Chapter 612 - Little Fishy

MGA: Chapter 612 - Little Fishy

“That was close, I didn’t expect the Immortal Execution Archipelago to station so many Martial Lords in a place like this. It seems like they truly have quite the foundation. They are really not simple.” Seeing that the rank three Martial Lord old man didn’t chase after him, Chu Feng didn’t head out too far and landed atop the sea surface.

“Yiyayiya, big brother, you’re so strong! Just now, you flew so fast I couldn’t even see the things around me!” Just at that moment, a voice as pleasant to hear as silver bells rang out in Chu Feng’s embrace.

Lowering his head to look, the little girl he saved was currently hugging him tightly and watching him with her clear big eyes.

“Call me uncle, not big brother.” Chu Feng willed, creating a layer of Spirit Formation on the surface of the sea, then put the little girl on it.

“No, no, big brother, you’re so young! How can I call you uncle?” said the little girl very innocently as she blinked her spirited eyes.

Only then did Chu Feng discover that the little girl had quite a beautiful appearance. Her long brows, her skin as clear as jade, her mouth as small and delicate as a cherry, and also her innate curvy long hair. She was simply as cute as a doll.

But, her clothing was a bit revealing. She was almost completely bare, and only had a pink undergarment tied in front of her chest, covering her female’s private areas. She didn’t even have any shoes, and was barefooted.

But looking carefully, Chu Feng discovered on the girl’s undergarment, there was a pattern imprinted. The pattern was very special—it seemed like a fish, yet it had wings. Regardless, it was very peculiar.

“Okay, I’ll listen to you. Little sister, can you tell your big brother what your parents are called?”

After seriously examining her, Chu Feng found out that he quite liked the little girl, so he couldn’t help asking a bit more deeply and wanted to send her back to her parents. After all, at present, such a cute little girl was lost, so her parents were definitely very worried.

“Parents? Big brother, what are parents? Are they edible?” The little girl squinted her eyes, forming two curved crescent moons. She smiled very sweetly, and her completely innocent appearance made it look like as though everything she said came from her heart.

“Little sister, don’t tell me you don’t have parents?” Looking at the little girl’s appearance, it made Chu Feng feel that she very possibly really didn’t know what parents were.

“I don’t have any parents. Big brother, do you have any? Can you give them to me for eating?” asked the little girl curiously.

“Ehh… About that… Parents are not for eating. Parents are people who give birth to you and raise you. Little sister, do you truly have no parents?” asked Chu Feng.

“I don’t. I don’t know who gave birth to me and raised me,” she replied.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng lightly frowned, then asked, “Then, little sister, who brought you to this place?”

“No one brought me here. I swam here myself,” she said.

“What? You swam here yourself?” Hearing those words involuntarily made Chu Feng a bit suspicious. He first thought was that he felt she was lying.

The Everlasting Sea of Blood was too vast. Let alone the little girl, even if cultivators under the Profound realm wished to come to the center of the sea, it was something impossible.

“Big brother, you don’t believe me? You don’t believe that I swam here myself?” The little girl blinked her big eyes, actually seeing his doubts.


Then, just as she spoke, she turned around and suddenly leaped. Her tiny body was like a dragon as she jumped into the sea with an extremely perfect curve.

At first, Chu Feng was even a bit worried, but after seeing her jump into the water, didn’t sink, and instead swam within the sea with an extremely quick speed, which was so fast that it even tied Chu Feng’s tongue in a knot. Even those in the Profound realm might not be able to achieve such a rate of speed, yet such an ordinary little girl did.

Furthermore, the little girl got faster and faster in the water, and even surpassed some Heaven realm cultivators’ speed while they were using bodily martial skills. It was simply so inconceivably fast.

*hmm* Feeling the little girl’s abnormality, Chu Feng faintly waved his sleeve, fishing up the little girl from the sea and made her float in the air.

“Yiyayiya, I can fly, I can fly! Big brother, look! I can fly!” As the little girl was in mid-air, she still maintained her relaxed swimming form, and played quite elatedly.

But when Chu Feng used Spirit power to examine the little girl’s body, something that made him quite surprised was that the girl clearly had aberrant abilities, yet Chu Feng could not detect any abnormalities.

And exactly because of that, Chu Feng determined that the little girl’s origin was definitely not simple, because the better she concealed her strength, the more it spoke of her power. It was like Chu Feng’s Divine Lightning. No matter how much stronger a person was, they would only find out some unusualness and could not detect the Divine Lightning in his dantian.

“Little lady, what’s your name?” asked Chu Feng again.

“I’m called Little Fishy,” said the little girl proudly as she stuck out her chest.

“Little Fishy? Who gave you that name?” asked Chu Feng immediately after. He wanted to “find the melons by going along the vines” and locate where the little girl came from.

“Ahh, who gave me my name? I forgot!” said the little girl very certainly.

Afterwards, Chu Feng asked her many questions, but could not obtain any answers. Finally, other than knowing the little girl was called Little Fishy, he could unearth nothing else.

As he could do naught, Chu Feng started to carry the little girl and go around everywhere, inquiring. But, he found a shocking answer. There was truly no one who looked after the little girl, and no one knew who her family was.

The little girl actually didn’t rely on the assistance of others to have lived up until now. She relied on herself—it was she who caught the fishes in the sea for eating and lived up until now. The little girl really ate raw fish and drank seawater until now.

In reality, the little girl’s specialness had already attracted quite a few people’s attention. Some people even wanted to secretly kidnap the little girl away and bring her back to develop.

But because her speed in the water was really too fast. there was actually no one who could catch up to her. So, up until now, no one could personally approach the little girl. It could be said that Chu Feng was the first person to walk so near to her.

When some people saw Chu Feng carry the little girl, and their chatting and smiling appearances, they really admired him. Especially women who were born extraordinarily. They even fought over to carry the little girl.

After all, she was so beautiful, so cute, even if she couldn’t be developed, it would still be very nice to bring her back just to raise her. But it was useless as the girl was quite stubborn. Other than Chu Feng, she simply didn’t allow anyone else to come near.

Really, if the little girl hadn’t already appeared in the Everlasting Sea of Blood for over half a year, it was likely that many people would see her as the horrifying monster that caught people to cultivate. In reality, even now there were still quite a few people who felt that the little girl possibly was the monster.