Chapter 618 - Three Great Beauties

MGA: Chapter 618 - Three Great Beauties

That figure belonged to a female. She also had a very beautiful appearance.

A tall and slender body, a bountiful bosom, and even though there was a skirt in between, one could still see how explosively impressive her behind was. She simply had perfect curves.

In addition, other than her fiery hot body, her face was also perfect. Long brows, lovely large eyes, and even though she didn’t have a tiny cherry-like mouth, her red lips that curled up slightly were even more alluring.

Just speaking in terms of her appearance, that female already surpassed Su Rou and Su Mei. Only Zi Ling and Eggy could defeat her looks.

So, it couldn’t be helped that the males at that place were so excited and happy because she was truly a beauty with a devastatingly pretty appearance.

However, although she was beautiful, the thing people focused on the most wasn’t her alluring appearance. It was her strength. The aura she emanated belonged to a rank five Martial Lord.

Through Chu Feng’s observations, that female was no older than twenty-something years old. At such an age with such a cultivation, accompanied by her absolutely beautiful appearance, she could truly be called as the pride of the heavens.

In front of her, even someone like Chu Feng was not worth a mention. She was a true genius.

Also, from the crowd’s conversations, Chu Feng had learnt of her identity. She was Lady Ya Fei who came from the Immortal Execution Archipelago.

“I never expected the Lady Ya Fei everyone’s talking about would be such a young and powerful female. It seems like the Immortal Execution Archipelago truly hides talent and has a very powerful foundation, or else it wouldn’t be possible for them to develop such a character.”

After finding out about her, Chu Feng couldn’t help inhaling a breath of cool air as he, once again, saw how strong the Immortal Execution Archipelago was. He finally knew what a true enormous power represented.

“Waa, as expected of one of the Eastern Sea Region three great beauties! Her appearance is simply even more beautiful and attracting than females in paintings!”

As a big man next to Chu Feng rubbed his palms together, he tightly stared at Ya Fei’s twin peaks, which were quite worthy of pride, as well as her exposed snow-white legs and every single inch of skin.

Looking at the upper section of his body, Chu Feng discovered that the big man was drooling; looking at the lower section of the body, a bulge appeared underneath. There was even an area of wetness; god knows how excited he was.

Chu Feng was truly lazy to pay attention such a vile person, but when heard “the three great beauties of the Eastern Sea Region”, Chu Feng’s heart became intrigued. So, he asked, “Brother, when you say the three great beauties, who are you talking about?”

“Little brother, you actually don’t even know who the three great beauties of the Eastern Sea Region are? Are you even a man?!” The vile big man disdainfully looked at Chu Feng.

“That’s not right! From what I’ve heard, isn’t it the two great beauties of the Eastern Sea Region? When did it become three?” Another rather young man curiously came close after hearing their conversation.

“Hehe, you probably don’t know about this then. A few months ago, it was still the two great beauties of the Eastern Sea Region, but now, it’s become the three great beauties,” said the vile big man smugly upon seeing the curiosity of the young man.

“Three great beauties? Who exactly are those three beauties?” asked the young man with a face full of interest.

“One of the Eastern Sea Region’s two great beauties is the exceptional genius from the Immortal Execution Archipelago, simultaneously the young archipelago master’s fiancée, Lady Ya Fei,” said the big man.

“This Ya Fei is the fiancée of that young archipelago master?!” Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s gaze flashed. A few more complicated emotions emerged when he looked towards Ya Fei.

It was because the person Chu Feng loved, Zi Ling, was forcibly taken back to the Eastern Sea Region because she became the fiancée of the Immortal Execution Archipelago’s young master. That really made Chu Feng feel displeased. Even though he had yet to meet the so-called young master of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, their destinies were decided—Chu Feng was going to be his archenemy.

At present, before even seeing the young archipelago master, he saw one of his other fiancées. When it was even a female with such devastatingly powerful strength, Chu Feng’s heart was naturally quite knotty.

“As for the second beauty, on top of the Misty Peak, she’s Lady Piaomiao’s third disciple, Lady Qiuzhu.

“According to rumours, Ya Fei’s beauty is like a blazing flame. Upon gazing at her complexion, one’s body would feel like it’s burning, and they wouldn’t even be able to look away.

“On the other hand, Qiuzhu’s beauty is like a chilling ice. One can only look from afar and not come into contact; she is holy and uninvadable.

“Looking at her today, Ya Fei is indeed as the rumours say. Her alluring face truly hooks onto one’s soul and makes people’s imagination involuntarily drift. I’m sure Qiuzhu’s beauty is the same as the rumours. I truly want to personally see it!”

As the big man spoke to an excited point, he cast his gaze again at Ya Fei. Unknown if it was intentionally or not, he actually extended his palm and rubbed the wet section of his clothes. It was very appalling.

“Brother, I already know the things you said. The two great beauties of the Eastern Sea Region are Ya Fei from the Immortal Execution Archipelago, and the Misty Peak’s Qiuzhu. What I want to know is who exactly is the third beauty you said,” asked the young man closely and curiously.

“Hehe, the origin of this third beauty is not insignificant at all. She’s the Divine Body that shocked the Eastern Sea Region over a dozen years ago—Lady Zi Ling of the Flower Valley’s Zi family,” said the vile big man pleasedly.

“Zi Ling?! It’s Zi Ling!” Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s pupils shrunk abruptly, and uncontrollably, his face changed.

Who was Zi Ling? She was Chu Feng’s lover! The reasons why he came to the Eastern Sea Region was one, to become stronger, and another, was to unravel the mystery of his ancestry; but currently, what he wanted to do the most was actually to save his lover, Zi Ling.

“I know about the Divine Body of the Flower Valley’s Zi family. Shortly after she was born, she became the fiancée of the Immortal Execution Archipelago’s young master. Moreover, in all these years, she had always been in closed-door cultivation. There is simply no one who has seen her true face. But, isn’t she called Zi Yu’er? You said she’s Zi Ling? Could it be that she’s come out from cultivation?” asked the young man with extreme shock.

“That’s right. Zi Ling is Zi Yu’er. However, recently, the Flower Valley’s Zi family announced to change her name to Zi Ling, and also, on that day, many people saw Lady Zi Ling, the other fiancée of the young archipelago master.

“From what I’ve heard, those who saw Lady Zi Ling described her as having an extremely extraordinary appearance despite being still being a young woman. She’s simply like a fairy from the heavens. Her complexion shouldn’t even appear in this world, because it’s really too perfect. So perfect it’s like they were in a dream.

“Those who saw Ya Fei and Qiuzhu said Zi Ling’s beauty already surpassed theirs, and also that she deserved to be called the number one beauty in the Eastern Sea Region.”