Chapter 597 - Ten Women of the Ocean of Flowers

MGA: Chapter 597 - Ten Women of the Ocean of Flowers

Coming to a desolate corner, Chu Feng changed his clothes, then with a thought, his Transformational Mask changed as well. From a middle-aged man’s face, Chu Feng’s face became a young man’s face of roughly twenty years old.

Also, he removed the power of the lightning, so his cultivation also returned to the sixth level of the Heaven realm from the ninth level of the Heaven realm.

Quickly after, Chu Feng came back to the entrance where the young man before guarded at. This time, when he saw Chu Feng once again, his eyes immediately lit up, and not only did his former arrogance attitude completely disappear, he even had a very shocked appearance. After Chu Feng neared, he actually went up and asked, “Brother, this is the Lovers Terrace. I wonder… Have you come here to look for a master?”

The young man wore a light smile on his face, his manner extremely polite. The difference in treatment in comparison to before was like the distance between the heaven and the earth. As for the reason of such change, Chu Feng clearly knew why.

Although his cultivation just now was very high, after all, he came to that place with the status of a middle-aged man. When one reached the middle-ages, despite having cultivation in the ninth level of the Heaven realm, in the land of the Eastern Sea Region, it wasn’t really much. After all, there were many Martial Lord experts. Only Martial Kings were the apical existences.

But Chu Feng’s current identity was completely different. Although his cultivation was only the sixth level of the Heaven realm, his age had just reached twenty. Having that cultivation at that age meant that Chu Feng’s talent was extremely good. At least a lot better than the young man in front of him.

A person like Chu Feng could be called a genius. Naturally, there would be many experts in the Lovers Terrace willing to take Chu Feng as a disciple. So, the young man did not dare to offend a person like Chu Feng.

“Senior, I am Wuqing. I’ve heard that Senior Qiushui of the Lovers Terrace is extremely outstanding, so I want to become her disciple and learn some abilities.” Chu Feng replied.

“Senior Qiushui? Brother Wushang, the Senior Qiushui you’re talking about, is it Senior Lady Qiushui?” The young man was slightly shocked.

“It is.” Chu Feng nodded his head.

“Brother Wuqing, you are truly not simple. Senior Qiushui is very famous in the Lovers Terrace. Those who challenged her were all defeated, and she’s titled as the number one expert within the Lovers Terrace.”

“But because Senior Qiushui is very low-profile, the number of people who know Senior Qiushui outside of the Lovers Terrace is few within few. Seeing that you know Senior Qiushui, it seems like you have come prepared.”

“But Senior Qiushui’s disciple selection process has always been harsh. In addition, she only accepts females and not males. Brother Wuqing, although your talent is superb, I’m afraid you won’t have much of a chance.” The young man truthfully spoke.

Hearing those words, Chu Feng frowned lightly. He even thought the man was making up excuses to prevent him from entering the Lovers Terrace. But then unexpectedly, the man quickly added, “However, Brother Wuqing, you can indeed go in and try. After all, there are still many hidden experts in the Lovers Terrace. If Senior Qiushui is truly unwilling to accept you as her disciple, you can become disciple of others and it would still be quite satisfactory.”

As the man spoke, he went to the side, and gave Chu Feng a path to enter the Lovers Terrace. He also gave Chu Feng a badge.

Accepting it and taking a look, the badge was not simple at all. From its outer appearance, it looked like an ordinary wooden badge, but after Chu Feng used his Spirit power to examine it, he discovered that the wooden badge was made by a Spirit Formation. In the middle of the wooden badge, there was the word “Visiting” carved in it. Underneath the wooden badge, there was a date carved, and that date was exactly today.

“Brother Wuqing, this is a Visiting Badge. Holding the Visiting Badge, you can find a master you like in the Lovers Terrace, but the time limit is only ten days. After ten days, if you are you still unable to find a suitable master, you will be driven out of the Lovers Terrace.” The young man reminded.

“Senior, thank you for the reminder.”

Chu Feng clasped his hands, taking his leave. Afterwards, he entered the Lovers Terrace. It was very big, and every single hidden expert had land that belonged to themselves. However, there was no one living in areas with extremely pretty sceneries because those areas were not allowed to be owned. They were for the public.

As Chu Feng held the Visiting Badge, indeed, he was not stopped on the road. Moreover, very soon, he inquired Qiushui Fuyan’s residence.

“This place is truly like a paradise in the human realm.”

After arriving at Qiushui Fuyan’s residence, even Chu Feng couldn’t help exclaiming. Her territory was actually a vast ocean of flowers with all sorts of strange, fresh flowers spread widely. The luxurious and majestic residences belonging to her were built within the gorgeous ocean of flowers. It was extremely beautiful.

Logically speaking, an area with such a beautiful scenery should be for public use and shouldn’t be occupied by someone, but Qiushui Fuyan did exactly that. From this, it showed her strength, or else how could so many experts living hiddenly in the Lovers Terrace let Qiushui Fuyan have such an exception?

“Who are you? What business do you have here?” Chu Feng was currently admiring the beautiful scenery, but suddenly, from nearby, the fierce voice of a young woman rang out.

Looking over to the voice, Chu Feng discovered nearby, above the ocean of flowers, ten slender and graceful females stood. Those ten were quite young, and the oldest should just be a bit over twenty years of age, and the youngest was actually only fifteen.

Although the group of females was fairly young, their cultivations were not weak. The fifteen-year-old young woman was in the first level of the Heaven realm, and other than her, the rest were all also in the Heaven realm. The one just over twenty was in the eighth level of the Heaven realm, even two levels higher than Chu Feng.

Moreover, not only were their cultivations extraordinary, all of them had very characteristical appearances. The only thing similar about them all was that they were all beauties. Especially the one with strength in the eighth level of the Heaven realm. Her appearance was very graceful.

Her fair skin, delicate face, and also her pair of not-too-big but very spirited eyes made people feel that she had a very cold yet beautiful demeanor.

But, she was clearly very prideful. The other few females were blinking their big eyes, curiously examining Chu Feng. Only she, from start to finish, didn’t even glimpse at Chu Feng, and was only enjoying the ocean of flowers

“Oi! What are you looking at? I’m talking to you, are you deaf?!” Seeing Chu Feng staring at herself with unmoving eyes, one of the prideful ponytailed females very displeasedly spoke.

“Ah, ladies, I’ve come here because I wish to visit Senor Qiushui.” Chu Feng scratched his head said with slight embarrassment.

“Pay a visit to Master? What business do you have?” Another female asked with a gentle tone.

“I must personally speak to Senior Qiushui regarding this matter.” Chu Feng smiled and said.

“Hmph. Less of that. You clearly don’t know my master. Your aim is to become her disciple right?” The proud female disdainfully said.

“Leave. My master is not here. Even if she is, she wouldn’t take you as her disciple because she only takes females and not males. Moreover, she said she would take only ten disciples, and now, that number has been reached. Even if you were a woman, she wouldn’t accept you.” Another female spoke.

As she spoke, that group turned around at the same time, and like fairies, drifted away above the ocean of flowers, returning to the palaces located in the center of the ocean of flowers.