Chapter 611 -

MGA: Chapter 611 - Suppression

“He blocked it. He blocked it again! What a powerful Spirit Formation. He’s already a Purple-cloak World Spiritist at this age, and his Spirit Formation technique has already reached this level of strength, where it’s able to block an attack from a Martial Lord?”

“It is so unbelievable. It is truly the first time that I’ve seen such an existence that can fight against a Martial Lord on an equal level.” At that instant, the surrounding crowd could no longer remain collected. If it were a fluke before, then now, they knew that Chu Feng truly had the strength to fight against a Martial Lord.

“Heaven realm fighting against a Martial Lord? Truly funny. Let me see if you can really resist us.”

Having their attacks being blocked again and again, the big wild man and the fair-faced man were thoroughly enraged because Chu Feng’s actions were truly making them, two rank one Martial Lords, feel like their faces were used to sweep the ground.

*whoosh whoosh* Their palms radiated with light, and two Mastered Elite Armament appeared in them each.

The wild big man wielded a three-meter long blade. It was very domineering.

The fair-faced man wielded a green-coloured whip, which exuded an extremely powerful aura.

It was said the reason why Elite Armaments were strong was because Martial power unique to Martial Lords was merged with them. So, when they were in the hands of Martial Lords, their power could be truly shown.

And the things happening in front of their eyes told the crowd that the rumours were indeed true. After the two of them took out their Mastered Elite Armaments, their auras truly strengthened by many times. Standing in the air, they were like two unstoppable battle gods, really having an atmosphere akin to the descent of a lord.

“You’ve come at a great time. Let me experience what level the Elite Armaments brandished by Martial Lords reach!”

If it were a normal person, if they were in that situation, fear would definitely bloom in their hearts. But, not only was Chu Feng not afraid, instead, he was extremely excited. He clenched tightly, and after the flash of light, the black-coloured Asura Ghost Axe appeared in his hand.

*swish swish swish* At the same time, Chu Feng strode and used the martial skill, the Imperial Sky Technique, and dashed towards the two Martial Lords.

“You truly reach the extremities of arrogance. Today, I will give you a lesson.”

Seeing Chu Feng, against their expectations, actually dashing towards them, the two Martial Lords gritted their teeth in anger. They also didn’t waste their breaths, and respectively took their Mastered Elite Armaments in their hands and fought against Chu Feng.

*dong dong dong dong*

*boom boom boom boom*

The three Mastered Elite Armaments were waved around in the air. Every single swing created enormous might; every single collision made deafening explosions.

As the three fought against one another, even the sky cracked, and even the air split. The skies where the three of them fought went into chaos with no end to the darkness. Only the area where the three of them were flashed with light and had extraordinary might. Chu Feng truly fought against two rank one Martial Lords with his own power.

“Heavens! He is actually fighting evenly against two Martial Lords! If it’s already like this when fighting against two, if he fights against one, wouldn’t he be able to defeat a Martial Lord?” Their circle of battle shocked the heavens and earth, and attracted countless people forward to observe. Those who saw that scene were deeply dumbfounded.

“Haha, so these are the extents of rank one Martial Lords.” Chu Feng fought more and more valiantly, and the general atmosphere at that moment looked like he was going to suppress them.

Looking at their very unsightly faces, Chu Feng determined that they had no more cards to play. If the current situation continued, in less than six hours, Chu Feng would defeat them. If Chu Feng broke past using the Elite Armament and used his Secret Skills, he could, right now, defeat the two of them.

“Who is it that dares to stir up trouble in my Immortal Execution Archipelago’s territory?!” But just at that moment, a loud and clear voice rang out, and boundless and powerful aura also descended from the sky.

“Crap.” At that instant, even Chu Feng’s face changed greatly. He hurriedly dashed and retreated backwards.

Only then did he discover a white-haired old man flying towards their circle of battle. That person also wore the special clothing of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, and moreover, his aura belonged to a rank three Martial Lord.

“So it’s a brat. Although I don’t know where your master came from, there is no one in the Eastern Sea Region who dares to act so wildly in my Immortal Execution Archipelago’s territory. Right now, I’ll give a lesson to an ignorant boy like you in place of your master.”

After the old man appeared, he didn’t wait for any objections and immediately attacked Chu Feng. As he stuck out his palm, Chu Feng could truly feel boundless suction power surging in his surroundings, all of which headed towards the old man.

At the same time, the big wild man and the fair-faced man also waved the Elite Armaments in their hands, aggressively slashing their way towards Chu Feng.

Chu Feng knew he could definitely not defeat the old man, so he didn’t dare to hesitate and hurriedly used the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique, the supreme Secret Skill.


When the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique appeared, a dragon’s roar immediately rang out. Then, it became a strand of light, and with speed uncapturable by the naked eye, he escaped to the distance.

“He runs away quite fast. If he were just a bit slower, I would have definitely sliced him into two.” Looking in the direction Chu Feng escape towards, the wild man new he couldn’t catch up. So, after spewing a big mouth of spittle, he very furiously howled.

“Shut up! We came here to catch the monster, not for you two to lose face. Your actions just now already had serious effects. Do you know what image outsiders have of the Immortal Execution Archipelago?!” The old man furiously rebuked.

“Elder, we just want to let the people here see the power of the Immortal Execution Archipelago! Who would have thought that some bastard would interrupt halfway?” explained the fair-faced man.

“See your power? From my eyes, it’s more like see your embarrassment.

“Two rank one Martial Lords were actually suppressed by a brat in the ninth level of the Heaven realm. Do you still have any face to justify that?!” Mentioning that matter, the old man became even more furious.

“I, we...” As for the two of them, they couldn’t put out any words, lost on how to defend themselves.

Being restrained by Chu Feng was a fact. Perhaps outsiders couldn’t tell, but they knew that in the situation just now, they couldn’t hide who had the advantage and who had the disadvantage from the elder.

“Listen. Lady Ya Fei was passing by here, and heard that a monster appeared. She is currently rushing over. After she arrives here and before she leaves, you two better not stir up any trouble for me, or else, I won’t save you two at that time,” warned the old man.

“Lady Ya Fei?” Hearing that name, emotions of yearning and excitement emerged onto their faces, then they nodded at the same time and guaranteed, “Elder, we will listen to your arrangements.”

“Then obediently go down the sea and investigate. See if you can find any traces of that monster. If the monster can be caught before Lady Ya Fei arrives, that will be a great achievement,” ordered the old man.

“Yes sir!” Hearing that, the two did not dally any longer and with a leap, they became two rainbows and flew downwards. With two bangs and as sprayed splattered everywhere, the two had dashed into the sea of blood.

“Where exactly did that boy come from? To be able to fight against Martial Lords with that cultivation isn’t something that ordinary people can do.” And at that instant, the old man, the rank three Martial Lord, cast his gaze towards the direction Chu Feng departed at. He lightly knitted his brows, his gaze glittered, and he pondered.