Chapter 622 - Hidden Poison

MGA: Chapter 622 - Hidden Poison

“You are quite sly. Just now, you were clearly not cursing the monster, but communicating with it.

“You’re on the same side as it, otherwise how were you able to have been with that peculiar little lady?

“That little lady is quite special. She clearly lacks cultivation, yet she grasps power that ordinary people do not have. Moreover, not a single living person can approach her. As such, I’ve determined that she’s with that monster.

“Yet! She walked along with you. That already says everything I need to know.” Ya Fei was not a simple person. She didn’t believe Chu Feng’s denial and continued questioning him.

“What are you talking about? Clearly, I was cursing the monster. My sworn brother died by its hands, so I hate everything about that monster! Although I know I can’t defeat it, can I not even curse it?

“As for Little Fishy, she is indeed very special, I admit that, but even I don’t know why she’s so attached to me. For some reason, I’m on quite good terms with that child.

“If, with only these things, you make a random conclusion, and insist on saying I’m on the same side as that monster, I really have no more words.

“It’s just that… you’re a part of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, but you handle this matter so unfairly. What a waste it is for everyone to call you ‘Lady Ya Fei’.” Chu Feng knew that Ya Fei couldn’t make certain the relationship between him and the monster, so he just bluntly and obstinately said he was unrelated to the monster.

“Hoh.” But after hearing Chu Feng’s words, Ya Fei didn’t say anything more. Instead, she suddenly smiled, but her smile was very strange. It made Chu Feng’s heart involuntarily tremble, and he felt chills going down his spine.

“Well, it’s like that. If you don’t believe me, there’s nothing I can do. Let’s meet again.” Feeling that something was wrong, Chu Feng wanted to slip away.


However, before even letting Chu Feng turn around, he heard the sound ka cha. His shoulder’s bone was forcibly shattered by Ya Fei.

But that was not all. Chu Feng felt again layers and layers of immense power being imbued into his body without end, beginning to ruin his organs and physical body, and shaving away his own strength.


The intense agony made Chu Feng cry out loud. Actually, he wanted to cry out loud to attract other people’s attention. More importantly, he hoped that the monster could come and save him.

But it didn’t appear, nor did any other people hear him. Naturally, Ya Fei wouldn’t stop because of Chu Feng’s yelling. Instead, she smiled even more sinisterly, pulling her attracting lips next to Chu Feng’s year, saying softly, “Do you think I would let you go because of your stubborness? I will make you speak the truth.”


After Ya Fei spoke, Chu Feng felt more successive layers of unendurable pain engulf his body. It quickly made sweat drench his head, and he lost the power to hold himself up. Finally, his eyes went dark, and he went unconscious.

After an unknown length of time, Chu Feng gradually recovered his awareness. However, upon opening his eyes, he discovered that he was located within a palace. It was a very gorgeous palace, like one specially made to bury kings.

However, at that instant, he was bound by some enormous power, and was tied on a cross.

Not too far from him, there was another person. It was an attractive female—she was none other than Ya Fei.

“Crap.” After seeing Ya Fei, and looking at the situation around him, Chu Feng hiddenly cursed. He felt that, very likely, Ya Fei was going to commence an excruciating interrogation.

“Oh? You’ve woken up from sleep?” Indeed, after finding out that Chu Feng awoke, Ya Fei slowly walked towards him while smiling strangely.

As she spoke, she lightly raised her slender and snow-white hand. A sharp little dagger formed by Martial power then appeared in her palm.

“What exactly are you planning?”

Chu Feng furrowed his brows. He knew that Ya Fei definitely planned to do harmful things to him, and his guess before was correct: Ya Fei was indeed not any good person. At least she was a person who didn’t care what she did before reaching her goals.

Not only was the female with outstanding prettiness and exceptional talent the alluring beauty and peerless genius in everybody’s eyes, she was true hidden poison.

“Heh. Afraid?” Ya Fei did not answer his question. After walking up to Chu Feng, she started to take the dagger in her hand and slid it around Chu Feng’s body. It was both seductive and dangerous.

“Afraid? Ever since I was born, I have never known how to write the word ‘afraid’.” Even after knowing that he could not escape such a calamity, Chu Feng didn’t back down.

“Oh? You’re quite unyielding. So you’ve done the preparations to remain silent?” asked Ya Fei with a strange smile.

“I’ve already said it. Right now, I have nothing to say to you. If you want to kill me, go ahead. If you want to skin me, go ahead. If I, Chu Feng, makes even half a bit of sound, then I’m your son.”

Being in Ya Fei’s hands, Chu Feng could only blame his own carelessness and his inferiority in ability. Even if she really killed him, he would not have the slight bit of resentment. So, at that instant, Chu Feng already anticipated the worse outcome.

“Then let me see how long you can endure this for.” Hearing Chu Feng’s words, Ya Fei’s face suddenly turned cold, then with a puchi, the dagger in her hand was ferociously jabbed into Chu Feng’s chest.

However, in the moment the sharp little dagger was pierced into his chest, Chu Feng clenched his teeth, and indeed, didn’t make any sound.

“Hmph.” Looking at Chu Feng, Ya Fei coldly snorted. Then, she waved her hand, and with a ripping sound, the dagger, in Chu Feng’s chest, ripped open a row of flesh, creating a big bloody wound.

No matter how pain-endurable Chu Feng was, after such an action, his face still turned deathly-pale and he broke out in a cold sweat.

But even so, Chu Feng still didn’t make a sound. Instead, he forcefully bore the pain, coldly smiled, and said, “Is that all you’ve got? Women are still women. Do you need me to teach you how to torture people?”

“Hmph. Do you think I need you to teach me how to torture people?” As Ya Fei spoke, she flipped her palm, a little wooden box then appearing into her hand.


And when the wooden box was opened, it emitted faint radiance. It was a Spirit Formation, and within the Spirit Formation, there were countless blood-red insects the sizes of ants.

Those insects were very revolting. Though very small, they had many black-coloured claws and were unceasingly making jiji sounds. It was very horrifying as well.

After the appearance of such terrifying insects, Ya Fei ominously smiled, then said, “Do you think that I would be so stupid as to use this tiny dagger to torment your flesh? You’re wrong. I left this wound of blood only to satisfy them.

“Do you know what these are? They are Soul Eating Insects. They will enter your body, then take over your organs, take over your brain, and finally, take over your soul.

“At that time, no matter what question I ask, you will always answer me. No matter what actions I want you to do, they will be followed.

“But before that, you will bear the most unendurable pain. You will receive the cruelest torture: the anguish of your body being consumed bit by bit, all the way to your soul.

“Let me see whether or not you can endure this.”