Chapter 606 - Everlasting Sea of Blood

MGA: Chapter 606 - Everlasting Sea of Blood

“Crap! Cousin, run!” At that instant, even Xue Jian in the ninth level of the Heaven realm panicked because he too, like Xue Yi, felt Chu Feng’s horrifying power. Moreover, being in the ninth level of the Heaven realm, he was able to truly experience that level of horror with his increased senses.

So, currently, he didn’t think much and didn’t even care about his cousin’s life. After yelling, he turned around, wanting to escape.

“You wish to escape? Neither of you two will be able to.” However, Chu Feng only sneered, and without even moving, a burst of berserk Heaven power surged out of his body. From formless, to a form, it became two huge sinister mouths and at the same time swallowed Xue Jian and Xue Yi.


At that instant, Xue Jian and Xue Yi started to make heart-wrenching screams. If one saw through the frenzied Heaven power, they would discover that the brothers’ bodies were presently enduring extremely cruel torture.

Not only were their physical bodies tearing bit by bit, even their Source Energy was taken away as they were alive. Moreover, before the completion of all of that, they were still kept alive. They truly felt the agony of being split into pieces.

The moment they stopped screaming was the moment they stopped breathing. To be more precise, their hearts, livers, gallbladders, lungs, and any bone remnants were all gone. Chu Feng had thoroughly stripped them away.

*whoosh* When the berserk Heaven power surged back to his body, two Cosmos Sacks also entered Chu Feng’s hand. Then, he lightly tossed them into the air a few times before saying quite disappointedly, “They were bragging so greatly before, but it turns out they’re two poor bastards.”

There was some reason why Chu Feng spoke like that. Before, Xue Jian did say he had a lot of Martial medicine, but when Chu Feng examined their Cosmos Sacks, he discovered that despite having a few Martial medicine in them, they were all low-rank Martial medicine. There was no mid-rank Martial medicine.

Although there weren’t any relatively valuable items such as mid-rank Martial medicine, in reality, there were still quite a few things in their Cosmos Sacks. To normal people, it could be said to be a great sum of wealth, but to Chu Feng, it was merely a small harvest.

After putting away the Cosmos Sacks, Chu Feng glanced back with the corner of his eye before lightly smiling and releasing the power of his three lightning. His aura returned to the sixth level of the Heaven realm once again, and he flew quickly towards the Ancient Teleportation Array.

When Chu Feng gradually distanced and his body completely disappeared, inside a nearby brush, two lithe figures stood up. It was Jiang Wanshi and Sun Yihan.

“My gods! He has the cultivation of the ninth level of the Heaven realm, and his battle power reaches such an unbelievable level of strength! With his battle power, he can even fight equally against a rank one Martial Lord right?

“That is so inconceivable. He even concealed his strength so deeply, and not even a trace of it could be seen. No wonder. No wonder he’s able to make a contract with an Asura World Spirit. He’s simply a monster! It’s the first time that I’ve seen such a ridiculous person in our generation!” Sun Yihan’s little mouth was very widely opened, and her eyes were full of shock.

As for Jiang Wanshi, she continued staring in the direction Chu Feng departed towards. Although she didn’t speak, within her little but bright eyes, not only was astonishment glittering, there was even a bit of shame.

Only after a long while did Jiang Wanshi come to her senses. The corners of her mouth curled up, and she bitterly chuckled. “We overestimate ourselves as geniuses and don’t put those in the same generation in our eyes. However, we were oblivious to the fact that some people hide their cultivation deep and don’t reveal it, are strong but not arrogant. Although they seem very ordinary on the surface, in reality, they have already far surpassed us.

“Before, we even showed conceit in front of him and didn’t put him in our eyes, but we knew not that in his heart, we were akin to trash, and could not even take a single of his attacks.”

Hearing Jiang Wanshi’s words, Sun Yihan’s complexion changed slightly as well. Then, like she was enlightened, she said, “Senior, could it be that this is the thing master talked about: ‘there’s a person beyond a person, and a sky beyond a sky’?”

The reason why Jiang Wanshi and Sun Yihan followed Chu Feng was because they feared that Xue Jian and Xue Yi wouldn’t forgive Chu Feng, judging by their natures. They wanted to hiddenly protect Chu Feng safely to the Ancient Teleportation Array, but didn’t expect, unintentionally, to see Chu Feng’s real strength. And, it had to be said that his real strength frightened them quite a bit.

Actually, Chu Feng’s Spirit power not only detected the brothers Xue Jian and Xue Yi, naturally, it also detected Jiang Wanshi and Sun Yihan.

However, Chu Feng wanted to give them two face so he didn’t call them out. But after feeling their shock, Chu Feng made a hidden decision in his heart.

Under certain circumstances, facing certain people, he shouldn’t conceal his strength. After all, in this world, the strongest ruled supreme. Only powerful strength and outstanding talent could obtain other people’s heartfelt respect; petty and weak strength, no matter how much more humble you were, would only obtain their disdain and contempt.

So, Chu Feng decided, in the future, he would roam through the Eastern Sea Region with his current young face on. No matter if he did extremely shocking actions, or made extremely horrid mistakes, he would have his current face on, and would only change his face when escaping a catastrophe or facing an undefeatable enemy.

But, he would still let the people from the Eastern Sea Region know that Wuqing isn’t a person fun to offend. He would, one day, also make everyone know that Wuqing was nothing but a fake name, and that his real identity is Chu Feng.

However, at that time, it would definitely only be when he made certain no one could threaten his family and friends in the Eastern Sea Region, and also when he could put the enormous power, the Immortal Execution Archipelago, under his feet, and step upon it.

The Eastern Sea Region was big. Its land area was far less than the area of the sea, therefore its name, the Eastern Sea Region.

The Everlasting Sea of Blood was located in the heart of a sea region. It was quite far from land, so naturally, it was very far from the Lovers Terrace.

However, since the center zone of the Eastern Sea Region was covered by large numbers of Ancient Teleportation Arrays, as long as you had money, there would be no problem even if the distance was greater.

Although Chu Feng couldn’t be said to be very wealthy, the mere fees to use the Ancient Teleportation Arrays was absolutely not a problem to him.

So, after a few days, Chu Feng arrived at the Everlasting Sea of Blood.

“No wonder it’s called the Everlasting Sea of Blood. The seawater in this sea is truly blood-red.” When Chu Feng gazed down from above, he couldn’t help exclaiming. Normal seawater was blue, but the seawater of the Everlasting Sea of Blood was red, as if blood converged together and formed the sea.

But, although it was blood-red, when one looked at it, not only would they not feel any terror, instead, they would feel that it was very beautiful.

And the reason for that was because the seawater did not emit the stench of blood, but rather, faint fragrance.

Moreover, the winds and waves of the Eastern Sea Region were fierce. In the other sea regions, most of them had waves that could reach the skies, so ordinary people couldn’t approach them. However, in the Everlasting Sea of Blood, the seawater was abnormally calm. There was actually no waves, and the surface of the sea was truly like a mirror.

Especially being shined upon by the sun, a layer of faint red-coloured light appeared. It was incomparably beautiful, eye-grabbing, and dazzling. It made people endlessly sigh in admiration.