Chapter 613 - Monster

MGA: Chapter 613 - Monster

“Little Fishy, why do you like eating raw fish? Let me roast them. Cooked fish smells much better!” Chu Feng asked curiously when he saw Little Fishy, who was sitting next to him, handling a raw fish in a very orderly manner.

“Not yummy not yummy.” But after hearing Chu Feng’s question, Little Fishy hurriedly shook her head, then raised the cleaned raw fish in her hand and said, “This is yummy.”


After speaking, she opened her mouth, and started to eat while sounds of her lips smacking together were made. At that instant, Chu Feng found out that despite watching her eat raw fish, he did not feel any viciousness nor disgustingness. Rather, he even felt that she was very cute, and it even made some people envy her because she really ate in such an enticing way.

However, at that instant, a question was born in his heart. Little Fishy liked to eat raw foods, and could also survive by drinking seawater. Could she truly be related to the monster that recently came to stir up chaos in the Everlasting Sea of Blood?

*ge ge ge ge ge…*

But just at that moment, from the centermost area in the Everlasting Sea of Blood came a sound very special and strange. That sound seemed to be the creaking of a wooden bed swaying to and fro, but also seemed like the low roar of a certain organism. In any case, on first listen, one wouldn’t feel anything; but, if they listened carefully, their hairs would stand on end, and they would feel very uncomfortable.

“Yiya, yiya, the big monster’s come again! It’s going to catch people to eat again!

“Big brother, let’s go see the big monster eat people!” Hearing that sound, Little Fishy shouted excitedly. She even stopped eating the raw fish in her hands.

“Little Fishy, what did you say? You said that this noise is made by that monster?” Chu Feng was surprised upon hearing those words.

“Huh? Monster? It’s a monster, a monster that eats people! Every time it appears, it makes that sound, then many people afterwards get caught by it.”

Little Fishy blinked and spoke with a giggle. To her, it seemed like people being eaten wasn’t anything scary. Rather, it was like something very amusing.

“Little Fishy, stay here and wait for me. Don’t leave, and especially, do not go towards where the monster is. Got it?” Chu Feng said seriously to Little Fishy as he stood up.

“Yiyayiya, mm~~” The initially happy face that Little Fishy had was instantly replaced by a hint of downcastness after she heard Chu Feng’s words. But, she didn’t say anything more. She bent her small legs and sat cross-legged on the Spirit Formation Chu Feng made, then after resentfully glaring at Chu Feng, she opened up her mouth and continued eating the raw fish.

Although Little Fishy had a very rebellious appearance, her actions told Chu Feng that she chose to listen to him and obediently stay behind.

“Good.” Seeing her so compliant, Chu Feng lightly smiled, then leaped and quickly rushed towards the center of the Everlasting Sea of Blood.

The reason why Chu Feng came to that place wasn’t to use the seawater of the Everlasting Sea of Blood for cultivation, because to Chu Feng, a cultivation resource of that level was simply not useful.

The reason why he came there was to find Qiushui Fuyan, and she came there to capture the monster. So, it was naturally easier to find her in the place where the monster appeared.

Flying quickly, Chu Feng soon returned to the center of the Everlasting Sea of Blood. However, before he even saw the monster, Chu Feng was dumbstruck by the scene at that place.

On the surface of the sea where he fought against the fair-faced and wild man before, a hurricane that pierced the skies appeared. There was also a whirlpool in the regions that the hurricane was at, and the area it covered was extremely enormous.

No one could escape in the places it covered. Chu Feng saw, with his own eyes, countless people engulfed by the hurricane and ultimately taken into the super-large whirlpool in the sea.

Even within the many figures that endlessly cried out in misery, Chu Feng saw three familiar people. They were the fair-faced man and the wild big man who exchanged blows with Chu Feng earlier. Even the rank three Martial Lord was there.

Facing the horrifying hurricane, the rank three Martial Lord old man even attempted to resist it, but it was useless as even he had not the slightest bit of power to fight against it. Like the crowd, he was swept into the hurricane and whirlpool.

“So powerful. Is this the monster that has been oppressing this place? What state has its power reached?!” Chu Feng stood in the air and was quite frightened. He, who was fearless, also didn’t dare to approach it.

The hurricane’s power was too terrifying, making Chu Feng feel that not only him, even those under the level of rank five Martial Lords had no strength to fight against the hurricane. As long as they neared, they would be easily pulled in.

“The monster has already appeared, so why hasn’t Qiushui Fuyan showed up yet? Logically, she should have arrived here before me.” Chu Feng’s gaze was not only focused on the hurricane. Even more, it was focused on the groups of people. He was searching for Qiushui Fuyan.

*boom* Suddenly, while Chu Feng was carefully observing, the hurricane, which had already covered everything within the circumference of ten million meters[1], rapidly expanded. With unbelievable speed, it swept over everything.

“Crap.” At that instant, Chu Feng was greatly alarmed. Without even thinking he turned around and left, because he didn’t want to become the horrifying monster’s cultivation resource.

“Ahhhh~” However, the hurricane’s speed was too quick. So quick that it far surpassed Chu Feng’s imagination, and in almost the instant Chu Feng turned his head around, a huge wave that could touch the skies slammed down. At that moment, Chu Feng felt his mind daze before he completely lost consciousness and entered a coma.

After some unknown length of time, Chu Feng gradually recovered his awareness, and when he opened his weighty eyes and his line of sight restored, even he couldn’t help inhaling a breath of air.

At that very instant, he was actually on the bottom of the ocean. The seawater at that place was already drawn out. It was a clearing shrouded by seawater.

In that clearing, there were several thousand people. All of them were cultivators; the ones with the weakest strength were still in the Heaven realm, and there were even three Martial Lords. Naturally, those three were the three from the Immortal Execution Archipelago.

Everyone’s hands and feet were bound by special water grasses. Most were unconscious, and of the very few people who were awake, all of them had faces full of panic and fear. Some started to call out loudly for help, and some even sobbed from terror.

They sobbed from terror because underneath their feet, it wasn’t simply broken rocks or dirt. It was bones. Bones of innumerable cultivators, and looking at the brightness composition of the bones, they could tell that when those people were alive, their cultivations were not weak, as well as the fact that they had just recently died.

And after Chu Feng examined them with his Spirit power, he also discovered that the Source Energy in the bones was already gone, all of them absorbed and refined by someone.

“Dammit, even my power’s gone.” At that instant, Chu Feng wanted to get rid of the water grasses that bound himself, but discovered that he lacked even the power to struggle.

Looking around him, Chu Feng knew that it was not only him. Everyone there likely also had their power seized away. After looked carefully, Chu Feng realized something. It wasn’t that they lost their cultivation, it was that the area was special. The region shrouded by seawater was actually a formation, and it was the formation that took away their cultivation.

At that moment, Chu Feng hiddenly cursed. If they lacked even the power to free themselves from water grasses, didn’t it mean they were like fish on the cutting board—they could do nothing but allow the monster to slice them up?

*ge ge ge ge ge ge* However, as he was worrying, the petrifying sound came from a distance, and, it was getting closer and closer.