Chapter 609 - Doll within the Ocean

MGA: Chapter 609 - Doll within the Ocean

In the most center point of the Everlasting Sea of Blood, calm blood-coloured seawater rose up, forming huge waves that reached dozens of feet tall. They were like fierce beasts as they made deafening roars and surged about.

But the ones who caused the sea to be like that wasn’t any horrifying monster. It was two people. Two middle-aged men.

Of those two middle-aged men, one had a large and heavy build, a face full of facial hair, and even on his hand there was black hair. If one looked carefully, they would see a person; otherwise, he was simply a huge gorilla.

But even though that person had a very rough and wild appearance, his cultivation was not weak. The power emanated from his body was Martial power. The big man who only reached the middle-ages was a rank one Martial Lord.

Although the other person was also a middle-aged man, he took quite good care of himself. His complexion was very young, and on the surface, he was definitely an elegant fair-faced tidy man. There was a very sharp contrast when compared to that wild big man in terms of outer appearances.

Although he had a very gentle appearance, he was absolutely not weak. Similarly, he was a rank one Martial Lord, and currently, he and the big middle-aged man were undergoing an intense fight. The changes happening to that place was all because of them two.

Although their battle was very fiery and the outcome was indeterminate, if one looked carefully, it was not hard to figure out that they were not enemies. They seemed more like sparring.

It was because their clothes were the same. Behind their robes’ back, three big words were imprinted clearly and dazzling: “Immortal Execution Archipelago”!

“It’s people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago?!”

Chu Feng even thought that the monster appeared so he speedily flew over, but after arriving he discovered that it was a spar between two rank one Martial Lords. Especially as he discovered they were people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago, he couldn’t help frowning, a hint of displeasure emerging into his eyes.

That place was the centermost point in the region of the sea, also the place where the largest number of people cultivated at. When the two fought there, with the power they grasped, they could injure quite a few people from by the remnants of their fight.

But clearly, they didn’t care about that. It could be seen despite the Immortal Execution Archipelago were called as people of righteousness, in reality, their characters were nothing good. At least, the two in front of their eyes weren’t much good.

“The people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago are indeed powerful. This might is something our Heaven realm cannot be compared to. It is truly so damn cool!” A blindly idolizing female near Chu Feng was staring with her heart popping out. As she looked at the two experts from the Immortal Execution Archipelago, she was drooling, had a flushed face, and praised greatly.

“Hmph. When the monster appears, how come we didn’t see them appear? Now that the monster is not here, they’re here showing off. As managers in this place, it’s ignorable that they don’t maintain order in this place, but now they are even stirring up havoc themselves! This truly makes one displeased.”

But compared to some other people’s blind admiration and praise, many people also expressed dissatisfaction. Behind Chu Feng, a male drenched in seawater was cursing. Looking at his rough appearance, he was clearly affected by the remnants of their spar, as the fight made waves crash upon him.


But just at that moment, the fair-faced man coldly snorted and cast his gaze towards the male behind Chu Feng. He actually heard his curses.

But that wasn't even much. When he turned his head around, he willed. Martial power was then born from his thought, and came sweeping over.

*boom rumble rumble*

Before the Martial power even arrived, its pressure came first. The berserk pressure instantly caused the seawater below to explode, creating a high blood-coloured wall dozens of feet tall, and it pressed towards Chu Feng and the others.

“God damn. You truly can’t take any comments. Can’t I even say a few words about you?!” At that instant, the male cursed, but turned around and ran. Although the sea wave wasn’t strong, the Martial power was not something he could resist against. If he got struck by it, he would be heavily injured if it were a light strike, but he would be dead if it were a heavy one.

“Crap, run!” At the same time, everyone in that direction hurriedly used their all their powers to escape for their lives towards the distance. Even the blindly-idolizing female was no exception. She put all she had to escape for her life as well.

The fair-faced man was not only attacking the male who insulted him, but everyone in that direction. If they didn’t quickly escape, they would be affected along with him.

“Truly domineering. So these are the people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago?!”

Who was Chu Feng? Immediately, he saw through the fair-faced man’s goal. He didn’t really plan to kill that male, or else with his strength, at such a distance, he would have absolutely no chance to escape.

Currently, the fair-faced man was only asserting his dominance and intentionally frightening that male, but Chu Feng didn’t too like the method of assertion, of which dragged others into it.

Although he was very displeased at the middle-aged man, Chu Feng didn’t want to have too great of a conflict against the people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago so soon. After all, it was too enormous of a power, absolutely not something he could fight against at present.

So, thinking to that point, Chu Feng couldn’t help enduring the displeasure in his heart, turned around, and prepared to leave.

“Yiya, yiya~~~”

“So fun! Hahaha~~~”

“Oi, don’t run! This is super fun~”

But just as Chu Feng turned around and prepared to leave, he suddenly heard, from the constantly nearing huge wave, the voice of a child. That’s right, that voice definitely belonged to a child.

“Wait a minute.” Feeling that something was wrong, Chu Feng hurriedly turned his head around and looked. He discovered, on the huge waves that could touch the skies stirred up by Martial power, there was truly a little doll.

It was a girl, and looking at her young appearance she was not over three years old. Currently, she was above the huge wave; however, she didn’t have the slightest trace of fear. Instead, she seemed very cheerful and was actually riding the wave, endlessly giggling.

Although the little girl had quite some courage, after Chu Feng examined her, he discovered that she was an ordinary child without any cultivation.

For a little girl like her, not to mention the Martial power that was imminent behind the huge wave, even if the enormous waves slammed down upon her, she would be crushed.

At that instant, Chu Feng’s heart was moved by sympathy. If it were a normal cultivator, he would definitely not put his nose into that matter, but for such a tiny life, he had to.

*whoosh* Thinking to that point, Chu Feng didn’t hesitate and not only did he not choose to evade the huge wave, he instead flew towards the wave.

*wuao* Chu Feng used the Secret Skill, the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique. His speed was extraordinarily fast, and finally, he lifted the little girl from the seawater before the huge wave slammed down.

But, just as he carried the little girl up, the closely-following Martial power came straight at him. Moreover, it even increased in speed, Chu Feng could no longer evade it.

“Look! Has that person gone mad? Not only did he not run, he even rushed towards the Martial power!”

“Wait, it’s to save that little girl!”

“Ahh, he’s truly a good person, but sadly, the lives of good people are short!”

The surging of the Martial power had caught everyone’s attention, and Chu Feng’s actions were also caught by their eyes. So, all of them shook their eyes and sighed, feeling that Chu Feng and the little girl were undoubtedly going to die.