chapter 632 - Qiushui Fuyan

“Young lady, it’s fine if you want to kill that monster, but why involve others?

“Especially that little girl. She does not seem to even be over three years old. Are you going to kill her too?

“If you do this, what difference is there between you and that monster? As a person from the Immortal Execution Archipelago, you don’t feel ashamed?”

But just as Ya Fei felt she was going to have her way, a voice that wasn’t very loud yet entered everyone’s hearts and shook their souls suddenly rang out.

After hearing that voice, Chu Feng’s and the others’ faces couldn’t help changing as they started to look around everywhere because they could tell, from the voice alone, that the person who came was absolutely not a simple person.

“Who are you? Being so sneaky… Are you’re also with these monsters?” Ya Fei also looked around everywhere, but she could not discover traces of the speaker.

“You don’t need to ask me who am I. Regardless, let the three of the go and quickly leave.” That voice sounded once again. The domineeringness in it was fully explicit, looking down upon Ya Fei entirely.

“Hmph. Indeed, you’re with that monster. Don’t even think of hiding around and concealing yourself. If you want to save them, you must bring out some strength. Or else, your empty bluffing will not scare me.”

Although Ya Fei did say those words, clearly, she was also afraid. Taking steps forward, afterimages were instantly created. She used a powerful bodily martial skill, and like light, flew towards the distant horizon.



However, when Ya Fei flew for less than several miles, she collided into an invisible wall. The forceful power bounced her back as a mouthful of blood was sprayed out of her mouth.

At the same time, a golden light flashed across in the place Ya Fei crashed into. Although it was only a flash, it was, doubtlessly, golden light. The thing blocking Ya Fei was a golden Spirit Formation.

“Dammit. Who are you? Do you dare to reveal yourself and let me see who exactly is protecting these heinous monsters?” Ya Fei panicked slightly. The realm of Gold-cloak World Spiritists wasn’t something that ordinary people could enter—it required one to be at least a rank nine Martial Lord.

At present, the person who was obstructing her was actually a Gold-cloak World Spiritists. It made her aware that the current situation was not going well because today, at least with her strength, she would not be able to take away Chu Feng, Little Fishy, and the monster.

But, that made her very bitter. So, she really wanted to know who the person was, so in the future it would assist her in taking revenge for today’s events.

“Little girl, you have a way with words. Since you want to know who I am so much, I’ll grant you your wish.” Finally, the voice rang out again, but this time, it actually came by Chu Feng’s side.

*hmm* At the same time the voice rang out, the Spirit Formation cage that imprisoned Chu Feng and the others actually broke on its own. Simultaneously, two people appeared beside Chu Feng.

When he turned his head to look, Chu Feng couldn’t help be greatly shocked. Currently, beside him were two females. One young and beautiful, and also had quite some gracefulness. That person Chu Feng recognized—Jiang Wanshi of the Lovers Terrace.

And by her side stood another female. She wore a white long skirt as well and the skirt’s appearance was very dignified, but it could still be seen that her figure was very good, not the slightest bit inferior to Yan Ruyu and Ya Fei.

However, a thin fabric was veiled over her face. Despite it being thin, it still covered her appearance, and only a pair of walnut-sized eyes could be seen.

Although it covered her face, from the outline it could still be seen that she was a beauty. At that instant, Jiang Wanshi, who had quite an outstanding appearance, as she stood next to her, clearly seemed quite overshadowed.

That wasn’t because of her appearance. After all, she covered her face. Although one could conjecture that she was a beauty, there was no way to determine that her beauty truly prevailed over Jiang Wanshi’s.

The thing she surpassed Jiang Wanshi with was her atmosphere only. Atmosphere that made her seem like she left the secular world. It was too striking. Even Ya Fei’s devastatingly beautiful complexion could only remain equal before such a cultivated atmosphere, and not surpass it.

With such an outstanding appearance, such an outstanding atmosphere, such powerful strength, in addition to appearing along with Jiang Wanshi, and her being so respectful that woman, without even thinking, Chu Feng knew who she was. She was definitely the Holy Daughter of the Burning Heaven Church, the most beautiful female back then that stunned the Eastern Sea Region, Qiushui Fuyan.

“Who are you? Do you dare to lift your veil and reveal your true appearance?” Chu Feng knew that she was Qiushui Fuyan, but Ya Fei clearly didn’t. She, who was often arrogant, did not know her limits and questioned Qiushui Fuyan while pointing at her.

“Shut up! You think you can speak to my master like that?!” Just at that moment, Jiang Wanshi couldn’t bear Ya Fei’s ignorance any longer and shouted at her.

“Hmph. Do you think you, a little one in the Heaven realm, are worthy to speak to me like that?” Ya Fei was enraged. Without speaking any more, she prepared to attack Jiang Wanshi.

“Ahh!” However, before allowing Ya Fei to attack, Qiushui Fuyan’s brows lightly knitted together. Formless power then explosively surged out of her body, forcing Ya Fei, who was in the air, back several steps. Even on her pretty face emerged some paleness.

“Damn. You actually dare to attack me? Do you know who I am?” said Ya Fei fiercely as she was unwilling to accept the current situation.

“Hoh.” Qiushui Fuyan lightly smiled at Ya Fei’s heckling, then said, “Ya Fei, fiancée of the young master of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, Murong Xun. Your parents have quite good positions in the Immortal Execution Archipelago, and your grandfather, Ya Zongyun, is even less simple, being the head of the Nine Immortals of the Immortal Execution Archipelago. Am I correct?”

“Hmph. Since you know who I am, you still dare to be so impolite to me? Do you not fear my grandfather, nor the Immortal Execution Archipelago?” asked Ya Fei.

“Fear? You truly think that your Immortal Execution Archipelago is invincible in this world?” Suddenly, Qiushui Fuyan furrowed her brows, then a hint of a cold glare flashed into her eyes.

*ta* After the cold glare appeared, even Ya Fei’s complexion changed greatly and she couldn’t help taking one step back because within the cold glare, she felt killing intent.

“Remember. I am Daoist Qiushui of the Lovers Terrace. Today, I will take these three people away. If you have any dissatisfaction, you can return and report it.

“No matter if it’s your grandfather, or your Immortal Execution Archipelago, if any of you wish to find me for revenge, you can directly come to the Lovers Terrace to find me.

“But now, before I have a change of heart, you better scram!” shouted Qiushui Fuyan coldly.

“You...” Ya Fei was extremely displeased by being frightened by such a person, but recalling her cold glare in her gaze just now, as well as her attitude that didn’t put the Immortal Execution Archipelago in her eyes at all, she could only bite down on her teeth, then after shuffling her feet a few times where she stood, she turned around, and flew back towards the Everlasting Sea of Blood.