Chapter 625 - The Magical Little Fishy

MGA: Chapter 625 - The Magical Little Fishy


But Chu Feng still underestimated the Soul Eating Insects. They actually ignored his pressure, and their speed was so quick it surpassed his imagination. They actually came up to Little Fishy before Chu Feng and unhesitantly started fierce attacks. They wanted to drill into Little Fishy’s body and make her into a puppet.


At that instant, Chu Feng was originally incomparably panicked, but what he didn’t expect was in front of the Soul Eating Insects that were of unknown origin and horrifying to him, Little Fishy was not afraid at all. Instead, she started to excitedly jump up and down where she stood.

Just as the Soul Eating Insects were going to come into contact with Little Fishy, blinding light came from her body and shot in all directions.

The light was really too dazzling. It was simply as if the sun had descended into the palace, preventing anyone from approaching.

Even Chu Feng’s eyes were blinded to the point he could not open them. He was even forced several steps back by a burst of powerful might.

Only after feeling the radiance gradually fading away did Chu Feng slowly open his eyes. However, when he took in everything into his eyes, his face couldn’t help but change.

He astonishedly discovered that currently, not only was Little Fishy standing where she was, undamaged at all, there were even black-coloured objects surrounding her. They were the Soul Eating Insects.

However, at that instant, the incomparably ruthless Soul Eating Insects no longer had any signs of life. What remained were only empty shells.

“Little Fishy, are you all right?!” Although the Soul Eating Insects had already died, Chu Feng was still very worried about Little Fishy. He came up to her, carried her up, and started to look up and down, examining her carefully and in detail.

After confirming that Little Fishy was unharmed, only then did he breathe a sigh of relief. Looking back at the Soul Eating Insects dead on the ground, Chu Feng couldn’t help inhaling a breath of air, then asked Little Fishy, “Little Fishy, tell Big Brother. What was the light from your body just now about?”

“Eh? Big Brother, you’re talking about the light just now?

“Even I don’t know what that’s about. Every time Little Fishy sees something fun, it appears, then after it disappears, the fun stuff dies,” said Little Fishy, like she was wronged, as she blinked.

“Whoa! Not simple. That girl is not a simple person at all.

“Chu Feng, you’ve picked up treasure this time! I initially thought she was only good at swimming, but as it turns out, she’s hid so many outstanding abilities on her!

“The light just now clearly came from inside her body. It’s the power that’s protecting her. Moreover, it’s extremely powerful. Things that wish to do harm onto her will all be eradicated by her guardian power.

“Chu Feng, in the future, just bring this girl along. You don’t need to protect her, and instead, you can use her to protect you!

“If there’s anyone who’s inimical, just put this girl in front of them. At that time, not only will the troubles be gone, perhaps you can even use the power guarding this girl to kill the enemy!

“How is this girl even a burden? She’s simply a rare attacking weapon!” Eggy said excitedly after seeing the power that protected Little Fishy.

Chu Feng was no idiot, so of course he knew what the light Little Fishy emitted did. However, he did not agree to Eggy’s suggestion. So, he shook his head, and said hiddenly, “Your words make sense, but if you want me to take such a young child as a shield, I can’t do it.

“Besides, she is only following me because she trusts and relies on me. How can I take advantage of her innocence?”

“Okay okay, suit yourself. I’d be too lazy to even care about you.” Eggy curled her lips, but really, she did understand Chu Feng. So, she didn’t say anything more.

When he felt Eggy’s reaction, Chu Feng also lightly smiled, then continued asking Little Fishy, “Little Fishy, how have you come here?”

“Yiya, yiya. Little Fishy knew that Big Brother has been caught, so I’ve come to find you!” she replied, giggling.

“But, Little Fishy, how did you know I was here?” Chu Feng continued asking.

“Hehe. Big Brother, you probably don’t know right? Little Fishy is smart! I kept on secretly following you, so naturally I knew you were here,” replied Little Fishy.

“What? Little Fishy, you were actually following us all along? Then, how did you come through that Spirit Formation door?” Chu Feng’s eyes were full of surprise.

“Spirit Formation door?” Little Fishy’s eyes spun around randomly, as if contemplating what Chu Feng was saying. But soon, a hint of joy flash into her eyes, then she hopped over to the door and lightly pressed with her palm. Not only did he hidden Spirit Formation door appear, she even deciphered the Spirit Formation password.

“Big Brother, you mean this?” asked Little Fishy.

“Yeah, it’s that. Little Fishy, how did you do that?” Chu Feng hurriedly went up, and discovered that currently, the Spirit Formation door was truly opened by Little Fishy.

“Just touch it lightly and it appears! Little Fishy saw they did it, so I also did what they did. Big Brother, you try too!” As she spoke, she retracted her hand, and coincident with the withdrawal of her hand, the Spirit Formation door also disappeared.

Being spurred on by Little Fishy, Chu Feng also placed his palm in the same location as hers in an experimental manner, but there was not the slightest bit of change. Even while Chu Feng used Spirit Formation power there was no change, let alone opening the Spirit Formation door.

“Yiya. Why can’t Big Brother open it? So strange!” Little Fishy’s face was full of surprise and confusion, as if Chu Feng’s inability to open the Spirit Formation was the inconceivable thing.

And at that instant, Chu Feng didn’t really know what to do as, once again, it was the work from Little Fishy’s special power.

The little girl was truly too magical. Looking at her, she was clearly an ordinary girl, yet she grasped such powerful and unbelievable skills.

Luckily, people only knew that she had extraordinarily quick swimming speed. If people knew that she still had the ability to open Spirit Formations and automatically defend against dangerous objects, it would definitely shake the Eastern Sea Region. There would then definitely be many hidden great characters making their move. At that time, Little Fishy would truly enter a perilous situation.

“Little Fishy. I can’t open this Spirit Formation, so you do it. Quickly bring Big Brother away from here, otherwise when that woman called Ya Fei returns, both of us will be in trouble,” said Chu Feng.

“Okay, okay! Watch Little Fishy!” After hearing Chu Feng’s words, she obediently pressed with her hand. The Spirit Formation door then opened again, and Little Fishy truly went into it.

Seeing that, Chu Feng quickly followed. At first, there were still some bumps in his heart, but after going through the Spirit Formation door, his bumpy emotions were easily resolved.

However, in the instant he went through the Spirit Formation door, what appeared in front of Chu Feng’s eyes wasn’t another exit. It was a vast and luxurious palace.