Chapter 619 - Monster Reappears

MGA: Chapter 619 - Monster Reappears

“What? She actually even prettier than Ya Fei and Qiuzhu? What kind of beauty is that Zi Ling? I truly want to see!” After hearing the vile big man’s words, the young man’s face was full of yearning.

“Hehe. It’s still a rumour, and whether it’s true or false is still indeterminate.

“But no matter what, for Zi Ling to be able to obtain such an evaluation means that she is likely also a great beauty,” said the vile big man.

“Ahh, the young master of the Immortal Execution Archipelago is truly lucky! Of the Eastern Sea Region’s three great beauties, two of them are his fiancées. That’s truly evokes envy.” The young man had a face filled with admiration. To him, not to mention taking two great beauties as fiancées, even shooting a few more glimpses at one was a type of pleasure.

“Heh. Who do you think is that young archipelago master? He’s the number one genius of the Eastern Sea Region! He’s also the future master of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, which means he is the future overlord of the Eastern Sea Region!

“Isn’t is within expectations that the most beautiful of the Eastern Sea Region are married to him? On the contrary, other than him, who’s worthy enough for those three beauties?” As the vile big man spoke, his face was similarly full of admiration.

“Although that’s true, from what I’ve heard, the young master of the Immortal Execution Archipelago has actually once expressed his love to Lady Qiuzhu of the Misty Peak, but he was refused. From that, it could be seen that not necessarily all ladies would be willing to marry to him,” said the young man.

“Ahh, that’s definitely a lie. Looking at the young archipelago master’s cultivation and appearance, which female could refuse him? I’m sure if he truly tries to pursue Lady Qiuzhu, even she would definitely agree without even thinking.

“The three great beauties of the Eastern Sea Region will sooner or later belong to the young archipelago master. Not a single one can escape,” said the vile big man very certainly. It could be seen that he had great confidence in him.

*bang bang bang bang bang*

But just at that moment, on the calm surface of the sea below, dozens of water pillars suddenly shot out, and as the water pillars charged towards the sky, there were eighty young females emerging from the pillars, and at the end, arrived in front of Ya Fei.

Not only were those eighty females all people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago, they all had cultivation belonging to Martial Lords. In addition to the twenty Martial Lords earlier, Ya Fei’s following was actually formed by a hundred Martial Lords. It was truly extraordinary powerful, making one speechless.

Although they and Ya Fei were Martial Lords, the difference in their status was like the difference between the sky and the earth. After the eighty Martial Lords arrived in front of Ya Fei, all of them knelt down before her, and paid their respects.

“How about it? Any discoveries?” Ya Fei calmly spoke, but her voice was extremely pleasant to the ear. Not only did the beautiful female have a moving, beautiful appearance, even her voice was so alluring.

“Milady. At the bottom of the sea, there is a Concealment Spirit Formation. The formation is filled with bones, but we could not see any traces of the monster,” replied one of the females respectfully, who seemed to be a World Spiritist.

“I understand.” Ya Fei alluringly smiled, then swept her gaze over the crowd and said, “My apologies everyone. Because of my Immortal Execution Archipelago’s carelessness before, it caused many innocent people to be killed by the monster. For the ones who have died, My Immortal Execution Archipelago will provide a compensation for their families.

“But, I feel that the best compensation absolutely isn’t money, but honor.

“So, I hereby guarantee to everyone: my Immortal Execution Archipelago will definitely eradicate that monster, and return a peaceful cultivation holy land for everyone.”


“Long live Lady Ya Fei!”

“Lady Ya Fei, I love you!”

It had to be said that Ya Fei really knew how to allure a person’s heart. With a few simple words, it completely ignited everyone’s morale, leading them to seem like they could sacrifice their lives for Ya Fei. Of course, that alone was already the unique charm of beauties, so there was no need to even mention what a powerful beauty like Ya Fei would do.

Ya Fei seemed to have expected the crowd’s reactions. So, her lovely smile didn’t diminish, and instead, became more and more moving. She continued, “The monster is ruthless—it refines us cultivators as resources. I’m sure everyone here knows about that.

“And according to the behaviors of the recent emergences of this monster, it likes to move around the center zone of the Everlasting Sea of Blood. Moreover, it only appears when there’s a lot of people.

“So, if we want to capture the monster, we must ‘lure the snake out of its cave’. I need everyone’s combined assistance. I need everyone to cultivate at this place in order to lure the monster.

“But, no one worry. Since I, Ya Fei, am here, I can guarantee everyone’s safety.

“Of course, if there’s anyone here who doesn’t trust in my strength, you can leave right now. I will not force anybody to stay behind.”

“We will follow your arrangements, Lady Ya Fei.”

“We believe in Lady Ya Fei.”

“Monster eradication is everyone’s responsibility!”

Under the enticement of Ya Fei, with the exception of a small group of people leaving, most of them stayed behind. Especially the males: nearly no one chose to leave.

Following that, they shed their clothings and jumped into the sea underneath, pretending to be cultivating in the sea. Unknown if it was planned or not, some people stripped themselves completely of clothing in front of Ya Fei and the other beauties, then went and did some naked swimming.

Facing such shameless people, Ya Fei and the others seemed not swayed by them. They simply ignored them. After laying a Concealment Spirit Formation in the sky, they jumped into it one after the other, waiting silently for the monster to appear.

However, compared to normal people, Chu Feng, currently also pretending to cultivate over the sea, had a few conflicting emotions.

On one hand, he didn’t really hope that the monster would appear because he felt that Ya Fei wasn’t a simple person, so she definitely came prepared. If the monster truly appeared, it might not be able to defeat Ya Fei.

But on the other hand, Chu Feng hoped the monster would appear because if it didn’t, he wouldn’t have the chance to figure out who exactly the monster was, and why it let him go alive.

He was truly curious. What relationship did he have with the powerful and frightening existence? Chu Feng had considered the possibility that the monster was, perhaps, related to his ancestry.

But the last answer wasn’t something that could be found by Chu Feng guessing. He had to see the monster again.

However, regardless of how Chu Feng thought, if some things were meant to happen, they would happen, sooner or later. It was simply unavoidable.

So, after the passing of three full days and nights, over ten thousand cultivators had gathered in the center region of the Everlasting Sea of Blood, and they were cultivating there.

They chatted and laughed, sparred and made noise. It was as though they had forgotten about the existence of the terrifying monster. They were at ease and happy, and the scene of cultivation before the monster attacked was even restored.

However, when a sound rang out from the bottom of sea, it destroyed that cheerful scene.


The strange and frightening noise resounded again. Everyone sank into terror; the ones who were lightly terrified broke out in a cold sweat, while the ones who were heavily terrified trembled, and couldn’t even speak clearly.

When the monster truly appeared, it horrified everyone. Even though they knew that Ya Feiand the others were standing in midair within the Concealment Spirit Formation, awaiting the appearance of the monster, they didn’t dare to continue staying over the sea. One after the other, they rose into the sky and left the surface of the sea, being deeply afraid of becoming food for the monster.