Chapter 605 - Malignant

MGA: Chapter 605 - Malignant

“My master’s surname is Huangfu and he is a close friend with Senior Qiushui. I can only reveal that much, but if you let her know about that, she will know who my master is.”

Chu Feng already made preparations. If he wanted to see Qiushui Fuyan, then he had to make himself related to Huangfu Haoyue. So, he intentionally weaved a lie and said Huangfu Haoyue was his master. Only then could he greatly increase the chance that Qiushui Fuyan would be willing to see himself.

After hearing Chu Feng’s response, Jiang Wanshi’s expression changed slightly and the gaze she looked at Chu Feng with couldn’t help being complicated, as if she thought of something. Then, she said, “Junior Wuqing, my master is indeed not here. If you wish to though, you can come back after a while.”

Jiang Wanshi’s appearance did not seem she was lying. So, Chu Feng asked, “Senior Jiang, do you know where Senior Qiushui has gone?”

“My master has went to the Everlasting Sea of Blood,” said Jiang Wanshi.

“The Everlasting Sea of Blood… Where’s that?” asked Chu Feng curiously.

“Is Junior Wuqing not from the Eastern Sea Region? Or else, how would you not know about the Everlasting Sea of Blood?” Jiang Wanshi lightly raised her brows, a bit of surprise springing into her eyes.

“Without hiding anything Senior Jiang, I am indeed not from the Eastern Sea Region. I’ve come here only to see Senior Qiushui,” said Chu Feng with a smile.

“Then that’s strange. That Everlasting Sea of Blood is a holy land for cultivation. Especially for cultivators under the Martial Lord realm, it has great cultivation effects.

“So, that’s why large numbers of Heaven realm cultivators gather there for cultivation all year long, but recently, a monster appeared in the Everlasting Sea of Blood.”


“Mm. From what I’ve heard, that monster kills people as though they were hemp, and it appears very erratically. It cultivates using cultivators, making everyone very restless. Two seniors in the Lovers Terrace passed by the Everlasting Sea of Blood, and hearing of that matter, they went forth to capture the monster, aiming to eradicate the evil for everyone.

“But, they didn’t expect the monster’s strength to far surpass theirs. One died painfully and another luckily escaped, but was also heavily injured.

“After returning to the Lovers Terrace, that person told my master about it.

“Usually, my master doesn’t like doing this sort of thing, but coincidentally, the senior who passed away was a bit of a friend to my master. She didn’t want her to have died with such injustice, so she decided to remove that monster. This morning, she headed to the Everlasting Sea of Blood. Junior Wuqing, I’m sorry, you were just one step late.

“If you were a day earlier, you could have seen my master,” said Jiang Wanshi with great regret.

“So it’s like that. Then, Senior Jiang, do you know when Senior Qiushui will return?” asked Chu Feng quickly.

“I’m not too sure about that. If it’s fast, then a few days; if it’s slow, then a few months. My master is a very casual person. Even if she finishes up with that monster, she may not directly return to the Lovers Terrace.

“If, Junior Wuqing, you truly have something urgent to pass to my master, you can indeed try and head to the Everlasting Sea of Blood. The Ancient Teleportation Array outside my Lovers Terrace can directly bring you to the Everlasting Sea of Blood. Perhaps you can meet my master there,” said Jiang Wanshi.

“Mm. Senior Jiang, thank you for the reminder. I did come here in the company of urgent business with Senior Qiushui. Then, I won’t disturb anymore, and I’ll take my leave.” Chu Feng lightly smiled, then turned around and left.

“Senior, he said his name is Wuqing. Do you think that’s his real name?” asked Sun Yihan curiously as she blinked her big eyes, after Chu Feng left.

“No matter if it’s real name or not, he is so powerful. It’s already quite strong for him to have that cultivation at that age, but he has also made a contract with a World Spirit from the Asura Spirit World! I’m sure his master is also a very outstanding person,” said another female.

But at that moment, Jiang Wanshi was constantly staring in the direction Chu Feng left towards, silent for a long time, as though she was contemplating something. Suddenly, her visage contorted—her brows furrowed tightly and some worry emerged into her face. Quickly afterwards, she said to her sisters, “Stand guard in the place, I will return soon!”

*whoosh* As she was speaking, Jiang Wanshi had already leapt and rose into the air. As her skirt fluttered, she disappeared above the ocean of flowers.

“All of you, stay behind. Do not follow.” Seeing that, Sun Yihan’s big eyes rolled around as if she thought of something as well. Then, she smugly smiled, and leaped up, flying in Jiang Wanshi’s direction too.

Outside the Lovers Terrace, Chu Feng was heading towards the Ancient Teleportation Array. Because the Lovers Terrace was a forbidden area, despite being very famous, very few people would come to that place for no reason. Other than the decent scenery on the road, there were no other life forms around.

“Come out. Don’t follow sneakily.” Suddenly, Chu Feng halted and turned his gaze to his back with a light smile.

*whoosh whoosh* And just as Chu Feng finished speaking, two figures flew out and respectively sealed Chu Feng’s front and back path. Those people were Xue Jian and Xue Yi, but currently, they were sneering and their gazes were full of bloodlust. Clearly, they came with malicious intents.

“You truly lack foresight. I just won two mid-rank Martial medicine, yet you come and follow me and want to kill me for revenge?” Chu Feng detected them already from the start, and also knew their plans.

“So you’ve already discovered us at the start. Since you did, why didn’t you obediently return to the Lovers Terrace for help, and instead, continue going forward? Is it you’re too confident with yourself and feel you could escape, or so stupid that you forgot to ask for help?” Xue Yi coldly examined Chu Feng. In his eyes, there was hatred and also derision, but even more, there was actually… admiration.

“Neither. I just feel that I can use your own plans against you and remove potential problems. Though, the two of you can’t really count as any potential problems,” said Chu Feng with a small smile. His demeanor was like he didn’t even put the two in his eyes.

“Hoh. Your mouth is still as arrogant as usual. But you do have some qualifications in being arrogant. Speaking honestly, if you weren’t related to those girls, I would truly want to befriend you.

“But since you are friends with them, I must kill you or else if a person like you continues becoming developed, the next time we see, I'm afraid you won’t let us brothers go.” As Xue Jian spoke, he was tightly staring at Chu Feng. He, who had fought against Chu Feng, wasn’t as arrogant as Xue Yi. Instead, there was a bit of cautiousness.

“Heh, don’t waste your breath. I still need to hurry here. Since you two have gotten tired of living, quickly hand your lives over.”

Suddenly, Chu Feng’s face chilled. While speaking, his gaze flashed and his aura rapidly climbed. In merely a blink, his cultivation rose from the sixth level of the Heaven realm to the ninth level of the Heaven realm.

“You, you, you actually concealed your cultivation!” Feeling Chu Feng’s quickly increasing aura, Xue Yi’s face changed immediately. His previous arrogance was no longer there, and replacing it was a type of endless fear.

Because, at such a distance, he could clearly feel how terrifying Chu Feng’s aura was. It was simply an aura that he had never felt before within the Heaven realm. It was even more powerful than a rank one Martial lord.