Chapter 614 - Combining Powers and Escaping

MGA: Chapter 614 - Combining Powers and Escaping


When the strange sound appeared again, the fearful screams from the crowd instantly became many times louder.

The shrilling shrieks and sobbing woke up those who were unconscious. At that instant, at that place, an eerie, strange, and horrifying atmosphere thoroughly occupied that place.

But just as everyone struggled with all they had, or as they screamed, Chu Feng tightly locked his gaze in the direction the strange sound came from.

Finally, in the pitch-black corner, a figure emerged into his line of sight. It was an existence with two meters of height as well as water grasses all over its body.

One could simply not see its appearance clearly. They could only make out a pair of blood-red eyes, and though in terms of external appearance, the monster that made everyone endlessly fearful was not even as terrifying as some Monstrous or Fierce Beasts, the aura it emanated paralyzed all of them. A rank five Martial Lord. The brutally powerful monster was a rank five Martial Lord.

It slowly walked, as if it quite enjoyed everyone’s screams and terrors. It only stopped after it came up to a middle-aged man, casting its deathly-cold gaze at him.


And when it cast its gaze towards the man, his surroundings immediately exuded a faint aura of light. Quickly afterwards, he gradually floated up, and drifted up to the monster.

“Don’t kill me, don’t kill me! I have parents, a wife, and a son I need to care! My entire family relies on me! I cannot die, I cannot die! Please, grant some benevolence and have mercy!” The man was terrified as he endlessly begged.


But not only did the monster ignore him, it even made an ear-piercing howl. Then, absorption power visible by the naked eye wafted about in the air, surrounding the man.


After being wrapped around by the absorption power the man instantly made a ghost-like shriek that was also akin to a pig being slaughtered. Coincident with that, everyone’s faces contorted into fright when they saw that scene. Even Chu Feng couldn’t lightly frown, drips of cold sweat emerging onto his forehead.

They acted like so because the power was absorbing the man’s everything. From out to in, it first stripped away his skin, then took away his muscles, then refined his meridians, and only after a set of bones was all that remained for the man did the absorption power finally disappear. But, the man had already thoroughly lost any signs of life. Not even any Source Energy was left behind.

Although the refining process was extremely quick, the man, without a doubt, endured indescribable agony. He died very miserably—so miserable that even cultivators who experienced many bloody battles paled from terror. Some even fainted away from the grisly sight.


However, that was merely the beginning. Just as the man’s bones were thrown to the ground, a woman next to the man was lifted by the monster and it also started to refine her.

At the end, like the man before, she was absorbed and refined in an instant, leaving only a set of bones.


Quickly after, another person was taken away by the monster and refined. In a very short period of time, there were already dozens of people absorbed and refined, dying miserably by its hands.

“We’re done, we’re done! We are dead, we are all dead! We will all be refined alive by it!”

At that instant, many people’s minds were near collapse. They finally learnt of the monster’s cruel methods—first skinned, then their flesh was shaved away, then finally, their Source Energy was consumed. It was simply one of the most atrocious torments possible, as if it had great enmity towards humans; it intentionally made the person being refined suffer incomparable pain as it refined them.

“No, no, no! I cannot let it refine me! I cannot die just like this! Even I die, I do not want it to refine me!”

Some people’s minds even collapsed to the point that they lost all intents to fight and chose to suicide. But it was useless as they already lost their power, and they didn’t even have a chance to suicide. They could only await their slaughtering from the monster.

“Oi, that boy over there. If you don’t want to die, come here secretly. I have a way to save your life.”

But just at that moment, a mental message suddenly entered Chu Feng’s ears. Looking over, it was the Immortal Execution Archipelago’s old man with the strength of a rank three Martial Lord.

Moreover, it was not only him. Unknowingly, the wild big man and the fair-faced man also got close to the old man.

Seeing he could send him a mental message, Chu Feng also knew that despite their powers being deprived, the ability to send mental messages was still there. So, Chu Feng quickly replied, “What method do you have? There’s no harm in saying it first.”

“Boy, you should be a World Spiritist right? Just reply yes, or no. If yes, then I can save you,” asked the old man very straightforwardly.

“Yes.” Chu Feng nodded.

“Then get the hell over here. Any slower, we will die,” said the old man. Then, he turned his gaze and cast it towards a nearby black-haired old man. His age should have already passed a hundred, and he had the cultivation of the ninth level of the Heaven realm. In addition, he was wearing a World Spirit Blue Cloak.

With a glance, Chu Feng could tell that the rank three Martial Lord of the Immortal Execution Archipelago was sending a mental message to the Blue-cloak World Spiritist. Although he didn’t know what tricks he was playing, he likely had a certain method to save them, and only World Spiritists could help him.

Furthermore, the current circumstances were perilous. Chu Feng didn’t think too much, and silently shifted his body, gradually coming near the three people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago.

Simultaneously, there were a few more people who came close in a concealed manner. Without even thinking, Chu Feng knew they were all World Spiritists, and had very powerful Spirit power.

“Watch closely. I have here a treasure. It can break open this formation, but it requires channeling of strong Spirit power. Right now, we are time-pressed. Although that monster is cripplingly refining everybody one by one, judging by its strength, even if it does refine them one by one, it will have no problem cleaning us up within two hours. So, we must be quick. Don’t think too much about this; use your Spirit power and cast it into my treasure. If we don’t make the best of this time, we will all die.”

As the rank three Martial Lord spoke, he took out a little awl. The little awl seemed ordinary, but it was full of symbols. Chu Feng could tell that it was indeed a treasure, but its power could only be used after some accumulation of power. At present, no one had any power, so it seemed like Spirit power was the only thing that could be used. That was why the old man called only them there.

Speaking honestly, Chu Feng did not trust the three people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago, but seeing that those who were called to that place had already started to channel their Spirit power into the awl, it wasn’t too good for Chu Feng to just do nothing on the side. After all, regardless of it being true or false, that could really be said to be the only chance to save them at that moment.