Chapter 624 - Opening the Spirit Formation

MGA: Chapter 624 - Opening the Spirit Formation

But the thing that Chu Feng could do nothing about was other than being able to borrow the power of the three lightning and raise his cultivation, he simply couldn’t completely grasp the power of the three lightning.

It was as if despite being one, they still had their own lives and thoughts. Chu Feng merely awakened them. In reality, it was still themselves that were dispelling the Soul Eating Insects. Not Chu Feng’s command.

But something Chu Feng could be certain of was that absolutely, cultivation increase wasn’t all of the three lightning’s power. If one day, he could control the lightning entirely, he would definitely be many times stronger.

*whoosh whoosh*

However, currently, Chu Feng couldn’t think too much. He had to quickly lay a formation to undo the Spirit Formation rope that tied his hands and feet. He also had to stop his wound and prevent blood flowing for naught.

Logically speaking, with Chu Feng present strength, to wish to undo the bindings left by a rank five Martial Lord would truly be difficult atop difficult, a near impossibility.

But luckily, Ya Fei was really too confident with herself. She didn’t think that Chu Feng could break her fetters and recover his cultivation. So, what she used to tie Chu Feng up wasn’t any superb work. It was even very simple; a bind laid cursorily.

So, after a while of hard work from Chu Feng, he successfully broke away from her knots, and thus regained his freedom.

“Dammit! This door is fake! It should just be a double-layered door—a physical door outside and a Spirit Formation door inside—but a special Spirit Formation password has been added.” Although he successfully reclaimed his cultivation and escaped the bindings, Chu Feng discovered that the palace was not a simple one.

The walls of the entire palace were indestructible—likely reinforced with special Spirit Formation, strong ones at that. With the techniques Chu Feng currently grasped, he simply could not destroy them.

Even taking the Spirit Formation door that Ya Fei and the other one left in just now as an example. Chu Feng was currently standing at that place, but no matter how he used Spirit power to examine that location, he could not feel the Spirit Formation door, as if it weren’t even there.

At that instant, Chu Feng determined that the Spirit Formation at that place was left behind by a Gold-cloak World Spiritist, or else it was impossible for it to be so powerful. He could not even detect anything from it.

“It seems like I can only try the Heaven’s Eyes.” In that situation, the final card Chu Feng had was the Heaven’s Eyes of the Pulse Searching Method.


When he used the Heaven’s Eyes, Chu Feng’s gaze immediately changed. Sharp brilliance was revealed with nothing holding back. It was incomparably oppressive, as if they were two formless blades that could pierce through anything.

At that instant, if Chu Feng used such a gaze to look at those of the same cultivation, it could frighten them so much that their intents to fight would flee. As for those with cultivation under Chu Feng’s, with merely a glance, Chu Feng could kill whoever he looked at. That was the Heaven’s Eyes.

But the strong point of the Heaven’s Eyes was not only restricted to determent. The most important thing about it was its sharp observation strength. Such power allowed him to see things that ordinary people, even ordinary World Spiritists, could not.

The inspection power of the Heaven’s Eyes already surpassed the simple Spirit power by far.

After Chu Feng used the Heaven’s Eyes, the door in front of his eyes did indeed start to change. Hidden patterns and symbols came into view bit by bit, and they were also becoming clearer and clearer.

It was as Chu Feng predicted. The entire palace was a set of powerful formations, and the Spirit Formation door was hidden behind the fake palace door.

But the formation itself was too powerful. Even though Chu Feng was able to discover its existence, it wasn’t something that Chu Feng could currently decipher and break down. Despite finding the exit, he was unable to leave that place because he really didn’t have the ability to open the Spirit Formation.

“God damn. Will I, Chu Feng, truly die by that bastard’s hands?!”

No matter how much calmer Chu Feng was, he could not avoid panicking a bit because he knew after Ya Fei returned, she would definitely not let him go. He truly didn’t wish to sit and wait for death, yet there was nothing else he could do.

*hmm* However, just as Chu Feng reached a dead end, the sealed Spirit Formation door in front of his eyes was unexpected altered. Someone was opening it!


That made Chu Feng tightly frown, and he subconsciously evaded to the side because instantly, he thought of two possibilities.

The first possibility was that Ya Fei returned. If Ya Fei truly returned, even though he regained his strength, he was definitely unable to defeat her. What awaited him was only a road of death.

The second possibility was that the people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago opened the Spirit Formation door. There was a Spirit Formation password installed on the door, so those who knew the password certainly didn’t have a low status, nor any weak strength. But, as long as it wasn’t Ya Fei, Chu Feng had a string of chance. Perhaps he could take that chance and flee.


At that instant, Chu Feng truly reached the extremities of anxiousness. He even used the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique and the Black Tortoise Armor Technique at the same time, raising his power to the most optimal state.

He had to face that situation seriously because his life was decided on the person who opened the Spirit Formation. To be more precise, it was decided on the instant the person entered.

*hmm* Finally, the light from the Spirit Formation shined brighter and brighter. As the Spirit Formation was swirling about, Chu Feng actually heard a familiar voice.

“Yiyayiya!” Along with a skittish cheer, a small figure jumped into the palace from the Spirit Formation.

“Little Fishy?!” Seeing the tiny body in front of him, Chu Feng was instantly taken aback. He simply didn’t dare to believe his own eyes.

“Yiyayiya! Big Brother, Little Fishy has finally found you! Haha, good, good!

“Little Fishy is really smart! Lalala!” And after seeing Chu Feng, Little Fishy also cheered excitedly and started to skip and jump to the center of the palace, then opened her arms and spun circles on one spot. Naive, carefree, and extremely cute.


But just at that moment, from the corner of the palace, petrifying cries rang out. At the same time, a dense area of black-coloured objects were crawling towards Little Fishy. Their speed was so fast it could make one speechless.

“Crap! Little Fishy, quickly run!” Seeing such a scene, Chu Feng’s complexion changed greatly because he knew what those black-coloured objects were. They were Soul Eating Insects.

Although a large portion of the Soul Eating Insects that entered his body before was engulfed by the lightning, there was indeed a small portion that escaped.

And he never could have expected the Soul Eating Insects to be so ruthless and despicable. Although they feared Chu Feng, in the instant they saw Little Fishy, they attacked her.

Chu Feng had personally experienced the Soul Eating Insects’ strength. Without the power of the lightning, it was possible that he would have already become a puppet.

So, he didn’t dare to dally at all. As he urged the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique forward and flew towards Little Fishy, he willed, already releasing his pressure and wanted to use that to kill off the Soul Eating Insects.