Chapter 593 - Everything In Control

MGA: Chapter 593 - Everything In Control


After that voice rang out, everyone couldn’t help stopping what they were doing and cast their gazes towards the origin of the voice. At that instant, they astonishedly discovered that currently, deep in the palace, there stood a single person. It was Chu Feng.

After seeing Chu Feng, almost everyone jumped from fright because clearly, they didn’t see him before and even thought that he was killed. But now, Chu Feng appeared suddenly, which meant, obviously, that he wasn’t killed yet.

But, since Chu Feng wasn’t killed, where did he hide? How could he appear within the Ice Crystal palace without making any sound, and without anyone knowing? How did he do all that?

“Ma Yukun, you are truly an animal within animals, and scum within scum. It is quite difficult for anyone to top that.”

Chu Feng did not pay attention to the crowd’s shocked gazes, and first looked at the Ma family’s master with a smile before looking at the Li family’s master who lay on the ground and had a body full of wounds, and said, “Li family master, you now know your brother’s real appearance right? How does it feel?”

“I...” His face was filled with shame, and he didn’t know how to reply. He only lowered his head silently, because he had no words to face Chu Feng.

Now, he knew that Chu Feng truly wanted to help him, but not only did he not accept such kind intentions, he even planned to kill Chu Feng. That was simply a perfect example of repaying kindness with hatred. He was not able to determine what was right and what was wrong.

“Haha, you brat, you do have some skill to be able to escape my ears and eyes, but if I were you, I would have definitely not come out. I would have quietly escaped.” The Ma family’s master smiled darkly.

“Escape? Why do I need to escape? Facing a group of people that I can easily kill at any given time, is there a need to escape?” Hearing the Ma family master’s words, Chu Feng smiled mockingly.

“What? Kill us? With your cultivation of the eighth level of the Heaven realm? You brat, you truly speak shameless words!” At that instant, the Ma family master’s face suddenly turned cold, then opened up his hand, and abruptly palmed.

The power of that palm was Martial power. It was very strong, absolutely superior to Heaven power. So when it was thrown out, the space between them cracked and twisted instantly.

It was simply unstoppable.

“Hmph.” However, Chu Feng stood where he was when facing such a horrifying attack. He did not even frown. Only when the berserk Martial power neared him did he snort coldly.


After that snort, the Ice Crystal Palace trembled intensely. At the same time, a dazzling golden light appeared as well. That light was too bright. It was like the radiance of the sun, blinding to the point that people did not dare to look straight at it, and could only look to the side.

Only after they felt that the dazzling golden radiance gradually disappeared did they dare to cast their gaze back at the Ice Crystal Palace, and when they saw the scene in front of them, all of them were dumbfounded. Astonished. Many people’s faces even greened from terror.

At that very instant, within the Ice Crystal Palace, not only was Chu Feng standing in the center of the palace, unharmed, the Ma family master’s horrifying palm from before was as if it hadn’t appeared at all before. Not to mention doing any damages, there simply weren’t any traces left behind.

But that was not the most ridiculous thing. The most inconceivable thing was that Li Chan, who was pressed under the Ma family’s master before, currently appeared behind Chu Feng. Even the Spirit Formation that bound her was undone. She currently hid behind Chu Feng in panic, arranging her skirt to cover her skin.

“Brat, less of these deceptions! If you want to die, I can grant you that wish right now.” In reality, not only others, even the Ma family master’s face blued, a bit of fear emerging into his eyes.

But being afraid was being afraid. He didn’t believe in bad luck, so he howled as layers upon layers of Martial power surged within his body. When the Martial power gathered to a certain level, he threw out a first.

*boom* Even the Ice Crystal Palace trembled intensely when that fist was thrown. Quickly after, exploding from the boundless Martial power fist came a hundred-meter long leopard.

The huge leopard had all four limbs, was vivid and lifelike, and contained unparalleled divine might. As it ran in mid-air, it made roars that shook mountains, and with might that could trample over everything, it flew over to Chu Feng.

“Crap! That his strongest martial skill, the Flying Leopard Madly Runs!”

“Quickly retreat, or even we will be dragged down by it!”

At that instant, many people on scene furrowed their brows tightly. Fearfully, they backed away because all of them recognized that martial skill. They knew the power of that martial skill. If it truly exploded, even the ripples would injure them. On the light side, they would be heavily injured; on the heavy side, they would die.


However, just as the crowd felt they could not escape a disaster, the dazzling golden light appeared once again, and like before, it appeared for only an instant before vanishing.

“Heavens! What exactly is happening?!”

When everything was finished and when they cast their gazes back at the Ice Crystal Palace, this time, they were thoroughly stupefied.

Because, in front of their eyes, Chu Feng still stood there unharmed, unmoved. The strongest martial skill of the Ma family’s master, like the Martial power palm before, disappeared in the air.

The most inconceivable thing was that currently in Chu Feng’s hand, there was an extra thing. It was the Ice Crystal Egg. The Ice Crystal Egg initially held in the Ma family master’s hand presently appeared within Chu Feng hand.

At that moment, in the gazes that everyone looked at Chu Feng with more or less contained surprise and fear because in their perspectives, Chu Feng was simply like a monster. It was like he contained some unbelievable ability.

In reality, not even others, even Li Chan who stood behind Chu Feng had her eyes rounded widely, her eyes glittering with bewilderment and shock.

Even though she was so near to Chu Feng, she still didn’t know how everything happened, or how Chu Feng did it.

“You bastard! Stop these deceits and if you have the guts, fight me head-on!” At that instant, the Ma family’s master furiously roared, his face clearly showing fear.

“What? You’re afraid?” Chu Feng lightly smiled, a bit of disdain in his eyes.

“Afraid? I, a Martial Lord, am afraid of a brat like you, who’s only in the eighth level of the Heaven realm?!”

Despite being petrified, the Ma family’s master was not a person who was willing to admit defeat. He opened his arms, and continuously exhibited several strong martial skills, throwing extremely powerful attacks at Chu Feng.

However, the outcome was exactly the same as before. After the glitter of the golden light, all of his attacks disappeared.

“You, you, you, are you even human?!” That time, even the Ma family’s master panicked totally. As he panicked, he even nervously took a few steps back, almost tripping and falling to the ground.

Currently, he felt so powerless. Regardless of what attacks he threw out, they simply could not harm Chu Feng. But looking back at him, he was unfazed. From start to finish, he wore a smile on his face, giving off an appearance of complete control.

In that situation, in spite of being rank one Martial Lord, it was impossible to not be afraid because after experiencing all that, he felt, in his heart, that Chu Feng was even more powerful than him. He was absolutely not just a tiny bit stronger. He truly controlled everything.