Chapter 603 - Exceptional Beauty

MGA: Chapter 603 - Exceptional Beauty

“Hehe, quickly open the World Spirit Gate! My hands have been itching for action.” Next to Chu Feng’s ear rang Eggy’s sweet and light voice. Within pleasantness, there emitted some naughtiness as well.

“Heh. Go, my queen!” Chu Feng didn’t hesitate either. He willed, then a World Spirit Gate emerged in accordance with his thoughts.

“Brat, you still want to resist? In front of me, the Ghost King, you can only obediently die!” As the World Spirit Gate opened, the Ghost World Spirit had came up to Chu Feng, and slashed down with its fang-like weapon, creating a powerful dark-green blade of light.

*hmm* However, just as the dark-green light neared, black-coloured gas surged out of the World Spirit Gate in front of Chu Feng.

The black-coloured gas roiled out and interweaved perfectly with the blade of light. With a boom, not only was the light blade dispelled, even the Ghost World Spirit was pushed several meters away.

“What is happening?!” That sudden change made everyone shocked. Even the World Spirit’s expression shifted, and tightly furrowed its brows. It halted in mid-air, and used its blood-red eyes to tightly stare at the area of black gas, no longer daring to have even a vestige of carelessness.

The black-coloured gas was too peculiar. It gave off an aura that made even it, the Ghost World Spirit, disquieted. Logically speaking, a World Spirit from the Ghost Spirit World was the so-called “representation of darkness”, but at that very instant, the black-coloured gas that forced it back seemed to be several times darker than it. It made one feel reverence in their heart.

“Senior, what exactly is that? This aura is so strange. Why do I have a feeling of chilliness in my heart?”

“Yeah! Senior, what is that? It’s so scary.” At the same time, fear emerged into the eyes of Sun Yihan and the others. Although they were cultivators, after all, they were girls. When they met things that were too strange, they became a bit timid.

“It is possibly a World Spirit from the Demon Spirit World. To be able to completely suppress a Ghost Spirit World’s World Spirit with the aura of darkness… It should be a Demon World Spirit,” said Jiang Wanshi.

“What? Demon World Spirit? That’s a very powerful World Spirit! This guy actually made a contract with a World Spirit from the Demon Spirit World?”

Hearing those words, Sun Yihan and the others all couldn’t help inhaling a breath of cool air. Once again, quite a bit of respect sprung up in the gaze they looked at Chu Feng with.

World Spirits from the Demon Spirit World could be comparable to World Spirits from the Fairy Spirit World. They were World Spirits extremely difficult to tame, and it was extremely challenging to make a contract with them. Those able to establish one with a Demon World Spirit meant they were people with extremely high potential, otherwise they wouldn’t have been chosen by a Demon World Spirit.

“You’ve truly made a contract with a Demon World Spirit? More the reason that I must to kill you.”

At the same time, judging by the aura, Xue Jian too determined that Chu Feng’s World Spirit came from the Demon Spirit World. However, the black-coloured gas was too queer. Even he couldn’t see through it with Spirit power, so he simply couldn’t determine what realm Chu Feng’s World Spirit was at.

“Kukuku. Could it be that it’s really a World Spirit from the Demon Spirit World? Quickly come out and let me see what damn ability a guy from the Demon Spirit World has!” The Ghost Spirit World’s World Spirit stood in mid-air and loudly shouted.

Although it felt the strength of the gas, although its heart was very uneasy, after it stabilized its emotions, it didn’t feel that it would lose. After all, since Chu Feng’s cultivation was at such a lower level, normally speaking, Chu Feng’s World Spirit’s cultivation wouldn’t be too powerful either.

“Demon Spirit World’s World Spirit? How could I possibly come from such a worthless place?” Finally, an extremely fierce yet very pleasant voice rang out from within the black-coloured gas.

At the same time, the boundless black gas, like rolling spoke, dispersed quickly, and at that very instant, an exceptional beauty appeared in the crowd’s line of sight.

An exquisite and delicate body, fair and smooth skin, cute and beautiful face... one could simply not find any blemishes on her body. She was absolutely perfect.

She wore a short skirt woven by black-coloured feathers, revealing slender legs underneath and snow-white shoulders above. She was alluring and charming, making one’s blood vessels simply burst with a glimpse, and could not even look away even if they wished to.

After that female appeared, Jiang Wanshi, Sun Yihan, and the others who stood above the ocean of flowers were instantly overshadowed. Naturally, she was the queen from the Asura Spirit World, Eggy.

“Wow! I even thought a World Spirit from the Demon Spirit World would be even uglier than me. I never would have thought that it would be such a pretty beauty! In my life, this is the most beautiful beauty I have ever seen!”

After seeing Eggy’s complexion, the face of the World Spirit from the Ghost Spirit World changed greatly. Even its saliva flowed out, being deeply stunned by Eggy’s appearance.

“Senior, that’s a World Spirit from the Demon Spirit World? So pretty!” Not to mention the males there, even Sun Yihan and the other females were deeply attracted to Eggy’s complexion, admiratively sighing on how could there be such perfect beauty.

“No. She isn’t a World Spirit from the Demon Spirit World. They definitely don’t have the same shape as a human.” However, Jiang Wanshi rejected the guess that Eggy was a Demon Spirit World’s World Spirit immediately when she saw her.

“Yeah! According to Master, World Spirits from the Demon Spirit World shouldn’t have a complete humanoid appearance! Is it possible that she’s a World Spirit from the Fairy Spirit World?” At that moment, Sun Yihan and the others also realized it.

“That’s not right either. How could a World Spirit from the Fairy Spirit World have such dark power?” Jiang Wanshi once again shook her head.

At that instant, the females knitted their brows and all of them went into silence. But after a while, their eyes lit up, extremely shocked gazes springing up, and they said together, “Heavens! Could it be that she’s a World Spirit from the Asura Spirit World?!”

“World Spirit from the Asura Spirit World?!”

“Impossible! World Spirits from the Asura Spirit World are like legends! How can this brat make a contract with one of them? How is he worthy?”

At the same time, Xue Jian also thought of that possibility, but he quickly rejected it because the Asura Spirit World was a like a legend. It made him not dare to believe that Chu Feng was related to that legend.

“Kuku. Little girl from the Demon Spirit World, seeing that you have such a pretty appearance, I’ll give you a chance! As long as you are willing to serve me once, I’ll spare your life. How about it?” The Ghost Spirit World’s World Spirit licked its lips with its nasty tongue.

“Hmph.” However, just at that moment, Eggy’s eyes faintly lit up. Boundless black-coloured gas then explosively surged out of her body.

*boom* When that black gas surged out, even the sky darkened and gales blew madly. The ground tremble, as if the end of the world arrived. The might she showed was extremely frightening.