Chapter 598 - Fruit of Martialism

MGA: Chapter 598 - Fruit of Martialism

“Juniors, I have urgent business with Senior Qiushui. Please let me meet her.” Seeing that, Chu Feng continued begging. He came over here from so far away, so he didn’t want such a journey to be for nothing and return empty-handed.

“Scram.” But just at that time, the proud woman in the eighth level of the Heaven realm suddenly explosively shouted, and directly attacked.

She didn’t even look at Chu Feng as with Spirit power, she determined his location. Clearly, she too was a World Spiritist, but that was not the important part. The important part was that her strike was also Spirit Formation power. Purple-coloured Spirit Formations made by her merged together, becoming a purple-coloured Spirit Formation wall. It pressed towards Chu Feng. She was also a Purple-cloak World Spiritist.

“Truly arrogant and unreasonable.” Seeing that purple-coloured Spirit Formation wall pressing towards him, a hint of displeasure flashed into Chu Feng’s eyes. Although his opponents were all beauties, Chu Feng did not put them in his eyes. If he wasn’t requesting to see Qiushui Fuyan, Chu Feng would not be so polite with them.

And right now, that female was actually attacking him directly. Of course, Chu Feng would not just pettily endure that. He wanted to give that woman a lesson, or else by their natures, they would definitely stop Chu Feng outside the door.


However, just as Chu Feng was going to make his own move, a roar resounded behind him. That made Chu Feng furrow his brows lightly, dispelling his attacking intentions. Instead, he cast his gaze behind him, and only then did he discover the thing flying over was a huge purple-coloured Spirit Formation beast.

That huge beast stepped on air and flew over. After brushing past Chu Feng, it actually collided fiercely into the Spirit Formation wall.


The two crashed into each other, and immediately an explosion resounded. Moreover, it generated a berserk ripple, and when that ripple disappeared, both the huge beast and huge wall condensed by purple-coloured Spirit Formations disappeared. They were mutually destroyed.

And at that instant, Chu Feng also saw the person who condensed the purple-coloured huge beast. It was an elegant young man. His appearance was quite nice, even comparable to the women.

But because his facial features were too delicate, in addition his skin was as white as snow, he did lose a man’s imposingness and charm, and instead gained a hint of feminine air.

Although the man had a woman-like appearance, his cultivation was not weak. It was actually the same as the proud female, also in the eighth level of the Heaven realm.

Moreover, behind the man were more men. Their cultivation was not weak either, and they could all be called dragon within men. However, the one who caught Chu Feng’s attention the most wasn’t them, but a middle-aged man with a face full of scars.

That big man intentionally concealed his aura, but he did not escape Chu Feng’s detection. He discovered that the he was an expert in the ninth level of the Heaven realm. Moreover, his aura was very thick, as he had infinitely neared being a Martial Lord. Looking at his appearance, he was truly only a string’s width away from being a Martial Lord, and could very soon step into that realm.

“Xue Yi. I am forcing this person to leave. Why have you stopped me? Could it be... that you’re with him?” After seeing that group of men, the prideful woman actually, unexpectedly, spoke. Although her attitude was still very overbearing, but speaking honestly, her voice was quite pleasant to the ears.

“Hehe, Lady Wanshi, don’t misunderstand. I don’t even know who this boy is. Just now, I wasn’t planning to help him out of that situation, but it’s just that... seeing you use your Spirit Formation technique, my hands itched so I really wanted to spar a bit against you.”

“Lady Wanshi, why are you so angry? Don’t tell me this boy offended you and stirred up such fury?”

“Lady Wanshi, don’t be mad. Since this boy cannot distinguish between right and wrong and dares to be disrespectful to Lady Wanshi, I, Xue Yi, shall give him a lesson in your place.” Xue Yi first smiled obsequiously, then cast his icy gaze at Chu Feng, and as he spoke, he made movements to attack Chu Feng.

“No need. If you have anything you want to say, go ahead. Don’t speak in circles.” The proud woman coldly said.

“Hehe, Lady Wanshi is truly smart. I can’t hide anything from you. That’s fine, since even you have spoken like that, I won’t talk in circles.”

“This time, I’ve come here to take back the Fruit of Martialism I lost to you last time.” Xue Yi smiled and said.

“Ho? So you’re here for the Fruit of Martialism. The thing you lost to me last time when we had a Spirit Formation technique spar. You can indeed take it back if you want to, but you must defeat me.”

The proud woman disdainfully smiled, and as she spoke, her Cosmos Sack flashed and a very strange three-inch long fruit appeared in her hand.

After that strange fruit appeared, even Chu Feng’s eyes lit up. Putting aside the fact that the fruit had a peculiar outer appearance, it contained extremely powerful energy inside. It was clearly Martial power.

Everyone in the world knew that there were spiritual medicines, Profound medicines, and Heaven medicines. That strange fruit was, obviously, Martial medicine that contained Martial power. Also, from Chu Feng’s analysis, the rank of that odd fruit was absolutely not low, likely a mid-rank Martial medicine.

“That’s fine, but it’s not me who will spar with you. It will be my cousin.” Xue Yi lightly smiled, then pointed at the big man beside him whose face was full of scars.

“I am Xue Jian, Xue Yi’s cousin. I’ve heard that Lady Jiang, Jiang Wanshi of the Lovers Terrace is an exceptional genius and has extremely outstanding power in Spirit Formation technique control.”

“And I, Xue Jian, coincidentally enjoy studying Spirit Formation Technique usually as well. So, I wish to ask Lady Jiang for pointers.” The scarred big man took two steps forward, then clasped his hand and spoke to Jiang Wanshi with bell-like loud voice.

“Oi! Xue Yi, what’s the meaning of this? You can’t defeat my Senior Jiang so you’ve asked for reinforcements?”

“Your cousin isn’t from the Lovers Terrace right? Looking at his age, how can he enter the Lovers Terrace? Xue Yi, you have broke the rules of this place!” The ponytailed arrogant woman curled her lips and fiercely rebuked.

“This lady, you’re speaking quite ferociously! I’m sure you must be Lady Sun, Sun Yihan, that my cousin mentions often right?” Xue Jiang clasped his hands and asked.

“That’s right. That’s me.” Sun Yihan crossed her arms in front of her, very proudly sticking her bountiful chest outwards.

“Lady Sun, I am indeed not someone from the Lovers Terrace, but I am here to visit my cousin. That’s something reasonable I’m sure. Moreover, I am talking to Lady Jiang right now, please don’t barge in. If Lady Jiang says she’s afraid and doesn’t want to spar with me, then I’ll turn around leave, but you, on the other hand, are not qualified to speak to me.” Xue Jian loudly said.

“You...” After Xue Jian spoke, it did not lightly anger Sun Yihan. She pointed at Xue Jian and was going to let loose with curses.

“Yihan, stop!” But before letting her speak, Jiang Wanshi pressed Sun Yihan’s words, then beautifully smiled and said to Xue Jian, “A very good provocation, but it is useless against me.“

“If you want to spar with me, that is fine, but there’s a rule in sparing. If you want to take back the Fruit of Martialism Xue Yi lost to me, you must take out an object of at least equivalent value as the Fruit of Martialism, or else please, leave now.”