Chapter 604 - Attitude Change

MGA: Chapter 604 - Attitude Change

“Such powerful might. Could this World Spirit truly be from the Asura Spirit World?” exclaimed Sun Yihan and the others simultaneously.

“Unlikely. The Asura Spirit World is a legend. Even if she truly comes from the Asura Spirit World, his cultivation is only in the sixth level of the Heaven realm. No matter what, it is impossible for her to defeat that Ghost World Spirit. The distance between the two is too great. She will always be heading towards defeat as it is now.”

Jiang Wanshi shook her head, and as she spoke, she went a bit closer to Chu Feng. She predicted Chu Feng’s doubtless defeat, so in the moment his life becomes endangered, she would protect Chu Feng.

“Haha, interesting! Watch how I take care of a stubborn girl like you.”

The Ghost World Spirit laughed. Not only was it not afraid, it even leaped forward, becoming dark-green gas, and merged with the black-coloured gas Eggy emitted.


However, just as the two touched one another, the Ghost King of the Ghost Spirit World made a heartbreaking, extremely miserable shriek as the dark-green gas was engulfed by the black-coloured gas.

As the gas roiled around, the black-coloured gas became a huge black-coloured hand, and grasped within the huge hand was the body of the Ghost Spirit World’s World Spirit.

“Heavens! This is?” And when they saw the Ghost World Spirit once again, not a single person on scene wasn’t dumbfounded and tongue-tied. Their faces became full of shock.

The scene at that very instant completely turned over the crowd’s expectations. The Ghost World Spirit was currently being tightly grabbed by the huge black hand. It no longer had its former might.

It, at present, was like an old person who was going to die. Its body became unsightly, and as it cried out in misery and called for help, it struggled with all it had. However, it could not escape. No matter if it was its cultivation or life, they were both being rapidly stripped away. They were being absorbed by the huge black-coloured hand and imbued into Eggy’s body.

And looking at the Ghost Spirit World’s World Spirit that was even toying with herself before, but was now unendingly begging for mercy, Eggy sweetly smiled, then said, “Remember. I do not come from the Demon Spirit World. I come from the Asura Spirit World!”

After speaking, Eggy’s eyes lit up, a hint of bloodlust surging outward. Then, with a bang, the World Spirit from the Ghost Spirit World bursted, squeezed by the black-coloured hand. All remaining power was mercilessly consumed by Eggy.

“Heavens! That’s too inconceivable! That Ghost World Spirit in the ninth level of the Heaven realm was killed by her!” Sun Yihan paled, not a single trace of blood could be seen on her face.

“So powerful. It was simply like an instant kill. So there’s actually such powerful World Spirits in this world… No wonder Asura World Spirits became legends.”

Another female also had a stunned complexion. When Eggy personally announced her identity and also exhibited her powerful strength, they had confirmed that Eggy was a World Spirit from the Asura Spirit World.

“Impossible, impossible! That guy truly made a contract with an Asura World Spirit!” But in comparison to Sun Yihan and the others, Xue Yi and the others had very unsightly faces, unwilling to accept what happened.

From ancient times, those who could establish a contract with Asura World Spirits were all able to become a grand characters of a region, and they were powerful World Spiritists as well.

Although, up until now, an Asura World Spirit contractor had yet to truly appear in the Eastern Sea Region, there were many records regarding them as well as the strong powers of the Asura World Spirit contractors.

And, at present, Chu Feng was actually a World Spiritist who made a contract with an Asura World Spirit. How could the people there not be shocked? Especially so for those who conflicted with Chu Feng already—Xue Yi, Xue Jian, and the others. They felt great trepidation.

*whoosh* Just at that moment, Xue Jian suddenly waved his hand, then two blurs flew towards Chu Feng.

*bam* Chu Feng caught them, and discovered they were the mid-rank Martial medicine.

“Brother, you are powerful. I, Xue Jian, have lost!” After speaking those words, he looked at Jiang Wanshi, and said, “Lady Jiang. This time, your residence has an expert’s assistance. I won’t stay for long, but I, sooner or later, will return to ask for pointers. I hope at that time, your residence will still have an expert’s assistance.”

After finishing those words, Xue Jian waved his sleeve, turned around, and left. As for Xue Yi and the others, though they were bitter, they didn’t stay behind. After meaningfully looking at Chu Feng, they followed Xue Jian with quick steps and left as well.

“Ahh, so boring. They gave up just like that!” Seeing that, Eggy stuck out her proud curve, opened up her arms, and after alluringly stretching, she turned around, became a strand of black light, and rushed into the World Spirit Gate.

“Waa, you’re so powerful. You’ve actually made a contract with a World Spirit from the Asura Spirit World! You’re the first person to ever do that in the history of the Eastern Sea Region!”

Just at that moment, Sun Yihan had came up to Chu Feng and looked at him with glowing eyes. That appearance made her seem like a completely different person. Before, it was all sorts of disdain; now, it was a face full of admiration.

“Thank you for coming and saving me. I am Jiang Wanshi. May I have your name?” Simultaneously, Jiang Wanshi and her sisters all came over.

Their expressions were in complete contrast to before. Jiang Wanshi particularly. Previously, she did not even look straight at Chu Feng; but now, the gaze she looked at him was very complex. The strongest emotion inside her gaze was gratitude and adoration.

“Lady Jiang, no need to be polite. I’ve already said it. We are on the same side, and since there’s an enemy intruding, it is my duty to fight against them together with you. As for my name, my master named me ‘Wuqing’,” said Chu Feng with a smile.

“So it’s Junior Wuqing… Junior Wuqing, in terms of age, I should be above you. So if you can, there’s no harm in calling me Senior,” said Jiang Wanshi with a smile.

“I am also older than you. You also need to call me Senior!” interrupted Sun Yihan, giggling.

“Wuqing pays his respect to Seniors!” Seeing that, Chu Feng hurriedly wore a smile on his face and very politely bowed to Jiang Wanshi and the others.

But, as he spoke, he also put away the three mid-rank Martial medicine. Although one came from Jiang Wanshi, after all, Chu Feng was still the one who won it back, so he wasn’t going to give it to her.

Although those things wouldn’t improve Chu Feng’s cultivation greatly, keeping them on him would definitely prove useful.

“Junior Wuqing, no need to be so courteous. I wonder… What business do you have with my master?” asked Jiang Wanshi.

“Under my master’s order, I have come to pass something down to Senior Qiushui. However, my master instructed me, that other than Senior Qiushui, it may not be told to anyone else. So, I ask for your forgiveness Senior Jiang. I cannot tell you,” said Chu Feng.

“That’s fine, but my master has very few friends, and there are only a few that I know. So, Junior Wuqing, please reveal a tiny bit of information about your master. There’s no need to reveal the full name, just a bit will suffice,” asked Jiang Wanshi.