Chapter 601 - Disdainful Gesture

MGA: Chapter 601 - Disdainful Gesture

“Hahahaha! What a joke. How could I be afraid of a brat like him?

“Lady Jiang, I’m not criticizing you or anything, but if you want to find a meat shield, at least find a decent one! You actually take out a trash like him.

“But whatever. Since you wish for this, I’ll accommodate you. I’ll defeat this piece of garbage, then spar with you.” Xue Jian coldly smiled, then looked at Chu Feng and said, “Brat, since Lady Jiang has spoken, I’ll give you this chance.

“But, if you want to spar with me, you need to take out a decent thing to wager—at least a mid-rank Martial medicine. Can you take bring such a thing out?”

“Indeed, I don’t have a mid-rank Martial medicine, but I do have something I can take out in place of it,” said Chu Feng with a light smile on his face.

“What thing? Tell us. If it is truly priceless, I can consider it,” said Xue Jian.

“I will put my life out as the object of wager,” said Chu Feng.

“What? His life? Has he gone mad?” After Chu Feng spoke, it instantly stupefied Sun Yihan and the others, because in their perspectives, Chu Feng was undoubtedly going to be defeated, thus his current action was simply suiciding!

“You want to use your life in place of the mid-rank Martial medicine for the wager with me? Speaking honestly, your life is not equal to the mid-rank Martial medicine!” However, Xue Jian coldly smiled, mocking him extremely.

“What? You don’t dare? You’re afraid that you will lose by my hands, so you don’t dare to make a bet with me?” said Chu Feng with a sneer.

“Nonsense. Me, afraid of you? Why not look at your own cultivation! Is there anything that can make me afraid?” said Xue Jian.

“Since you’re not afraid, why don’t you dare to fight against me? From what I see, you fear losing to me but don’t dare to say that directly. Why find more excuses?” said Chu Feng with a cold smile.

“Quite a provocation! Since you insist on dying, today, I’ll grant you that wish.

“Those here will act as witnesses! This boy is wagering his life. If I kill him, it is within reason.”

Although he clearly knew Chu Feng was goading him, Xue Jian was still quite enraged. Given that he had enormous confidence, he naturally didn’t mind removing Chu Feng, an eyesore, from this world.

“That will still depend if you have the ability to take my life or not. One move will decide the outcome. Watch how I defeat a despicable person like you!”

Chu Feng chuckled, similarly brimming with confidence. Then, he willed. Boundless blue-coloured Spirit Formation power surged out, then he waved his fingers, starting to quickly lay a Spirit Formation.

“He’s indeed a Blue-cloak World Spiritist. Does this brat truly wish to die?” Seeing what Chu Feng was laying indeed being a blue-coloured Spirit Formation, Xue Yi expressed confusion because Blue-cloak World Spiritists simply couldn’t stand up against Purple-cloak World Spiritists. Chu Feng’s present action was simply striking a rock with an egg—looking to die!

“Sigh, this is horrible. This time, we will lose great face. At the end, he is still only a Blue-cloak World Spiritist! He can die if he wants to, but don’t represent us to fight! Isn’t he embarrassing us too?!” At the same time, Sun Yihan and the others were quite furious. They were concerned with only their face; no one cared about Chu Feng’s life.

“Hmph. Not only is he merely a Blue-cloak World Spiritist, his method of laying a formation is even so clumsy. What is this boy planning? Could it be that he wishes to fawn by death? Or, he knows that Jiang Wanshi and the others won’t do nothing and let him die, and will save him at a crucial moment?”

Xue Jian, as a person, was rather cautious. When Chu Feng laid the formation, he used Spirit power to tightly lock onto Chu Feng constantly, aiming to see if he was playing some trick.

But, he discovered there were no abnormalities with the Spirit Formation Chu Feng laid. It was merely an ordinary blue-coloured Spirit Formation. To him, there was nothing threatening about it.

“Xue Jian, take this!”

Finally, after a lengthy process of laying the formation, Chu Feng’s Spirit Formation was finally completed. But, although he yelled loudly, the thing that shot out of the formation made everyone’s faces change greatly, astounding them endlessly.

Because, it was actually a tiny infant-like hand made by the blue-coloured Spirit Formation. That tiny hand, at a sluggish speed, flew towards Xue Jian. Although the hand was very unbearably slow, it made a very disdainful gesture towards Xue Jian.

“Hmph. You want to die? I’ll let you. Don’t hope that someone will save you. Even the gods can’t stop me if I wish to kill you!” Xue Jian was successfully angered by Chu Feng. He jabbed the air, and a boundless purple-coloured formation was laid in a blink.

*roar* When that formation reached completion, the huge beast that defeated Jiang Wanshi previously rushed out. But this time, he did not conceal its shape. From the start, it had the shape of a huge beast, and also had horrifying might.

“What do we do? If we don’t save him, he will truly be killed!” Seeing that, Sun Yihan’s complexion changed suddenly. Despite cold taunting before, when Chu Feng truly faced a moment of life and death, her heart was still moved sympathetically.

“We cannot save him. If we do, we will then be required to give him a mid-rank Martial medicine for his life. He is simply not worth it,” said a female.

“That’s right. Let him die. If, by chance, he’s with that Xue Jian and Xue Yi, then he is aiming for our sympathy with this suicidal action. He wants us to be tricked and willingly take out a mid-rank Martial medicine,” said another female ruthlessly.

“All of you shut up. Watch carefully.”

However, just at that time, Jiang Wanshi coldly yelled. After her words were spoken, it made Sun Yihan’s and the others’ beautiful bodies quiver from fear. Although they did not understand why their senior trusted Chu Feng so much, they didn’t dare to say anything more, and cast their gazes, once again, towards the circle of battle.


The Spirit Formation beast Xue Jian made had extremely quick speed. Although the tiny infant hand Chu Feng made was very slow, the beast still instantly arrived in front of the little hand, covering the distance between them immediately. Then, its mouth full of fangs widened, and swallowed the tiny infant hand.

But after swallowing the hand, the Spirit Formation beast did not stop its steps. It continued opening its mouth, dashing towards Chu Feng, aiming to swallow Chu Feng in one turn as well.

“Heh, it’s the end.” Looking at the scene, Xue Yi and the others smirked. Despite already knowing that Chu Feng was definitely going to be defeated, when the scene was imminent, they were still quite cheerful.

*hmm* However, just as the huge beast neared Chu Feng, he formed a hint of a cold smile, then changed his hand gestures. The blue-coloured Spirit Formation exploded with light, the symbols on it starting to alter. In an instant, from blue, it became purple, and its might increased by many times.

“Crap, this formation is deceptive!” Seeing Chu Feng’s Spirit Formation changing, Xue Jian’s expression changed as well, becoming aware of a dreadful situation.


However, his realization came too late. An explosion rang out in the sky—the purple-coloured beast Xue Jian made blew up, becoming fragments.

When the ripples of the explosion dispersed, a huge horrifying purple-coloured hand appeared into everyone’s line of sight. Not only did the huge hand have a sinister appearance, it was enormous. The might it emanated was extremely terrifying as well.

Most importantly, the huge purple-coloured hand did the exact same disdainful gesture as the tiny infant hand towards Xue Jian.