Chapter 594 - Must Die

MGA: Chapter 594 - Must Die

“Do you still not see it?” Chu Feng said with a light smile.

“See what? What are you talking about? What the hell are you doing?”

The Ma family’s master was truly terrified because regardless of how much stronger an expert was, it was impossible to block his attack without any sound and take away an object from his hands. So, he even suspected that Chu Feng simply wasn’t human.

“I even thought that you were smart, but I didn’t expect you to be as stupid and ignorant as your brother.” Chu Feng smiled disdainfully, then with a thought, the Ice Crystal Palace was engulfed by golden radiance again.

However, this time, the golden radiance’s dazzle was limited. Though still blinding, it didn’t reach a level where people didn’t dare to stare straight at it.

In a situation like that, finally, people could also see clearly the origin of the golden radiance. It came from inside the Ice Crystal Palace. Lines of golden patterns and symbols merged together, drawing a very grand formation. The Ice Crystal Palace was actually a formation itself.

“What a powerful formation. How can you control such a formation? Who exactly are you?!”

At that instant, the Ma family’s master connected the dots. It wasn’t Chu Feng who was powerful, but the formation that was powerful. The reason why Chu Feng could do such mystical actions just now was all because he relied on the power of the golden formation.

It was too powerful. The Spirit Formation was made by golden-coloured Spirit Formation power, and it was definitely the handiwork left behind by a Gold-cloak World Spiritist. Moreover, it was absolutely not a simple Gold-cloak World Spiritist who did such a thing.

In addition, since this place was always in a sealed state, the Ma family’s master felt that it wasn’t possible that Chu Feng laid it because he did not have that ability. Most likely, the formation was laid by the mysterious expert five hundred years ago.

But, how could Chu Feng control the formation laid by the mysterious expert? That was the thing he could not understand.

“I say you’re stupid, but you really are stupid. Can you still not see that it was the keys that gave me power to control this formation?”

Chu Feng indifferently smiled, then with a thought, boundless pressure came crashing down, and with a poof, the Ma family’s master was forced to kneel on the ground. His face was full of pain. He simply didn’t have the ability to fight against the formation.

“You shameless person, you dare to use the thing left behind by my Ma family’s ancestor against me?!” The Ma family's master knew that his own end approached, so he didn’t beg and instead, fiercely cursed.

“Shameless? Do you think a person like you can call others shameless?” Chu Feng laughed, then said, “Honestly speaking, I’ll tell you this. The reason why I can control this formation is still all thanks to you. If it wasn’t for all of your overly mediocrity and uselessness, Senior Hong Qiang wouldn’t have told me the method to control this formation.”

“What?! Lord Hong Qiang… Youyouyou, you actually know his name?!”

“Impossible, that’s impossible! The Li and Ma family saved Hong Qiang’s life! How can he repay our kindness with enmity and hand this formation over to my enemy?!” After knowing the truth, the Ma family master’s gaze glittered and his face was like ash, unwilling to believe that fact.

“Repay kindness with enmity? Yes, your families’ ancestors did indeed save Senior Hong Qiang, but the reason why your two families can have a day like today is because it was all granted by Senior Hong Qiang. He already doesn’t owe your ancestors anything, and even more so, he does not owe any of you anything.”

“Do you expect him to protect your family for generations and generations because of a small, tiny favour? Let alone that it isn’t realistic, even if Senior Hong Qiang has such desires, a despicable person like you is clearly not worthy.”

“Die. Today, I will remove a contemptible successor such as you in place of your Ma family’s ancestor, so your Ma family’s ancestor will not bear all sorts of tainted names because of you.” As Chu Feng spoke, his eyes flickered, and the pressure crushing the Ma family’s master started to endlessly strengthen.


Under such horrifying pressure, the Ma family’s master had no ability to resist. He could only let the pressure press his body until it twisted and deformed. Then, his blood and flesh mashed together, and even his Consciousness was crushed into pieces. Even his Source Energy was absorbed by Chu Feng as the Ma family’s master, thoroughly, became a pool of blood.

“This is no good. Run, run! That person has malicious intents! Even the family master was killed by him, so we cannot step into that Ice Crystal Formation!”

After seeing Chu Feng crush the Ma family’s master into a pool of blood, the people from the Ma family were not lightly terrified. All of them no longer cared about killing the Li family’s people, turning around and running. They wanted to leave that place which was full of trouble. If Chu Feng even killed the Ma family’s master, god knows if he would attack them as well.


However, just as the crowd turned around and before they even took a few steps, a dragon’s roar rang out suddenly. Quickly after, they saw a huge azure dragon descending from the sky, blocking their path of escape. And, Chu Feng was standing on the huge dragon.

“The people here were only listening to orders, so I can let them go alive. But not you two. What I, Wuqing, detest the most in my life is betrayal, so you must die.” Chu Feng narrowed his eyes, tightly staring at the Shabi couple. However, his gaze was full of icy bloodlust.

“Hmph. Who do you think you are?! You think you can kill us whenever you want to? At the end, you are only a brat in the eighth level of the Heaven realm. After leaving that formation, what do you think you have?”

“Everyone, no need to be afraid. If we join hands and kill this boy, it is as simple as flipping one’s palm! At that time, the treasures here will belong to us! Everything that the Li family and Ma family has will belong to us!” Seeing Chu Feng leave the Ice Crystal Palace, the Shabi couple also found confidence and were actually luring the crowd to attack Chu Feng.

The crowd which had their path of escape blocked currently also felt that they had no other choice. Recalling that Chu Feng’s aura was truly in the eighth level of the Heaven realm, they involuntarily made preparations for a life and death battle against Chu Feng.

After all, if they lost, they would just die. But if they won, they would be thoroughly rich. Moreover, they felt that there was a greater probability of them winning, so it was simply not hard to make that decision.


However, just as the Ma family crowd made such a decision, Chu Feng suddenly made his own move. Using the Azure Dragon Dashing Technique, almost instantly, he arrived in front of the idiotic (shabi) Shabi couple.


Then, a palm was suddenly thrown out, fiercely colliding into old man Sha’s body. Also with such a simple palm, the old man didn’t even get to cry out in pain before his soul was shattered by Chu Feng, his body becoming a mist of blood.

“Indeed, I only have the cultivation of the eighth level of the Heaven realm, but do you think you’re fit to kill me?” After killing the old man Sha with lightning-like methods, Chu Feng spoke those words with contempt.

“Ahhhh~~~~~~ Bastard, I’ll kill you!” Seeing her husband killed by someone in front of her eyes, old woman Bi went into a rage, pouncing at Chu Feng after fierce shout.

“Hmph. If you want to die, I’ll grant you that wish.” There was not the slightest bit of emotional change on Chu Feng’s face when old woman Bi pounced at him, throwing her life away. Another palm was thrown out, and with a bang, old woman Bi, like her husband, ended up with a miserable death.