Chapter 599 - Leaving in Utter Defeat

MGA: Chapter 599 - Leaving in Utter Defeat

“Lady Jiang, where did that question even come from? Since we are having a bet while sparring, of course, I’ve come prepared.” Xue Jian lightly smiled, and as he spoke, his palm flashed, then a medicinal grass having the appearance of a cat’s claw appeared in his palm.

Though that medicine had an odd appearance, the power it contained was not the slightest bit inferior to the Fruit of Martialism in Jiang Wanshi’s hand. It even surpassed it.

“This is a mid-rank Martial medicine, the Cat’s Claw of Martialism. In terms of rarity, it is even rarer than the Fruit of Martialism in Lady Jiang’s hand. Would this be sufficient for a bet?” Xue Jian smiled and said, but as he spoke, he gave off an abundant of confidence, as though he grasped victory in his hands already.

“Of course it will do.” Jiang Wanshi smiled sweetly, similarly full of confidence.

“Lady Jiang, shall we use old rules and spar in the same way you sparred my cousin?” Xue Jian asked.

“There’s no problem.” Jiang Wanshi smiled and said.

“Then, Lady Jiang, I must offend.” Suddenly, Xue Jian’s expression changed and he immediately attacked.

His hand’s speed was extremely quick, and in almost an instant, a boundless Spirit Formation was laid. And as he laid that Spirit Formation, Jiang Wanshi didn't do anything. She stood in the air, observing the changes.

*wuao* Suddenly, a roar resounded, then a purple-coloured bundle of light explosively shot out from the boundless formation. Its legs stepped on air, and as it made purple-coloured arcs from leaping continuously, it dashed quickly towards Jiang Wanshi.

Although that thing was very quick, no one there was ordinary. With their naked eyes they could see that object’s shape. It was something akin to both a leopard and a wolf. Though it had a very vivid shape, and seemed more like a Monstrous Beast; but, it was still made by Spirit Formations.

Moreover, its size was very small. Its body was less than two meters, and the power it emanated was average. It couldn’t be said to be very strong. Other than its extremely quick speed, it had no other good point.

“You truly look down on people. You will definitely lose this Spirit Formation spar when you use such a feeble formation to fight against me.”

“Whatever. Since you want to gift me a mid-rank Martial medicine, I’ll gladly take it.” Jiang Wanshi, also a Purple-cloak World Spiritist, immediately saw that the thing Xue Jian made was very weak. So, she didn’t put it in her heart. With light movements of her finger, she started to randomly lay a formation.

“Wait.” But just at that moment, Chu Feng’s gaze flashed, and he discovered something off. Although currently, the thing Xue Jian made was indeed very weak, the formation he laid gave off an enormous presence. Looking at it with Chu Feng’s experience, Xue Jian had laid his formation with a concentration of extremely powerful Spirit Formation patterns. It was a very high-level method.

Yet, what was happening right now was: within a powerful formation, a very weak object ran out; but whether that object was really weak or just fake weak was indeterminate, and from what Chu Feng’s saw, there was a trick.

“Lady Jiang, do not underestimate it. The formation Xue Jian laid is very powerful. It’s impossible that an insignificant object like this appears. Do not be careless. It’s better to use a high-level formation to defend against it.” Discovering that something was wrong, Chu Feng did not keep it to himself. He hiddenly sent a mental message to Jiang Wanshi.

After all, the reason why he came to that place was to see Qiushui Fuyan, and even though Jiang Wanshi and the others had arrogant attitudes, they were still Qiushui Fuyan’s disciples. Whether it was because of sentiment or reason, Chu Feng didn’t wish for her defeat.

Hearing Chu Feng’s voice, Jiang Wanshi lightly knitted her brows, then after gazing at Chu Feng with contempt, she actually said disdainfully, “Noisy. In terms of Spirit Formation techniques, would I be inferior to you?”

After speaking, Jiang Wanshi did not change anything. She continued laying her formation, and with masterful hands, a large purple-coloured Spirit Formation appeared quickly.

But even though that formation was strong, it was not Jiang Wanshi’s strongest method, so she clearly didn’t heed Chu Feng’s warning, and laid a formation that she felt could easily defeat the thing in front of her.

“Ahh, you ignore my words. A loss is in right front of your eyes. Go suffer.” Seeing that, Chu Feng lightly chuckled. His expression didn’t really change, and he only sat there, enjoying himself.

*huu~~~* Just at that moment, bursts of sounds of wind rang out. From the formation Jiang Wanshi laid, a purple-coloured tornado emerged.

After the tornado appeared, the sky immediately changed colour. Everything gloomed. The energy it contained was indeed far above the object that Xue Jian’s made. With rolling dark clouds and boundless might, it swept towards the tiny object.

“Haha, Senior Jiang is truly skillful. With this Spirit Formation tornado, it can simply destroy that ugly bastard’s formation easily.” At that instant, Jiang Wanshi’s sisters thought that the outcome was set. They were extremely cheerful.

“Heh.” But facing that situation, Xue Jian strangely smiled, then he overlaid his palms, changed his hand gestures, and with an “aoo~~~”, overwhelming might burst out of the berserk object.

After that might appeared, the originally small object rapidly enlarged. In a blink, it became an enormous thing dozens of meters tall, even larger than the tornado.

“Crap!” At that instant, the expressions of Jiang Wanshi and the others changed greatly. On their previous faces that were full of smiles were now full of fright.

But it was too late. The formation had already been created, and she could not turn back. The huge beast Xue Jian condensed opened its great mouth, and boundless suction came out from it, forcibly engulfing the tornado Jiang Wanshi created, destroying it completely.

*boom* After it was engulfed, a huge explosion also came from the formation Jiang Wanshi laid. It instantly shattered.

She lost. The Spirit Formation spar between Jiang Wanshi and Xue Jian ended up as Jiang Wanshi’s complete defeat.

“Dammit! You bastard, you cheated!” Seeing to be unable to accept that result, Sun Yihan and Jiang Wanshi’s other sisters loudly rebuked.

“Cheating? Ladies, may I know the reason of such accusations?” Xue Jian lightly smiled, feigning ignorance.

“Is there even a need to explain? You clearly laid a powerful formation, but intentionally hid your power. Is that not cheating?” Sun Yihan said.

“Haha, this is the first that I’ve heard concealing strength is cheating! Lady Sun, what a waste it was becoming a disciple of Senior Qiushui. You actually don’t even know such a simple truth: ‘deception may be used at any time during a battle’.”

“Just now, your Senior Jiang was reluctant to make her move for quite some time. She only wanted to observe the changes calmly before doing the opposite later on. Yet, she did not know I was doing the exact same, and she became careless. It was her who fell for this trick. Who can that be blamed on?” Xue Jian coldly said.

“You, you are simply forcing these words on us!” Sun Yihan and the others gritted their teeth in anger, their faces flush with anger.

“Forcing words? Call it whatever you want to. But if you can’t take the loss, you can just go ahead and say that.” Xue Jian smiled and said.

“Yihan, all of you, shut up.” Finally Jiang Wanshi spoke. Currently, her face was a bit pale, as she had clearly received some damage. But, it wasn’t like she couldn’t take the loss. She flicked her hand, then the Fruit of Martialism rose into the sky, and became a rainbow, flying towards Xue Jian.

“Hehe.” After receiving the Fruit of Martialism, Xue Jian first examined it, and only after confirming it was the same one that his cousin lost did he chuckle smugly, then said, “Lady Jiang, if you do not accept this loss, we can spar once again. Do you dare?”