Chapter 610 - Fighting Against a Martial Lord

MGA: Chapter 610 - Fighting Against a Martial Lord

But, in that situation, Chu Feng didn’t panic too much. Although Martial power was very strong, with his strength, he was not unable to fight against it.

Thinking to that point, Chu Feng’s eyes flickered. As three lightning surged, the power of the three lighting was given to his body. Then, Chu Feng clenched a single hand, and threw out a punch.

With a huge explosion, waves sprayed everywhere and the ripples made the water bubble. The enormous wave that could touch the sky, in addition to the berserk Martial power, under the gazes of the crowd, were destroyed by Chu Feng’s punch.

“Heavens! Did you see that? The boy actually destroyed the attack of a Martial Lord!”

“Powerful! No matter how much stronger his cultivation is, he’s only in the Heaven realm! How could he fight against the Martial power of a Martial Lord? After all, Martial power and Heaven power are on two completely different levels!”

Chu Feng action undoubtedly gave rise to a commotion. Everyone who saw that widened their mouths, dropped their jaws, and their eyes were full of amazement.

“Yiya, yiya, big brother, you’re so strong!”

Looking at the splashes that filled the sky endlessly brush past yet never touched her, as she was covered by a layer of purple-coloured light, the little girl also blinked her big eyes and exclaimed.

However, Chu Feng didn’t have time to care about the girl in his embrace because he already felt two very unkind gazes locked onto him.

Raising his head and looking, past the blood-coloured waters that sprayed down like a storm, Chu Feng could see the two Immortal Execution Archipelago experts who were fighting halt their spar and look at Chu Feng with very displeased gazes.

“Brother. There’s no enmity between us, so why did you attack me for no reason?” asked the fair-faced man suddenly with a tone filled with resentment as he clasped his hands together. Clearly, Chu Feng breaking his attack made him furious.

“You are truly forcing your words here. Clearly, you aimed to harm the innocent, and now, you say that I attacked you? If it weren’t to save this doll, I would even be too lazy to pay attention to people like you.” Chu Feng did not back down. Instead, he directly pointed at that man’s face and rebuked. That was Chu Feng’s nature.

Facing people more nice and reasonable, no matter how much weaker their strength was, Chu Feng would be polite; however, facing displeased people, no matter how much stronger their strength was, Chu Feng would not give them any good face.

It was especially so for people who had no kind intentions from the beginning. Chu Feng would not act weak in front of them. After all, no matter what you did, they wouldn’t forgive you. Rather than belittling yourself, why not pull out some spirit.

“What an arrogant brat, you dare to speak to me like this?! If I don’t give you a lesson, you will truly not put my Immortal Execution Archipelago in your eyes.”

And just at that moment, the wild big man directly attacked. He threw out a palm. The skies instantly changed colours, and all of the observers’ faces became astonished because the wild man’s palm was a lot more powerful than the casual one by the fair-faced man just now. From that, one could see that that was the true strength of a Martial Lord. The one from the fair-faced man just now was, truly, only for exhibiting his strength.

But even so, Chu Feng was still not afraid. Although Martial power was very strong, according to his analysis, he might not be defeated by his opponent with his current strength. So, Heaven power surged in his body, then he similarly threw out a palm.

Although what came out was Heaven power, no matter if it was might or power, Chu Feng’s palm was not the slightest bit weaker than the wild man’s.

*boom* The two collided, instantly creating a frenzied ripple. The outcome was actually not determined, as they equally canceled out each other.

“Wow! Did you see that! The guy over there truly dispelled the powerful attack of a rank one Martial Lord with his cultivation of the ninth level of the Heaven realm!”

“So powerful. It seems like the strike just now was not an arbitrary one. That boy truly has strength that can fight against a Martial Lord! Who exactly is he, which sect and what place is he from? A character like him shouldn’t be completely unknown. Why have I never heard of his grand name before?!”

Seeing such an unbelievable scene with their own eyes, the surrounding people exclaimed endlessly. There were even some people who started to take guesses at Chu Feng’s identity. They all felt that he was not a simple existence, and that he possibly had a huge background.

“You haughty boy! I kindly ask who you are, yet you attack me, ignoring my question. If I don’t give you a lesson, you will truly not know how high the sky and how thick the earth is.” The praises from the surrounding crowd made the two Martial Lords even more furious. The fair-faced man no longer watched from the side, and also joined in the battle.

*boom rumble rumble* When the fair-faced man attacked, he used a martial skill. It was even a rank seven martial skill.

Immediately when it appeared the skies changed colour. In the air, Martial power visible by the naked eye surged out, sprayed down, and was used by the martial skill, becoming an Army of Millions.

Although the Martial power created millions of soldiers, hence the power was very spread out, their individual strength still wasn’t something ordinary Heaven realm experts were on equal grounds with. Their strength possibly even surpassed Heaven realm experts. On average, every single soldier’s strength was around the seventh level of the Heaven realm. Perhaps a single one of it wouldn’t be much, but when it reached the tens of millions, it was extremely terrifying.

“What a terrifying martial skill. It’s said that the true power of martial skills and Elite Armaments can only be exhibited in the hands of Martial Lords. It seems like those words are indeed not false.”

It had to be said that the martial skill the fair-faced man used was too powerful. Other than Martial Lords, not a single of the observers could fight against that kind of martial skill.

“Hoh. Army of Millions? I would quite like to see if my Spirit Formation wall can stop this!”

Seeing the Army of Millions that was surging forward in the air, Chu Feng’s will to fight was ignited. Before, when he was in the ninth level of the Profound realm, there was simply no one who could defeat him before the third level of the Heaven realm.

But now, he, who was already in the ninth level of the Heaven realm, actually felt pressure when facing rank one Martial Lords. That also really showed the strength of Martial Lords and the specialness of Martial power. But, the more it was like that, the more Chu Feng wanted to give it a try—could he, in the ninth level of the Heaven realm, resist against rank one Martial Lords?


Suddenly, Chu Feng opened up his arms, then abruptly raised them. At the same time, he explosively yelled. Purple-coloured Spirit Formation power, like a dammed flood released, burst out of his body. In only a blink, it became a purple-coloured Spirit Formation wall that connected the sky and the earth.

*boom boom boom boom boom boom*

When the Spirit Formation wall was created, the Army of Millions had already arrived with explosions. In that instant, ripples were made everywhere and the entire world swayed. The clear sky entered complete chaos.

Many observers couldn’t help backing away, deeply afraid they would be dragged into that horrifying circle of battle.

However, when the trembling slowly subsided, when the ripples gradually dispersed, everyone discovered, astonished, that the Army of Millions had disappeared.

Though the Spirit Formation wall was also full of cracks and heavily damaged, it wasn’t broken through. Chu Feng had truly, with his own Spirit Formation, blocked the horrifying rank seven martial skill from a rank one Martial Lord.