Chapter 616 - Cruelty Is a Must

MGA: Chapter 616 - Cruelty Is a Must

“Monster, die!” Suddenly, the old man fierily yelled out, then the awl treasure left his hand.

The awl, initially as big as a palm, after leaving his hand, immediately became several meters in size. It gave off dazzling golden light, and with extremely powerful might and with encircling, powerful symbols, it was fiercely shot towards the monster.


At that instant, Chu Feng hiddenly cursed because with his sharp Spirit power, he was able to instantly determine that the awl wasn’t a normal treasure but a special weapon made by a Gold-cloak World Spiritist.

That weapon could be used only once, but its power was extremely frightening. In particular, the one that the old man had was not simple at all.

If it were before, perhaps Chu Feng would hope the old man could succeed. After all, as long as he could kill the monster, Chu Feng himself would also have a chance to escape. But now, it was the exact opposite.

He discovered that the monster seemed quite familiar, and was very possibly someone he knew. Or else, the monster wouldn’t have let him go alive and instead, deal with the people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago.

But now, only if nothing happened to the monster did Chu Feng have a chance to continue surviving. Otherwise, if something were to happen to the monster and the old man survived instead, then Chu Feng would undoubtedly die.

However, quite unexpectedly, as the monster faced such a horrifying Spirit Formation weapon, it didn’t dodge nor did it defend itself. It just bluntly walked towards the Spirit Formation weapon, using its physical body to stop it.

*boom* Finally, the weapon crashed into the body of the monster, but it only made a deafening explosion for a single moment. Although it did indeed create horrifying ripples, before those ripples even dispersed, they were absorbed by the monster.

That’s right. The terrifying attack made by the Spirit Formation weapon was indeed absorbed by the monster. The weapon that the old man meticulously prepared was actually akin to an egg striking a rock—it could not damage the monster in the slightest.

“How can this be.” Seeing that, even the old man himself was stupefied from fright. According to his understanding, the Spirit Formation weaponry had a possibility to heavily injure even rank five Martial Lords. The situation was something that shouldn’t happen.

Unless… unless one’s power truly reached an irrepressible state!

“Elder, what do we do? Even that weapon couldn’t do anything!”

At the same time, the wild big man and the fair-faced man were completely terrified. That awl was their last chance, and now, that chance was destroyed. They really did have a feeling of despair, of having no more roads to walk.

“What else can we do? We can only wait to die.” The old man coldly snorted, then a hint of fierceness flashed into his eyes. As he spoke, he grabbed both the wild man and the fair-faced man, and actually threw the two young ones, who were on the same side as him, in front of the monster.

*hmm* And just the two of them were tossed next to the monster, they were lifted up by the monster’s unique power. It was the starting point of its refining rhythm.

“Milord, may I ask where you came from? But please, don’t kill me! I am willing to follow you. Be it becoming a cow, horse, pig, dog... I have no problems. I will not say any grudgeful words, so please, milord, have mercy on me!”

“Have mercy, have mercy! Please don’t kill me! I am willing to be your most loyal servant; I can search even more cultivation resources for you; I can bait stronger cultivators and provide them to you for refining! Please don’t kill me!”

The wild big man and the fair-faced man were completely terrified. They, who were cowards to death, started to shamelessly plead. Especially the fair-faced man—he even suggested that he would provide cultivation resources for the monster. They were inferior to even pigs and dogs. Animals.


However, the monster was not moved in the slightest by their imploration. Two heart-wrenching screams rang out, and the two started to suffer the cruelest torment.

Cruel. It was truly cruel. Although they were also enduring the pain of being refined, and the process of being refined was the exact same as other people, the time they spent in that condition was extremely long.

Indeed. The monster had the intent to torture them. It actually slowed the tormenting speed and at such a distance, Chu Feng could clearly see their skins becoming split, accompanied by streams of fresh red blood surging into the monster’s body, getting absorbed and refined by it.

After fracturing their skin, next came flesh, bones, and inner organs. Before those even finished being refined though, the two of them remained alive. It could be seen how much agony they felt.

After a lengthy process of tormenting, only two sets of bones remained; but this time, the monster didn’t do the same as before. It didn’t just throw them to the side. It actually shattered their bones, then engulfed them.

The way it dealt with them did not just include the stretching of time. It also included the increase of tormenting strength, and it even consumed their bones. Truly not even any remnants remained.

“Haha, Chu Feng, look! This monster’s method of doing things is very similar to yours! Fierce enough and cruel enough. I like it.” At that instant, Eggy actually cheered happily with an anger-venting face.

“What? Am I normally that cruel?” asked Chu Feng after he heard those words, along with an innocent face.

“You? You’re a lot crueler than that thing. When you become enraged, you simply stop being human! Haha, but, I like exactly that. To be human is to be fierce. Particularly so when facing an enemy. Not only do you need to be cold-blooded and heartless, you must be insane and fierce. Only then could it make their hearts tremble upon hearing your name and lose all courage to fight against you,” said Eggy gigglingly.

At that instant, Chu Feng felt that he couldn’t really say anything back. It wasn’t like he was an idiot, so naturally, he knew what kind of person he was upon becoming mad. But, he had never regretted, and instead, felt that Eggy was very correct. Facing enemies, he had to be fierce and merciless, and become a demon without any traces of humanity.

So, after he saw, with his own eyes, the monster refining the wild big man and the fair-faced man with extremely cruel methods, not only did he not feel bad, he even felt refreshed because those two were his enemies.

No, not only those two, there was also the rank three Martial Lord.

“You’re, you’re, you’re with that thing! You’re, you’re, you’re with that monster!”

In comparison to Chu Feng’s calm countenance and his inside screaming refreshing!, the elder from the Immortal Execution Archipelago had a face as pale as paper. His body was endlessly trembling as well.

As he backed away, he pointed at Chu Feng. He already had a guess in his heart regarding the monster’s abnormal action—the brat, who was not simple at all, was on the same side as the monster. He, instead, was the one who was like a sheep entering a tiger’s mouth.


The monster didn’t give the old man too many chances to breathe. It willed, then the old man, like the wild big man and fair-faced man before, started to receive a heartless torture.

However, compared to those two, the torment he endured was actually even more wretched, but to Chu Feng, the old man definitely got what he deserved.