Chapter 617 - Who Exactly Is It

MGA: Chapter 617 - Who Exactly Is It

*swish* However, after the monster turned around, it only glimpsed at Chu Feng before it blurred, then disappeared.

And at that instant, Chu Feng also discovered astonishedly that his disappeared power started to return. Raising his head and looking, he found out that an entrance appeared in the sealed formation. The monster truly let Chu Feng go.

“Why is this feeling so familiar? Who exactly are you?” Chu Feng pondered a while, but ultimately, he was unable to recall when he had got to know an existence like that. So, the only thing he could do was to quickly leave that extremely troublesome place.

Chu Feng intentionally swam at the bottom of the ocean for a very long while before he dared to return to the surface. The reason he did that was to rid himself of all connections, avoiding letting others discover that he escaped from the hands of the monster.

After returning to the surface of the sea, the first thing Chu Feng did was not return to the scene where the monster ensnared everybody, but to where Little Fishy waited for him.

“Crap, where did Little Fishy go?” After he came back to the area where Little Fishy was waiting, Chu Feng couldn’t help tightly furrowing his brows. His heart trembled because even though the Spirit Formation he laid was still there, Little Fishy had disappeared.

That was the thing Chu Feng worried about the most. Little Fishy was so special, so really, many people who harboured malicious intents wanted to catch her. If she were taken away by a kind-hearted person, perhaps they would take good care of her, and possibly even carefully raised her; but if she were taken away by ruthless people, then they would very possibly perform experimentations on her, to study why she was so special. At that time, Little Fish would be in great misery.

“Big brother, yiyayiya!” But just at that moment, Chu Feng heard Little Fishy’s young and cheerful voice from afar.

Looking towards the voice, even Chu Feng couldn’t help being a bit shocked. A turbulent wave appeared on the surface of the sea several miles away, and it was shooting straight at him like a sharp sword.

The terrifying speed made even Chu Feng tongue-tied. It surpassed the speed of Chu Feng’s Azure Dragon Dashing Technique by a huge margin. At that instant, Chu Feng really saw how powerful Little Fishy was. The little doll was simply a genuine monster.

“Haha, big brother, you’ve finally come back! I haven’t gone anywhere~ Aren’t I obedient?” When Little Fishy came close, she shot out from the sea. Not a single drop of water stuck onto her as she fell into Chu Feng’s embrace in complete dryness.

“Mm, you’re very obedient. Little Fishy’s the most obedient.” Looking at the lively and jumpy girl in his bosom, Chu Feng’s tense heart finally calmed down.

“This little one isn’t simple. Chu Feng, her talent is a lot better than yours! At least, her speed while swimming in the water is a speed that you cannot reach. Hehe,” said Eggy gigglingly as she examined Little Fishy who was being carried by Chu Feng.

“Eggy, do you know where this little girl came from?” asked Chu Feng curiously. Although Eggy was a World Spirit, she had seen and experienced a lot, and knew many things Chu Feng didn’t know.

“Look at the symbol on her undergarment; that should be where she came from. As for the specific location, how should I know? It’s not like I was born in your world,” said Eggy coolly as she curled her lips.

Chu Feng realized it too at that moment. He quickly looked carefully at the symbol on Little Fishy’s undergarment, but he had never seen it before. From what he knew, the current relatively famous powers in the Eastern Sea Region didn’t have such a symbol as their representation.

“Could it be a power that ordinary people do not know in the Eastern Sea Region? Or perhaps Little Fishy isn’t from the Eastern Sea Region, but from that mystical place, the Holy Land of Martialism?”

Chu Feng could not determine where Little Fishy came from, but he knew no matter where she did, that place was definitely very extraordinary.

Of course, Chu Feng could not determine that Little Fishy really did come from a strong power.

After all, the world was big, and there were all sorts of strange things. Moreover, Little Fishy was that special, so even one were to say that she was formed by the world itself and made by special oddities, Chu Feng would certainly believe it.

“Little Fishy, can you tell me where your undergarment came from?” asked Chu Feng curiously and suddenly.

“This? I don’t know! It was here when I opened my eyes! Hehe,” replied Little Fishy innocently after she stretched her pink-coloured undergarment.

Chu Feng could only lightly smile at such a response, thinking that indeed, he couldn’t obtain any information from the girl.

*whoosh whoosh whoosh*

Suddenly, Chu Feng discovered a few people flying quickly from afar. All of them were Heaven realm experts. They didn’t even look at Chu Feng and went straight towards the place where the monster was ensnaring people before.

Quickly after, a few more waves of people flew over Chu Feng’s head. They were very excited, especially the males. They had flushed faces of excitement, as if they discovered some treasure.

From their conversations, Chu Feng learnt that a prominent person from the Immortal Execution Archipelago had come, and that person was called Ya Fei.

Seeing that, Chu Feng tightly furrowed his brows because he knew the person called Ya Fei definitely came to capture the monster. If it were before, Chu Feng would simply not be concerned about that, but it was different now.

He kept on having a feeling that the monster was related to him, so before understanding who the monster was exactly, he couldn’t do nothing and watch the monster die.

Thus, Chu Feng hurried dressed Little Fishy up so normal people wouldn’t recognize that she was the famous and special girl, Little Fishy.

“Little Fishy, can you obediently stay in my embrace and not arbitrary speak or move?” asked Chu Feng with a smile after dressing Little Fishy up.

“Mm, mm, mm.” Little Fishy repeatedly nodded three times; she was both cute and well-behaved. Seeing that, Chu Feng satisfiedly smiled, and while carrying her, he flew towards the place where a crowd was gathering.

Coming back to where the monster abducted people before, Chu Feng discovered that it was occupied by a large number of people already. Rough estimations told him there were almost ten thousand people.

Clearly, the monster abducting people was something that happened just now, yet so many people already learnt of it and arrived at that place so soon. Moreover, there were even more people than before, so from such things, it could be seen that Ya Fei brought quite a bit of attention along with her.

Moving through the crowd, Chu Feng could see in the centermost location of the crowd, there was a group of people formed by twenty females. They were all people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago.

Furthermore, they had strong strength. They were actually all Martial Lords—twenty Martial Lords. Here and now, there were twenty in the realm that was like a legend in the continent of the Nine Provinces.

Although some of their cultivations were weak and some were strong, they were indeed all Martial Lords, no doubt. Most of them weren’t too old either. The oldest was only in the middle-ages but still kept a rather young face. With a glance at the group, one saw nothing but beauties.

But currently, the most eye-grabbing of them all was not the twenty females. Almost all of the observers’ gazes were gathered upon the figure in front of the twenty females.