Chapter 620 - The Powerful Ya Fei

MGA: Chapter 620 - The Powerful Ya Fei


The initially serene blood-coloured sea surface was no longer serene. Person after person, like inverted meteors, shot towards the blue sky. As they flew, vertical waves were made on the surface of the sea, alike to water dragons exiting the water. It was quite a grand appearance.


However, they still underestimated that monster’s power. As they arrived high in the sky, a burst of frenzied suction power came from the ocean. Quickly afterwards, a huge whirlpool appeared on the calm surface of the sea.

The whirlpool surged and swirled, making rumbling noises. As it spun about, its area was still enlarging, mixing the blood-red seawater to a complete mess.

Moreover, not only did the whirlpool twist the surface of the sea, it even covered the blue sky with the boundless suction power.


At that instant, even if people were in the air, they were unable to escape the powerful suction power that came from the bottom of the sea. They were all fettered by it and started to drop down one after the other, all of them being drawn into the sea.

Immediately, all sorts of heart-wrenching shrieks rang out endlessly and continuously. Facing the monster’s powerful strength, everyone was terrified. The calmness before existed no longer.


But in such a crucial moment, an explosion suddenly came from the sky. At the same time, a hundred beautiful bodies also appeared in midair. It was Ya Fei and the others.

“Insolent monster! You still care to stir up chaos in this place? Today, I will put you to your place!”

Currently, Ya Fei’s skirt was fluttering about, and her atmosphere was extraordinary. Although her loveliness didn’t diminish, a hint of heroic spirit emerged onto her face.

However, the hint of heroic spirit in the perspective of outsiders was ferociousness in Chu Feng’s eyes. It could be seen that the fiancée of the young archipelago master was indeed not a simple person. She was a fierce person.

“Ten Thousand Living Heaven Suction Formation!”

Suddenly, Ya Fei shouted loudly. Over her head, a silver-coloured vortex rapidly spread, and when the silver-coloured vortex appeared, boundless suction power also surged outwards. It actually pulled everyone who fell into the sea back up and into the silver-coloured vortex.

“What a powerful method.” Seeing that, even Chu Feng was greatly shocked. It wasn’t a Spirit Formation technique, but a martial skill. However, he had to admit that the martial skill Ya Fei used was indeed stronger than the whirlpool made by the monster.

With only a blink, Ya Fei turned the situation completely around. She pulled everyone back into the silver-coloured vortex towering in midair, placing them in a safe place.


Just as the crowd was saved by Ya Fei, the center of the whirlpool in the sea abruptly exploded. At the same time, something shot out explosively as well.

It was over two meters tall, and water grasses covered its entire body. Its blood-red eyes were even brighter than lanterns. They emanated unending resentment and with a glance, Chu Feng recognized it as the human-cultivating monster.


When the monster appeared, it instantly made a strange howl. Quickly afterwards, a wild aura burst out from its body, gathering to form a half-transparent sharp blade. The blade seemed like a sword and also like an awl. It was several feet long, and it was rapidly expanding and shooting towards Ya Fei.

“It’s also a rank five Martial Lord? Then you’ve definitely lost.”

Feeling the aura the monster exuded, Ya Fei was actually not afraid and instead, happy. She, who was also a rank five Martial Lord, seemed to have absolute confidence that she could defeat the monster.

Facing the sharp blade that was condensed by Martial power and was shooting straight at her, Ya Fei’s complexion remained calm and didn’t perform any counterattacks. Only when the sharp blade neared her did she extend her clean-white little hand and grabbed the incomparable sharp blade that contained strong Martial power.

“This isn’t real is it? Does Lady Ya Fei not want her life?”

Seeing that, many people were petrified. Since the weakest at that place were still Heaven realm experts, they were able to feel the terror of the sharp blade.

But just as everyone broke out in a cold sweat from fight, and even thought that Ya Fei’s beautiful hand was going to be sliced off, radiance flashed in all directions from her palm, then with a bang, the huge sword split inch by inch, and at the end, became fragments.

The horrifying attack that the monster made was dispelled by Ya Fei with her physical body’s power!

“World’s Vines!”

After dissolving the monster’s attack, not only did Ya Fei not stop, she even changed her attacks. Countless vines shot out from her sleeves, and as they densely twisted about, they surrounded the monster and attacked. Their speed was quick, and just while the monster detected the attack, it was already bound.


”At that instant, the monster started to make ear-piercing shrieks. Layers of berserk energy kept on coming out from the vines.

Everyone could tell that the monster was struggling, yet couldn’t rid itself of the vines Ya Fei sent out. It could only let the vines twist it layer by layer, wrapping it tighter and tighter.

“Waa, Lady Ya Fei is so powerful! This monster has done whatever it pleased to in the Everlasting Sea of Blood and no one could defeat it. I never have thought that immediately after Lady Ya Fei came here, she easily subdued it. Is this the difference in strength?”

Seeing Ya Fei suppress the monster in a very simple manner, everyone cheered madly.

But Chu Feng’s gaze was locked tightly on it, and he hiddenly said to himself, “No, it’s not that simple. The monster’s strength shouldn’t only be like this.”

Chu Feng, who had seen the monster’s strength, strongly knew how powerful it was. But currently, its performance didn’t really match its level of strength.


But just at that moment, a formless undulation rippled out from inside the monster’s body, straight until it reached the sea.


After the undulation entered the sea, the calm seawater actually acted like an erupted volcano, surging upwards. Instantly, it engulfed the monster.


At that instant, the monster’s power actually increased explosively. With a furious howl, it drilled into the seawater with the vines over its entire body.


At the same time, Ya Fei, who was on the other side of the vine, was also dragged down from the formation high in the air by the powerful strength, straight towards the Everlasting Sea of Blood.

“Lady Ya Fei, be careful! The monster is even fiercer in the water! Avoid fighting against it while it is within.” Seeing the scene, the crowd from the Immortal Execution Archipelago hurriedly reminded loudly.

“Hmph. You want to pull me into the water? Let me see how fierce you in the water are!”

But with Ya Fei’s intelligence, how could she not know that the monster would become stronger upon touching water? However, she, who was full of confidence, didn’t care about that. Not only did she not let go the vine in her hand, she even leaped, and rushed into the seawater.

*whoosh whoosh*

After Ya Fei entered the sea, Chu Feng could clearly feel that the two of them didn’t further exchange any blows. Ya Fei was currently being dragged deep into the sea by the monster. To be more precise, they were heading towards another sea region. Ya Fei didn’t struggle either and allowed herself to be pulled by the monster, following it wherever it went.