Chapter 600 - You Dare?

MGA: Chapter 600 - You Dare?

“Damn. You ugly bastard, you are quite arrogant! Senior, quickly give him a lesson. Let him know how high the heavens are and how thick the earth is.”

“That’s right. Senior, quickly give this ugly bastard a good lesson. Let him know how powerful you are when you get serious. If it weren’t for that trick, he would have not defeated you.”

Sun Yihan and the others felt that Xue Jian only won because of deception, so when he jeered, they felt the chance for revenge came. All of them loudly shouted, giving off a very grand atmosphere.

However, as they were endlessly calling out, Jiang Wanshi tightly knitted her brows, silent.

Although indeed, she lost because of carelessness in the spar just now against Xue Jian, as a Purple-cloak World Spiritist, she knew clearly being able to conceal a powerful formation the way Xue Jian did meant that he was very strong. At least, it was something she couldn’t do.

Yet now, Xue Jian was provoking her in such a way. It could be seen that he was very confident he could defeat her again. One could say that it was another scheme...

Xue Jian defeated Jiang Wanshi with deception; but in reality, even if he were to attack openly, he could still, very likely, defeat Jiang Wanshi. Yet, he did not do exactly that. It was, of course, intentional.

He intentionally made Jiang Wanshi felt that she lost because of carelessness. With that, when Xue Jian provoked again, under normal circumstances, Jiang Wanshi would definitely agree to the battle. At that time, Xue Jian could use his powerful strength to defeat Jiang Wanshi again. She would then suffer great losses.

Although, at that very instant, Jiang Wanshi was indeed furious, she, who had seen Xue Jian’s strength, also saw through his plans.

It had to be said that Jiang Wanshi sank into a predicament. She couldn’t agree, yet she couldn’t refuse either. It was a truly difficult situation, and she did not know what to do at all.

“Lady Jiang, there’s no harm in accepting the battle. I can defeat him in your place.” But just at that moment, Chu Feng’s voice entered Jiang Wanshi’s ears.

“You? With your cultivation of the sixth level of the Heaven realm? Don’t tell me you’re also a Purple-cloak World Spiritist?”

Normally, Jiang Wanshi definitely wouldn’t have paid attention to Chu Feng, but after the events that just happened, she had no choice but to look at him with new eyes as he, at the start, saw through Xue Jian’s trick. He even reminded her, but she did not believe him. If she did, then the current scene would certainly be completely opposite.

So, though Chu Feng’s cultivation wasn’t very powerful in her eyes, she already felt that he was not a simple person. He should at least also be a World Spiritist.

“Lady Jiang, I ask you to please use Spirit power to examine my palm.” Chu Feng sent a mental message with a smile.

*hmm* Hearing that, without delay, Jiang Wanshi quickly used her Spirit power in secret to observe Chu Feng’s palm.

“This is?!” And when Jiang Wanshi’s Spirit power arrived at Chu Feng’s palm, her small and pretty eyes instantly flickered, an expression of disbelieving shock emerging.

At that very instant, Chu Feng was activating a formation in his palm. That formation could not be seen by the naked eye, but it could be felt by Spirit power.

The formation Chu Feng used told Jiang Wanshi two things. The first—Chu Feng was a Purple-cloak World Spiritist.

And the second—Chu Feng’s ability to control Spirit Formation techniques was really mystical and masterful. It surpassed Jiang Wanshi by a far margin. It was very powerful.

“What is your reason for helping me?” At that moment, Jiang Wanshi no longer doubted the level Chu Feng’s Spirit Formation techniques were at, but she did not know the reason why Chu Feng aimed to help her.

“I am entrusted by my master, and I have something to pass down to Senior Qiushui. I have come here for that reason.”

“My master and Senior Qiushui are old friends, so we are naturally on the same side. Since there is an enemy intruding, it is my duty to help,” replied Chu Feng with a smile.

“Who’s your master?” Jiang Wanshi followed up with a question.

“It is not convenient to reveal my master’s name. Anyhow, I won’t harm you. If you don’t believe me, I can’t do anything about it either,” said Chu Feng.

“Lady Jiang, why have you yet to respond? Could it be that… you are truly scared?” Just at that moment, Xue Jian once again shouted, having the intention to fight against Jiang Wanshi.

“Senior, why aren’t you agreeing to him? Give him a good lesson and let him know your power!”

“Senior, perhaps you’re out of things to bet? If that’s so, I have here a mid-rank Martial medicine Master left behind. I can lend it to you,” asked Jiang Wanshi’s juniors puzzledly, all at the same time.

“Xue Jiang, if you didn’t play tricks just now, how could you have defeated Lady Jiang? People like you are simply not worthy to exchange blows with Lady Jiang. Doing that will simply shame her name.

“If you are dissatisfied, I can spar against you. However, I just wonder if you dare or not.” Just at that moment, Chu Feng stood out without any instigation.

“What? You!” Chu Feng’s abruptly-arrived words stunned everyone on scene. If it weren’t for his loud yelling, everyone would have simply forgotten his existence. And, when Chu Feng spoke, he immediately provoked Xue Jian. That shocked everyone.

“Brat, who are you? Do you think you’re worthy to fight against my cousin? Looking at your cultivation, even if you’re a World Spiritist, you would only be a Blue-cloak. How do you think you are qualified to spar my cousin? Any one of us can easily beat you to death,” said Xue Yi, mocking disdainfully.

“That’s right. On what basis can you represent my senior to spar against that ugly bastard? We aren’t close to you anyway, so don’t lose our face. We can handle the matters here. There is no need for you to offer any assistance.”

In reality, it was not only Xue Yi and the others who looked down on Chu Feng. Even Sun Yihan and the others looked down on him. After Chu Feng stuck his head in, even they harshly insulted him.

“Haha. Boy, you’re quite interesting. You wanted to help them out and do some boot-licking, yet they simply disregarded those intentions. Quickly scram. Trash like you cannot interfere with the matters here.” At the same time, Xue Jian also spoke. He didn’t even look straight at Chu Feng. His contempt was very evident.

“Who said we disregard those intentions?” But just at that moment, Jiang Wanshi spoke too, then quickly after said to Xue Jian, “If you want to spar me again, that is fine.

“But you must first defeat him. If you can’t even defeat him, you would truly not be qualified to fight against me because I dislike sparring against people who specialize in deceit,” said Jiang Wanshi, pointing at Chu Feng.

“Senior, what are you saying? Are you really going to let him fight against that ugly bastard in your place? He is only in the sixth level of the Heaven realm!” At that moment, Sun Yihan and the others had astonished faces, unable to understand what Jiang Washi was thinking.

“All of you, shut up,” Jiang Wanshi secretly shouted at her sisters, then looked at Xue Jian, and asked, “Do you dare?”