Chapter 595 - Sixth Level of the Heaven Realm

MGA: Chapter 595 - Sixth Level of the Heaven Realm

“Young Hero Wuqing, have mercy, have mercy!”

When they personally saw the death of the Shabi couple, the Ma family crowd who even wanted to fight against Chu Feng with their lives before, now, no longer had any traces of preparing for such a reckless decision. At that very instant, no matter male, female, old, or young, all of them knelt onto the ground, unceasingly kowtowing.

They finally realized how foolish their thoughts were. They finally knew that they underestimated the man in front of their eyes. Even if he left the horrifying formation, Chu Feng still had the strength to easily kill them. The man called Wuqing already reached an unimaginably powerful state.

*whoosh whoosh*

Quickly afterwards, Chu Feng waved his sleeve back and forth once, and the berserk gale blew once again. However, when the gale returned, several Cosmos Sacks appeared on Chu Feng’s palm.

And naturally, those Cosmos Sacks were taken from that group of people. After putting them away, without even glancing at them, Chu Feng said only one sentence, “Scram. Go back to where you came from!”

“Young hero, thank you for your mercy! Thank you for your mercy!” Seeing that, the Ma family’s crowd didn’t dare to hesitate and as they stumbled, they ran out.

“Young Hero Wuqing, thank you for saving us. We are very fortunate to have you, or else my Li family would have truly been in great peril!” After Chu Feng walked to the entrance of the Ice Crystal Palace, those who survived in the Li family thanked Chu Feng with faces full of gratitude.

However, facing such solicitous boot-licking people, Chu Feng didn’t even feel they were worthy of a glance. He waved his sleeve, gale swept out, and like the actions before to the people from the Ma family, he took all of their Cosmos Sacks.

“Young Hero Wuqing, you...”

Chu Feng’s action really made the people from the Li family shocked. Especially the experts invited by the Li family. The corners of their mouths twitched, and their hearts ached.

They weren’t a part of the Li family, so there was no need for them to live and die with the Li family. They served the Li family only for money, yet at that instant, the rewards given by the Li family were not the only things in the Cosmos Sacks taken by Chu Feng. The personal wealth they accumulated for many years was also inside. This time, they had taken great losses.

And seeing their shocked reactions, Chu Feng smiled coldly and said, “Don’t think that I’m obligated to save all of you. Just now, your Li family master wanted to kill me. If I hadn’t dodged quickly, I would have died by his palm.”

“So, please clear up the situation. I, Wuqing, am no longer allies with you. I am the same as the Ma family, an enemy.” As Chu Feng spat out those words, he swept his icy gaze over the crowd.

“Young Hero, have mercy, have mercy! Take all the money, don’t kill us!”

At that instant, the Li family’s crowd couldn’t help but tremble, then quickly knelt on the ground, and like the Ma family’s people before, endlessly begged because just then, they felt murderous intents in Chu Feng’s gaze.

At that instant, they definitely believed that Chu Feng would kill them if they dared to disobey in any way because that gaze was very terrifying. It was as if Chu Feng wasn’t human, and was truly a cold-blooded demon.

After that, Chu Feng walked straight towards the Li family’s master. And he seemed to have already expected such movements. So, at present, he seemed quite calm when he spoke to Chu Feng, “Wuqing, I was foolish. I couldn’t differentiate between right and wrong, so that was why I believed that animal Ma Yukun and betrayed your kind intents. I even wanted to kill you… Kill me. Kill me. I’ll feel better in my heart.”

“Wuqing, don’t! Don’t kill my father. I’m begging you, give him a chance.” Just at that moment, Li Chan hurriedly ran over, and immediately came in front of her father. Then, she knelt in front of Chu Feng, and pleaded for her father.

“Big Miss, quickly rise.” Seeing that, Chu Feng personally propped Li Chan up, then looked at the Li family’s master and said, “Logically speaking, I should kill you because when you dared to attempt to kill me, that was a crime worthy of death already.”

“But today, I won’t kill you. Not because I pity you, but because you have a good daughter.”

After speaking those words, only then did Chu Feng cast his gaze towards Li Chan and said, “Big Miss, I have use for the object discovered here. I will take it.”

“However, since this is a place your Li family has guarded for many years, think of this as a loan. In the future, I will give a repayment of an equal price.” After speaking, Chu Feng leaped, and without even looking back he stood on the azure dragon’s head and left.

After Chu Feng left, it was like a burden lifted for the Li family crowd. They hurriedly rushed into the Ice Crystal Palace and started to heal the Li family master’s injures. Only Li Chan gazed at the direction Chu Feng left in, and for a long time, remained in such a daze.

Chu Feng left the Spiritual Lair, but did not leave the Wolf Ivory Mountain. Holding the Ice Crystal Egg, he could truly feel that object’s power.

Its cultivation was comparable to a rank one Martial Lord, but the energy it contained was absolutely not comparable to the Martial power a rank one Martial Lord had. It was a real Spiritual Object, a cultivation valuable.

Chu Feng impatiently wanted to refine it, so he found a concealed place, and started the journey of refining the Ice Crystal Egg.

Although the egg was a Spiritual Being that congregated for over five hundred years, there was nothing threatening about it anymore. In addition, after becoming a Purple-cloak World Spiritist, Chu Feng could even more skillfully use absorption methods. Thus, after a short two hours, Chu Feng thoroughly refined the Spiritual Being.

After refining the egg, the Heaven power throughout Chu Feng’s body changed. He successfully stepped into the sixth level, and if he were to use the three lightning, Chu Feng was equivalent to have entered the ninth level of the Heaven realm, only a step away from being a Martial Lord.

Less than a year had passed since Zi Ling was taken away. In less than a year, Chu Feng’s cultivation rose from the eighth level of the Profound realm to the current sixth level of the Heaven realm. It was truly a heavenly quick speed of improvement, quite frightening as well.

“Ahh, indeed, if I want to make breakthroughs right now, the cultivation resources required are too terrifying. Even a Spiritual Being that took over five hundred years to form allows me to make only one level of breakthrough. If I refine only Heaven beads, how many would I need to break through?”

Although he succeeded in increasing his cultivation, Chu Feng was still dispirited because after using Spirit Formation Essence, the Son of Magma, and the Ice Crystal Egg, the three oddities, to break through, Chu Feng became more aware that the resources he required was very frightening.

If it weren’t for those three oddities and if he had directly used widespread things such as Heaven beads for cultivation, even he didn’t know how many would be required.

“Breaking into the sixth level of the Heaven realm is already quite good. Just be pleased with what you have.” But just at that moment, Eggy spoke, giggling.