Chapter 602 - Fighting Again

MGA: Chapter 602 - Fighting Again

“How is this possible? Cousin Xue Jian’s formation was destroyed?” To the abrupt scene and dramatic change, Xue Yi and the others were dumbfounded. All of them had their eyes and mouths widened, stupefied.

“What happened? It was clearly only a blue-coloured Spirit Formation. Why did it suddenly become a purple-coloured Spirit Formation?”

“Also, what’s with that huge hand? It actually broke that ugly bastard’s formation so easily!”

Coincidently, Sun Yihan and the others also widened their eyes roundly and opened their mouths slightly. On their delicate faces, shock was filled. They were stunned by the sudden change.

“I never would have thought that his Spirit Formation technique reached this level of the strength. He can actually lay a Spirit Formation merged by two different powers! It was like crossing an ocean without the heavens knowing! It even tricked Xue Jian.”

Jiang Wanshi had kept a close watch on the formation Chu Feng laid. She knew he was definitely going to use deception, but she didn’t expect it to be used so perfectly. Even she was deeply frightened by Chu Feng’s methods.

“Senior, what do you mean? Don’t tell me that he is truly a Purple-cloak World Spiritist?” After hearing Jiang Wanshi’s words, Sun Yihan’s and the others’ faces lost all colour because with their entire being, they looked down on Chu Feng, and didn’t feel that he could possibly be a Purple-cloak World Spiritist.

“Mm. Not only is he a Purple-cloak World Spiritist, his Spirit Formation techniques are far above mine, and also above that Xue Jian.” Jiang Wanshi gave a firm reply.

“Heavens! He’s that powerful!” Knowing the truth, the nine females, including Sun Yihan, could no longer remain calm. They couldn’t help casting their gazes full of shock onto Chu Feng, re-examining the handsome young man.

Already a Purple-cloak World Spiritist in the sixth level of the Heaven realm, and moreover, already grasped Spirit Formation techniques so skillfully. There was no need to use words to state what that meant.

“Brat, you are actually a Purple-cloak World Spiritist! Why did you pretend to be a Blue-cloak World Spiritist?!” Xue Jian came to his senses. He, who knew he was tricked, grinded his teeth in anger. His eyes were blood-red as he gave off strong fury and bloodlust.

“Only letting you have a taste of your own medicine.” Chu Feng smiled lightly, then said, “You lost, so take out a mid-rank Martial medicine.”

“Hmph. You won your life, but it won’t matter if you can’t keep it.” While Xue Jian spoke, even his teeth creaked from gnashing. But he still took the mid-rank Martial medicine, the Fruit of Martialism, and threw it to Chu Feng.

“Heh. No need for you to worry about that. If you don’t accept this loss, we can actually spar again,” said Chu Feng with a smile after catching the Fruit of Martialism.

“I have the exact same thoughts. But this time, not only am I wagering the Martial medicine in your hand, I also want your life. Do you dare?” said Xue Jian furiously.

“You want my life? You can, but with this, you need to take out two mid-rank Martial medicine for the wager. Do you have them?” asked Chu Feng in a very disdainful manner.

“Hmph. I’ve got plenty of Martial medicine. I just fear you don’t have enough lives!” Xue Jian coldly snorted. His palm lightly brushed past his Cosmos Sack, and two more mid-rank Martial medicine, the Cat’s Claw of Martialism, appeared in his hand.

“Heh, very good. Go ahead, but I’ll be taking these two Martial medicine!” Chu Feng smiled with confidence, as if the two mid-rank Martial medicine were objects inside his pocket.

“This time, I will definitely take your puny life.” Xue Jian, who already loathed Chu Feng thoroughly, did not waste his breath. With a thought, a purple-coloured Spirit Formation appeared. But looking more carefully, everyone was involuntarily startled because it was not an ordinary Spirit Formation. It was a World Spirit Gate.

*wuaoo~~~~~* After the World Spirit Gate appeared, a horrifying noise akin to wolves crying and ghosts howling came from it.

Quickly afterwards, dark-green gas surged outwards. The gas was extremely terrifying as it endlessly twisted and changed in mid-air.

Occasionally having a humanoid shape, occasionally becoming a bloody mouth, and occasionally, two blood-red eyes appeared. The most significant thing, however, was the dark-green gas exuding aura in the ninth level of the Heaven realm.

“A Ghost Spirit World’s World Spirit! It’s a Ghost World Spirit in the ninth level of the Heaven realm!”

Upon seeing the World Spirit, Jiang Wanshi’s and the others’ faces changed greatly because no matter what, they never would have thought that Xue Jian would stop creating formations, and directly use a World Spirit to fight Chu Feng.

World Spirits and Spirit Formations were completely different. No matter how much stronger Spirit Formations were, they were still formations. Especially for Spirit Formations made within a short amount of time, their might on the surface could be decent and it would indeed have some offensive strength; but in reality, those Spirit Formations would be destroyed quite easily by martial skills.

As for World Spirits, there was no need to talk about them. They were living organisms with special power. They were absolutely not something Spirit Formations could resist against. A World Spirit in the ninth level of the Heaven realm would have the strength to instantly kill Chu Feng.

After all, Chu Feng’s physical body only had the cultivation of the sixth level of the Heaven realm. Compared to the ninth level of the Heaven realm, it was simply the distance between the heavens and the earth. It was no longer as simple as a Spirit Formation technique spar. It was a spar with real power. What they were fighting with was their own body’s power.

“Ugly bastard, you are being unreasonable! You said a Spirit Formation spar, so how can you summon a World Spirit?!” Seeing the general situation heading towards an unfavourable direction, Sun Yihan and the other sisters hurriedly pointed at Xue Jian and loudly rebuked.

“Hmph. Are World Spirits not in the same category as Spirit Formation techniques? If a person isn’t a World Spiritist, can that person summon a World Spirit? Lady Jiang, you comment on this. Are World Spirits a part of Spirit Formation techniques?” asked Xue Jian loudly after a cold snort.

And at that instant, Jiang Wanshi tightly knitted her brows, unclear expressions on her face. But ultimately, she still helplessly nodded her head and said, “They are!”

“Then there’s no need to waste any more words,” snorted Xue Jian coldly again, then looked towards Chu Feng and shouted, “Brat, die!”

*wuaoo~~~~~* At that instant, the Ghost World Spirit roared, then became a dark-green blur of light. With terrifying might, it flew quickly towards Chu Feng.

“Senior, what should we do?” Seeing that, Sun Yihan and the others tensed up. After knowing Chu Feng’s extraordinary talent, they all did not hope Chu Feng would die in that manner for no reason.

“Observe silently at the changes. When needed, I will make my move.” Though Jiang Wanshi said to “observe silently at the changes”, she was already leaping towards Chu Feng. From that, it could be seen that she cared the most about Chu Feng’s life.

“Hmph. Today, no one will be able to save him. Green Ghost, kill this brat! I’ll reward you with a Source Energy feast!” shouted Xue Jian loudly.


“Xue Jian, you better stay true to your words. I’ll be taking this brat’s head.”

The Ghost World Spirit madly laughed sinisterly, then its body changed, and became a several-meter tall humanoid shape. However, its teeth were pointed, its eyes shined, and it held a sharp weapon. It had quite a frightening appearance.

Most importantly, currently, its speed increased by many times. It already surpassed Jiang Wanshi’s speed by a huge margin, and in almost a blink, it came up to Chu Feng.

“Damn!” Seeing the horrible situation in front of her eyes, Jiang Wanshi also furiously yelled. Fear filled her face, as well as bitterness.

However, just as Jiang Wanshi and the others panicked and felt Chu Feng’s end was nigh, he himself smiled lightly, then said, “Eggy, it’s your turn!”