Chapter 631 - It Will Be Very Miserable

MGA: Chapter 631 - It Will Be Very Miserable

“Wa ha ha ha!

“Who am I? Am I not Yan Ruyu?

“Don’t tell me you don’t recognize my appearance?” Yan Ruyu’s provocative body made a bewitching action at Chu Feng.

“You are not Yan Ruyu. Who are you?” Chu Feng firmly believed that the person in front of him wasn’t Yan Ruyu. At least her tone of speech didn’t seem like hers.

“Chu Feng, how can you be like this? Have you forgotten what you’ve done to me back then in the Azure Province?” Yan Ruyu had a face full of grievance, but her eyes glittered peculiarly.

“How do you know I’m Chu Feng?!” Chu Feng was many times more shocked. The person in front of him even saw through his Transformational Mask. Not only did she see his real appearance, she even knew his and Yan Ruyu’s past.

“Haha, it is merely a simple mask. It can trick ordinary humans, but it cannot trick this demon. I already recognize who you were in the first glance I cast at you.” Yan Ruyu then abruptly cackled complacently.

“You really aren’t Yan Ruyu. Who are you? Why are posing as her?” Chu Feng grasped the holes in her words and asked ferociously.

“I am indeed not Yan Ruyu; but now, I am Yan Ruyu because a long time ago I have merged into one with her.

“The reason why Yan Ruyu can have such powerful strength right now is all because of me. She will become even stronger because of me.

“As for you, although you’re the person who released me, since you know my secret, I will not allow you to continue surviving. Yan Ruyu isn’t willing to kill you, but I am.” As she spoke, Yan Ruyu’s complexion suddenly turned fierce. At the same time, boundless killing intent surged out, instantly enveloping Chu Feng inside.

“No!” However, just as the killing intent came it instantly vanished. Yan Ruyu suddenly hugged her head again and roared at Chu Feng, “Leave, scram!”

“God damn, you useless girl. Isn’t he the one who did this you? Didn’t you swear to kill him? Right now, he’s in front of you! Why aren’t you killing him? And why, again and again, are you forgiving him!” The sharp and chilly voice rang out again.

“Shut up! He isn’t the one who made me into this state, it’s you! I cannot continue allowing you to use my body to commit these heinous acts! I will kill you.”

“Kill me? To kill me is to kill you. Are you going to kill yourself? Because of the wicked humans, you’re going to kill yourself?”

“To prevent you from killing any more people, I am willing to commit suicide.”

“Haha, how righteous and benevolent! But sadly, this body no longer belongs to you. Watch obediently on how I slaughter this damn man who tainted you.”

Finally, Yan Ruyu’s real voice was suppressed, and the gaze full of coldness and killing intent was cast towards Chu Feng once again. “Brat, you’ve got quite the charm. You actually made that idiotic girl willing to oppose me.”

“Who are you. What do you want for you to let Yan Ruyu go?” Chu Feng was no idiot, so the scene that just happened already roughly told him about some things.

The one in front of his eyes was indeed Yan Ruyu, no doubt; but there seemed to be another existence that was occupying Yan Ruyu’s physical body. It was a very powerful existence, and it was the one that was doing all sorts of immoral acts such as refining humans and also the one that turned Yan Ruyu into such a monster.

“Who I am is not important, and no matter what I will not let Yan Ruyu go because she is already one with me. We live and die together. We exist and perish together. I am her, and she is me.

“But, you don’t need to worry about anything because my existence will make this foolish, extremely ordinary, and completely unknown girl into a deity in this world. A ruler that will take over this land.

“The one you should worry about is yourself, and the little girl by your side. Both of you will be refined by me, and your powers will be used by me. Die!” Yan Ruyu’s gaze turned blood-red and her bloodlust was revealed. As she spoke, she aimed to attack Chu Feng.

*hmm* However, just at that moment, a faint light suddenly shone from Yan Ruyu’s stomach. Chu Feng saw it clearly: it was a mark.

“Ahh~~~” Coincident with the emergence of the mark, Yan Ruyu instantly cried out, as if she were bearing some sort of pain.

Simultaneously, Yan Ruyu’s entire body changed greatly once again. First were the blue-coloured scales. They grew and covered her snow-white skin again, then from the gaps between the scales, strands of water grasses sprung forth. In only a blink she returned to her former monster appearance.

*boom* Suddenly, a huge explosion rang out. The Concealment Spirit Formation Chu Feng laid was shattered, and as it shattered, boundless pressure also enveloped them, wrapping around Chu Feng, Little Fishy, and also the monster.

“It’s you?!” Raising his head and looking, Chu Feng’s pupils couldn’t help shrinking because through the seawater, he could see a beautiful body standing on the air atop the surface of the sea. It was Ya Fei.

“Hmph. Do you truly think you could escape from my hands?” Ya Fei held a pink longsword in her hand and her skirt fluttered despite the lack of wind. She gave off an impressive atmosphere while fully showing her killing intent.

“I didn’t expect her skills to be this high-level. She actually left behind a mark without anyone knowing on Yan Ruyu’s body.” At that instant, Chu Feng had a revelation. He knew that the mark on Yan Ruyu’s stomach was definitely left behind by Ya Fei. That was also why Ya Fei could so quickly find them again and lock onto their position.

*aooo~~~~* Transforming into monster state, Yan Ruyu seemed no longer able to use human words and after making a furious and bitter roar, it wanted to flee.

“Little Fishy, run!” At the same time, Chu Feng also quickly grabbed onto Little Fishy’s feet and wanted to immediately escape.

“You want to escape? I have come prepared today. Not a single one of you should even think of escaping.”

But as she looked at the three people who were going to escape, Ya Fei was not afraid in the slightest as she knew she had backing. Her hands intersected, then used a special technique. Afterwards, she lightly snorted, and shouted, “Seal!”

Then with a boom, radiance shone everywhere in that area. Countless symbols appeared and formed an enormous cage. It imprisoned Chu Feng and the others within, sealing all escape.

“Crap! Before she appeared, she already hiddenly laid an imprisonment formation!” shouted Chu Feng in his mind.

Although the monster still had very powerful strength, after all, its injuries caused by Ya Fei before had yet to be healed. Currently, its power was greatly diminished and it simply could not destroy the formation, let alone fight against Ya Fei.

As for Little Fishy, although, when she faced dangerous things, the guarding light would appear, the formation was only locking them in and not harming them. So, Little Fishy’s powerful and special power of protection had no chance to be used.

*hualalala* The formation started to shrink, and at the end, became a Spirit Formation cage that was just big enough to hold the three of them. It departed from the sea and arrived in front of Ya Fei.

After raising the Spirit Formation cage, Ya Fei laid more and more powerful Spirit Formations, making it so the cage was indestructible. At least, Chu Feng and the others were unable to open it.

Only after doing all that did she strangely smile, and said while looking at the three in the cage, “The three of you will die very miserably.”