Chapter 621 - Exposed

MGA: Chapter 621 - Exposed

*poof* Seeing the two of them enter the sea, a thought sprung up in Chu Feng’s head. After verifying the direction they were heading towards, he went around the crowd’s line of sight and secretly submerged into the sea. He used the Secret Skill, the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique, and wanted to chase after them.

“Dammit, I can’t catch up! They are really too quick.” But it was useless as the difference in strength was too great. Even though Chu Feng had a supreme Secret Skill, he simply couldn’t reach them.

“Yiyayiya, big brother, you want to catch up to those two?” But just as all of Chu Feng’s hope was nearly lost, a pleasant voice suddenly rang out from his arms.

Lowering his head and looking, he saw the little special girl, Little Fishy, blinking with her clear and big eyes as she also looked at Chu Feng.

“Mm.” Chu Feng subconsciously nodded his head.

Quite unexpectedly, Little Fishy suddenly smiled dazzlingly, revealing her row of pure white teeth, and said, “Big brother, hold onto my feet! Be sure told on tight~”

“Okay.” Chu Feng knew that Little Fishy wanted to bring him after the monster and Ya Fei. So, he did not hesitate, and as he spoke, he grabbed Little Fishy’s light little ankle.

*swish* However, just as Chu Feng grabbed her ankle, he felt an enormous force crashing straight towards him. The surrounding water currents actually became rows of white lines and endlessly brushed past him.

Little Fishy was swimming forward with speed far quicker than the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique, and because the speed was really too fast, even Chu Feng’s face changed and he involuntarily gasped.

“Little Fishy’s speed in water is actually this fast?”

Chu Feng was extremely shocked. Although he already knew that she was very special, and that her swimming speed was extraordinarily quick, he never would have thought it reached that level of quickness. It simply surpassed his imagination.

At that instant, Chu Feng was more and more curious about Little Fishy’s origin. Clearly, she seemed to be a very ordinary lady, as she had no discernible cultivation, so how could she have such frightening capabilities?

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

“Yiya, yiya!”

Little Fishy was truly like a water dragon in the sea as she speedily swam. As she drifted through the water, she even made cheerful and happy sounds. And, in such a situation, Little Fishy soon caught up to Ya Fei and the monster.

*boom boom boom*

At that instant, Ya Fei and the monster were fighting against one another. Layers of wild ripples unceasingly dispersed seawater and rubble deep in the sea and they permeated that area.

The might of the battle between two rank five Martial Lords was too horrifying. Even Chu Feng didn’t dare to come too close because if he were swept into it, even the remnants of the battle could possibly take away Chu Feng’s puny life.

In a situation like that, Chu Feng could only use the Black Tortoise Armor Technique, the Secret Skill, to protect himself better and increase his safety.

Also, after locking onto the monster’s position, Chu Feng started to communicate with the monster with mental messaging. But, it was useless as the monster simply didn’t reply, as if it didn’t even receive his messages

“Who are you? Why didn’t you kill me before?

“You definitely know who I am! You saw through my mask and know that I’m Chu Feng right?

“Who exactly are you? Why are you slaughtering the innocent at this place? Please reply to me. I have no ill intents, and perhaps I can even help you.”

But, Chu Feng did not give up. He firmly believed that the monster heard his mental messages, and he also believed that the monster was intelligent.

But as moments and seconds passed, their circle of battle became more and more chaotic. Chu Feng was simply unable to lucidly see their actions. What he could see was only terrifying might, as well as the undersea world in complete havoc.

*boom* Suddenly, another explosion burst out and a figure shot out explosively from the battle. In a blink, it came up to Chu Feng. It was Ya Fei.

“Follow me.” When Ya Fei came up to Chu Feng, she extended her hand, unexpectedly going straight through Chu Feng’s Black Tortoise Armor Technique, and grabbed Chu Feng’s shoulder.

*whoosh* Quickly afterwards, she said nothing else and dashed straight towards the surface of the sea as she had her hand on Chu Feng.

*aoo~~~~~* At that instant, Chu Feng could hear endless bursts of furious howls resounding from below. An extremely powerful aura was rapidly nearing, and without even thinking, Chu Feng knew it was definitely the monster.

Although he didn’t know why Ya Fei grabbed him, Chu Feng subconsciously knew that the events that were happening were heading towards a bad direction. So, he hurriedly sent a mental message to Little Fishy. “Escape!” As he sent her that, Chu Feng threw out Little Fishy from his arms.


Seeing Chu Feng release Little Fishy, Ya Fei was enraged. But, she didn’t chase after her and instead, with changes of her steps, increased her forwarding speed.

With such speed, the sound puchi rang out as the two of them charged out of the sea, but Ya Fei didn’t stop moving yet. Only upon entering the vast clouds did she stop, and she cast her gaze downwards, nervously surveying.

Also at that instant, Chu Feng discovered that Ya Fei was injured. Around her left shoulder, there were a few bloody wounds. The rank five Martial Lord was actually wounded from being clawed.

Ya Fei didn’t pay attention to Chu Feng. She stared at the surface of the sea for quite a long while, and only after she found no traces of the monster chasing after them did she cast her fierce gaze at Chu Feng and started to carefully examine him. A gaze like that was simply as though she wanted to completely see through Chu Feng’s entirety of a person.

“Crap, she’s actually a World Spiritist as well! With her strength, she might have detected the mental message between me and the monster!” Feeling the strong gaze and powerful Spirit power, Chu Feng murmured in his heart.

Indeed, after carefully examining Chu Feng, Ya Fei suddenly asked fiercely, “You’re on the same side as that monster?”

“What are you saying? How is it possible that I’m with that monster!” Chu Feng hurried denied. At present, he was within Ya Fei’s hands, so naturally he couldn’t admit that he was together with the monster, or else it would simply be like looking to die.

Besides, even he himself couldn’t ascertain whether that monster was truly together with him, because he could not determine who that monster was.

“Hmph, less of this. Just now, the mental messages you hiddenly sent to that monster were all caught by me. I know everything you told it. You even dare to deny it?!” Ya Fei closely interrogated.

“Since you already know what I said to the monster, then even more so, you shouldn’t be wronging me! Clearly, I was cursing that monster! Don’t tell me that cursing it means I’m together with it!” said Chu Feng cunningly.

Chu Feng was making a bet. What he bet was Ya Fei only detecting that he sent mental messages to the monster, but, not the things he told the monster.

The reason why Chu Feng made such a wager was because he did have some confidence. Although he knew that Ya Fei was also a World Spiritist and very possibly her Spirit Formation techniques were above his own, Chu Feng felt that even if his mental messages were picked up by Ya Fei, she might not have clearly heard what Chu Feng said.