Chapter 608 - Fate Primogenitor

MGA: Chapter 608 - Fate Primogenitor

“Although he lost an eye, it did not make him lose any of his fighting intentions. Instead, it made him see the world clearer.

“So, he decided to liberate all humans in the world. He no longer wanted humans to stand equally with Ancient Organism. He wanted humans to become rulers of that land, to become the kings in the entire world!

“Thus, he started to pass down to humans the method of martial cultivation and trained a large batch of human cultivators who could fight against and were even more powerful than the Ancient Organisms. They started a campaign from the Eastern Sea Region, and finally eradicated all Ancient Organisms, creating an era that belonged to humans.

“And you are correct. He’s the person who created the method of martial cultivation as well as the Spirit Formation technique. However, his contributions were not only those. His true contribution was changing the fate of humans, so that’s why people of the later generation called him the Fate Primogenitor,” said the blind old man gravely. Moreover, his face was full of solemnity, as if he wasn’t narrating a legend but more of a fact.

“Fate Primogenitor? That means this Everlasting Sea of Blood is the place where the Fate Primogenitor defeated the Ancient King?” After hearing that story, Chu Feng was stunned and even his blood boiled.

The blind old man spoke very vividly and it was simply as if he was seeing the events of what happened back then again. Because of that, Chu Feng didn’t feel like it was a legend, and felt that it was something that realistically happened. If he could choose, Chu Feng, personally, would be more willing to believe the blind old man’s version, that his was the truth of the Ancient Era.

“Hehe. It is only a legend. Just listen for fun, no need to take it as true.

“But already having this cultivation at your age means that your talent is quite good. Cultivate well; this is a holy land of cultivation.

“Especially to us people in the Heaven realm, it has infinite beneficial effects. However, you cannot cultivate here for extended periods of time. If you feel that your body itches or if there’s a bit of pain, quickly leave. It is fine to come back in a year or half a year.

“Ah, that’s right. Recently, the Everlasting Sea of Blood isn’t too calm. Don’t go too deep in, and beware meeting the monster and being caught by it as a cultivation resource. Hehe.” The blind old man chuckled, then turned around and left.

Seeing the old man’s body that was going farther and farther away gradually, Chu Feng wasn't able to come to his senses for a long time. He had used Spirit power to carefully examine the old man, and discovered he was truly only in the eighth level of the Heaven realm. There was not a single trace of anything fake.

But for some reason, he felt that the blind old man was very abnormal. As for which part he was abnormal, even Chu Feng wasn’t too sure. It was all intuition.

“Oi! Brother, don’t listen to that blind old man’s mad babbling. He’s a madman.”

“That’s right. He has stayed here for the entire year, and when he meets new faces flying over from the Ancient Teleportation Array, he talks about this randomly weaved story.”

“Ah, with a glance, I can tell you’re a smart person. How could you believe that sort of thing? From what I see, all of you worry too much.”

“That’s right. This brother has such a wise appearance. How could he believe that blind old man’s wild jabbering? The method of martial cultivation is bestowed by the heavens. This is a fact that everyone knows. How could it have been created by a mortal man?”

Just at that moment, a group of young males and females flew over. Their ages were close to Chu Feng, most a few years older than him, but their cultivation reached only the beginning of the Heaven realm. The reason why they so warmly reminded Chu Feng was likely because they discovered his extraordinary talent and wanted to befriend him.

“The matters of the Ancient Era are so distant. Who can tell which ones are true and which ones are fake?” Chu Feng lightly smiled. He was too lazy to pay attention to those people who wanted to take advantage of him, so he leaped away and headed deeper into the Everlasting Sea of Blood.

“Damn. We kindly remind him, yet he actually refuses those kind intentions. He’s too arrogant.” Seeing Chu Feng leave just like that without even caring about them, one of the males was very displeased.

“The arrogant have the capabilities to be arrogant. Whatever, don’t mumble and say bad things about him. People like him likely come from quite a decent power, or have an extraordinary master. If he hears you speak those words about him, we won’t be able to save you then.”

“That’s right. Don’t drag me down because you couldn’t keep your mouth shut.”

The man’s companions mocked him, making him very speechless and lose all his anger. His companions were indeed not wrong. There were all sorts of people in a place such as that. Judging by their cultivation, they were simply the pettiest existences. They would be looked down on no matter where they went, and they wouldn’t dare to offend anyone no matter who they met.

The Everlasting Sea of Blood was very large, and inside the sea region, there were no more Teleportation Arrays that would allow him to directly reach the center zone. If Chu Feng wanted to find Qiushui Fuyan at the place where the monster appears, he would have to reach that center zone.

On the road, Chu Feng roughly understood the structure of the Everlasting Sea of Blood. There were no islands within the sea, and even Ancient Teleportation Arrays were built in the sky.

The residences at that place was very special. They were all special formations made by powerful World Spiritists. Floating little islands were created, and vast palaces stood upon the little islands.

A mirror-like blood-coloured surface of the sea below and floating little islands within the clouds above. It had to be said that it was quite a rare beautiful scene.

However, although cultivating within the Everlasting Sea of Blood was free, if one wished to live in the floating little islands, they had to pay. And, those who came there cultivate had to live in the floating little islands, or else they would be driven out.

As for why, it was naturally because the Everlasting Sea of Blood was already controlled; and as for who, it was formerly the Crippling Night Demon Sect, but currently the Immortal Execution Archipelago.

From that, it could be seen that after the Crippling Night Demon Sect split up and the Burning Heaven Church left, the Immortal Execution Archipelago was indeed like a sun in the middle of the sky, becoming the boss of the Eastern Sea Region. The archipelago’s foundation in the Eastern Sea Region was unfathomably deep.

“This is truly lively. As expected of this holy land of cultivation. I’m sure if the monster weren’t spreading havoc here, there would be more people coming here to cultivate.”

After several hours of hurrying, Chu Feng finally arrived at the middle area of the Everlasting Sea of Blood. That place could be said to be the region where the special energy was the densest.

However, because of the recent appearances of the monster, the people who dared to cultivate at that place was cut by over half, but even so, when Chu Feng cast his gaze over, he could still see countless figures above the sea of blood. Looking over, there were at least several thousand people, and that was still only those who could enter Chu Feng’s range of vision.

*rumble rumble rumble rumble* But just at that time, bursts of rumbling suddenly rang out. Several miles away From Chu Feng, the calm seawater was surging upwards, and berserk ripples were making that place chaotic.

“Ahh, the monster’s come! Run!”


Upon discovering such a change, many people escaped for their lives. Many people also rose into the sky without moving horizontally, observing in silence. However, Chu Feng leaped forward, and flew towards the area where the waves rose to the sky.