Chapter 626 - Seventh Level of the Heaven Realm

MGA: Chapter 626 - Seventh Level of the Heaven Realm

There was pretty much nothing different from this palace and the one Chu Feng was in before. The only difference was that in the current palace, his eyes were flooded by objects that emitted faint fragrance and dazzled with radiance. They were all cultivation resources.

Heaven beads. Casting one’s gaze over, one could see nothing but the top-quality Heaven medicine, Heaven beads. The number was simply uncountable, and other than Heaven beads, there were even Martial medicines. Though there was a relatively fewer amount, and also that most were low-quality, and there were not many medium-quality ones, there was still quite a bit.

“This can’t be real right? Could the reason why this place is so special be because this is the treasury, installed within the Everlasting Sea of Blood, that the Immortal Execution Archipelago stores their wealth in?!”

At that instant, even Chu Feng’s heart couldn’t help jumping against his chest because the amount of cultivation resources at that place was too enormous. It could be said to be the place where he had seen the most amount of cultivation resources in his entire life. So much that it completely exceeded his imagination.

Even to the point that Chu Feng felt if he could refine all of the cultivation resources at that place, there existed a possibility for him to make a breakthrough.

As long as he raised his cultivation by one more level, Chu Feng could step into the seventh level of the Heaven realm, and at that time, if he used the power of the lightning again, Chu Feng’s cultivation could enter the Martial Lord realm.

After stepping over that gap, the difference in Chu Feng’s power was like the difference between heaven and earth. If he fought against a Martial Lord again, he could definitely defeat a rank two Martial Lord, and even he could even fight on a generally equal against a rank three Martial Lord.

“Yiya, yiya, Big Brother, there’s another palace in front. There are even more beautiful things in that palace!” Seeing that Chu Feng liked those things a lot, the smart Little Fishy pointed at the palace door before them and spoke.

“Really? Bring me over to see!” After hearing Little Fishy’s words, Chu Feng was elated.

Little Fishy also didn’t delay and once again, opened another Spirit Formation door. After Chu Feng passed through it, the joy on his face immediately became even stronger.

Because, inside the third palace, it was exactly as Little Fishy said. It was truly filled with cultivation resources. There was even more in there than in the second palace. Other than a path going down the middle of the palace, both sides of the path were full of Heaven beads.

“It looks like I’ve guessed correctly. This is likely the treasury that the Immortal Execution Archipelago uses to store cultivation resources. These should be the fees they took from the Ancient Teleportation Arrays in the Everlasting Sea of Blood.

“No wonder after becoming the strongest force of power, the Immortal Execution Archipelago continues to grow stronger and stronger.

“Right now, they have almost taken over all of the Eastern Sea Region’s channels of profit. They have limitless cultivation resources entering their pockets, so it is truly hard for them to not become stronger.”

At that moment, Chu Feng was truly ecstatic. If Chu Feng only felt he could possibly make a breakthrough with the cultivation resources in the previous palace, then now, when the resources of the two palaces combined, they would definitely allow Chu Feng to break through.

“This won’t work. There are too many cultivation resources here. Even if I have a few more Cosmos Sacks I can’t move them all!” But soon, the joy on Chu Feng’s face was instantly replaced by a baffling expression.

It was as Chu Feng said. There was really too much cultivation resources at that place. So much that Chu Feng himself could not move all of them away by himself. But, it was clearly also impossible for him to move them bit by bit away. After all, he could not be sure when Ya Fei would return.

“Chu Feng, this is exactly like the proverb ‘wealth is found within risk’. Right now, you only have one path you can walk on.” Just at that time, Eggy spoke once again.

“Eggy, could it be that you want me to refine the cultivation resources right here?” Chu Feng wasn’t foolish, so he already thought of that before Eggy even spoke. However, like Eggy said, it was too risky.

“There’s no other choice. Either refine these cultivation resources now, or quickly give them up and leave immediately. You can only choose one of the two.

“Of course, even if you leave now, you may not be guaranteed to safely escape. Perhaps you would even walk into Ya Fei.

“However, even if you run into Ya Fei, you may not be absolutely dead. Don’t forget the girl Little Fishy. Not only is she special, she is also powerful. Maybe with her, even Ya Fei can’t harm you. But the prerequisite for that is you must use her as a shield.

“Chu Feng, ‘if you wish for great things, you must be prepared to be ruthless’. If you continue to concern yourself with trivial matters and remain hesitant and indecisive, no one can save you,” reminded Eggy gravely, and as she spoke, there were even some intents of warning.

“Okay, I’ll listen to you.” A trace of fierceness suddenly appeared in Chu Feng’s gaze. Then, without saying anything more, he sat, legs crossed, gesturing with his hands, then he widened his mouth, and used a skill that could swallow the mountains and rivers.

*huu huu huu*

After such a skill was used, frenzied wind immediately came from all directions. The cultivation resources piled within the palace, and like they had gravity, rushed into Chu Feng’s mouth.

For cultivation, Chu Feng decided to stake it all onto that. Since he couldn’t take them away, he decided to refine all of the cultivation resources there.

Although refining required a certain amount of time, to the current Chu Feng, refining was actually a very simple matter.

Even though there were many cultivation resources at that place, after spending an hour, the cultivation resources in the third palace were all consumed and refined by Chu Feng. Moreover, at present, Chu Feng’s cultivation rose greatly, and there was merely a thread’s width between him and the seventh level of the Heaven realm.

Since things turned out the way they did, Chu Feng would naturally not back away after seeing a good situation unfolding and play it safe because of that. He returned to the second palace and continued to madly refine.

Since there weren’t as many cultivation resources in the second palace as the third one, the refining speed was even quicker. But, what made Chu Feng rejoice was…

Chu Feng only refined two-thirds of the resources in the second palace, yet the Divine Lightning in his body already started to surge, and his power also instantly rose.

He made a breakthrough. Ever since using Natural Oddities, it was the first time he raised his cultivation by relying on a precious cultivation resource such as Heaven beads.

At present, Chu Feng’s original body’s cultivation had already reached the seventh level of the Heaven realm. If he used the power of the three lightning he could break the bindings of the Heaven realm, and step into the realm of a rank one Martial Lord.

And, with the methods Chu Feng grasped, it was likely he could even fight against a rank three Martial Lord. It had to be said that it was a great jump in quality.

It was equal to Chu Feng stepping onto a completely new world. The strength he grasped was already legendary in the continent of the Nine Provinces, but in this place, it wasn’t really even much.

But no matter what, to Chu Feng, that was still a historic moment. That breakthrough truly made Chu Feng endlessly excited, but after making his breakthrough, Chu Feng didn’t stop refining, and continued refining another large portion of the cultivation resources.

Only until he felt that the remaining resources could all be put in his Cosmos Sack did Chu Feng finally stop.

“Hmph. Ya Fei locked me in this place definitely because this place is indestructible, but she didn’t expect me to have Little Fishy’s assistance. Not only did I successfully break away from my chains, I even plundered the cultivation resources in this place. Right now, the treasury is completely empty. Let me see how you explain this to the Immortal Execution Archipelago.”

There were too many cultivation resources at that place, so Chu Feng felt that even to the Immortal Execution Archipelago it was not a small amount. Because of Ya Fei’s blunder, the cultivation resources in the palaces were all lost. Ya Fei would hence likely be punished because of it.