Chapter 592 - Less Than An Animal

MGA: Chapter 592 - Less Than An Animal

“Ma Yukun you animal! My trust in you was in vain! You, you, you actually treat me like this!”

The Li family’s master simply didn’t dare to believe his own eyes. He didn’t dare to believe that his own brother truly betrayed himself, but when everything happened, he had no choice but to believe it.

At that instant, he was furious, but even more so, he felt pain that came from his heart. The pain of being deceived by the brother he assumed to be close to him.

However, the Ma family’s master did not care about the Li family master’s reactions. He only sneered, then pulled out the Elite Armament and jabbed it again into the Li family master’s chest. The power he put into that thrust was enormous, forcefully stabbing the Li family’s master onto the ground.

When he fell, the Ice Crystal Egg was held within the Ma family master’s hands. Only after glancing at it did he satisfiedly smile and look at the Li family’s master, saying with a cold smile, “Brother, don’t blame my ruthlessness and ignorance of brotherly camaraderie. You can only blame your excessive idiocy.”

After speaking those words with extreme derision, the Ma family’s master cast his gaze towards the Ma family crowd at the palace’s entrance, then waved his sleeve, ordering, “Begin!”

*boom boom boom*



After the Ma family’s master spoke those words, the Ma family’s crowd immediately overflowed with bloodlust, and without saying anything, started to immediately attack the Li family crowd. Not to mention they were caught off guard, even if they were to have a head-on-head confrontation, their strength was far inferior to the Ma family’s strength. So, as the two forces collided, the Li family was utterly defeated.

The thing that surprised the people from the Li family the most, however, was that the two Head Elders of the Li family, the Shabi couple, not only didn’t fight against the people from the Ma family. Instead, they attacked those from the Li family, and were extremely merciless. Every single strike took their lives, and in a blink, several Li family members were already killed by the old couple. Their identity as traitors was full shown with nothing concealed.

As for the daughter of the Li family’s master, Li Chan, although her life wasn’t in danger, she was thoroughly subdued by the Ma family. She was tied up by a World Spiritist with a Spirit Formation Rope, and at that instant, she could not contribute to the battle at all. She could only watch as her own family fell one after the other in front of her.

“Ma Yukun you animal, you animal! Have you forgotten our ancestors’ teachings? Has your heart been eaten by a dog?!”

Seeing his subordinates die successively from his own foolishness, the Li family’s master was completely enraged. He ignored his own injures, forcefully endured the agony in his chest, and pounced towards the Ma family’s master.

However, how could he, who was already heavily impaired, able to defeat the Ma family’s master? With the raise of his leg and a kick, the Li family’s master was once again thrown onto the ground. Furthermore, the Ma family’s master fiercely stamped on his body, forcibly shattering his breastbone.

“Brother oh brother, what do you want me to say to you? What use are the ancestors’ teachings? What use is brotherly camaraderie? Can they make my Ma family flourish? Can it make my Ma family monopolize this Wolf Ivory Mountain Range? Let me tell you, it cannot!”

“Nothing is useful in this world. Everything is crap. There is nothing that can change the truth of ‘winners are kings and losers are thieves’. I am not afraid of bearing tainted names, and I’m also not afraid of being scorned by others, because when I triumph, no one will dare to point their fingers at me.”

“They will only serve me. They will only fear me. As for the successors, they will not remember what methods I used before. They will only remember the success that I, Ma Yukun, brought about. They will only remember the mighty achievements that I, Ma Yukun, left behind!” Ma Yukun insanely laughed. His laughter was very sinister, not feeling any shame for his actions, and instead felt glory.

“Animal, animal! I was truly blind! I only took you as a brother because I was blind! I only trusted you so much because I was blind! You, you animal! You animal, you are inferior to pigs and dogs!” The Li family’s master gnashed his teeth in anger, his face flush with red. As he struggled, he loudly cursed.

“Animal? You say that I’m an animal? That’s right. I don’t mind telling you that I’m an animal.” Being cursed like that by the Li family’s master, Ma Yukun was not angry in the slightest. Instead, he chillingly smiled, then looked at Li Chan and said, “Bring her over here!”

“Let me go, let me go!”

After the Ma family’s master spoke, those from the Ma family did not hesitate and hurried brought Li Chan to the Ma family’s master.

“Ma Yukun, what are you doing? If you have anything you want to do, do it at me! Don’t harm my Chan’er!” Seeing that, the Li family master’s face was instantly pale from terror, deeply afraid that the Ma family’s master would lay his poisonous hands on his daughter.

“Brother, what are you worried about? Would I harm Chan’er?”

“Chan’er, my beautiful niece. How could I bear hurting her? Don’t worry, I will definitely not harm her. I will raise her well, I will treat her well.”

The Ma family’s master strangely smiled, then used his hand to hold up Li Chan’s jaw. He said, eyes squinting, “My good niece, you’re a lot smarter than your father, and I like that intelligence. Say, you’ve guarded your body for so many years and kept it as clean as jade, were you waiting for me, your uncle?”

“Pah! You scum.” Li Chan opened her mouth, spittle spraying on the Ma family master’s face.

“Scum? That’s right, I am scum. Today, I’ll let you see how scum-like I am.” Being spat on by Li Chan, the Ma family’s master seemed as if he was aroused by that and actually ripped her skirt away, revealing her smooth and soft snow-white skin. Moreover, as he spoke, the Ma family’s master pressed Li Chan underneath him.

“Ma Yukun, what are you doing? Chan’er is your niece, your niece!”

“You animal, let go! Bastard, let go!” Seeing the Ma family’s master having desires to do that thing with his own daughter, the Li family master’s heart could almost explode. As he climbed up, stumbling, he wanted to fight against him with his life.

“Lie down, you.” However, the Ma family’s master only waved his hand casually. The Li family’s master then fiercely crashed onto the ground, a mouthful of blood spraying out. The bones in his entire body broke, and he was powerless to stand up again.

“Mm, that’s more like it. Lie down there and don’t move. See how I toy with your own daughter. Hahaha… On that topic, brother, our Chan’er still has a chaste body right? Truly, good things are not given to outsiders. Hahaha...” As the Ma family’s master lasciviously laughed, he extended his vile palm to touch Li Chan’s snow-white skin.

However, the Li family’s master could do nothing about that scene. He could only watch as his own daughter was violated by his assumed-best brother.

At that very instant, he was extremely regretful. He loathed his stupidity when he believed a person he should not have believed.

If he had believed his own daughter, and believed Wuqing, the current events absolutely would not have happened.

But of all the things existing in this world, the one thing it lacked was medicine for regret. At present, he could only pay the price for his actions. His daughter’s disgrace, the Li family’s eradication. Those were the prices that he had to bear.

As for Li Chan, she currently gave up any struggling because she did not have that ability. From the corners of her eyes flowed tears of her desire to die, but who could she blame? If she had to blame something, she could only blame herself for having such an idiotic father.

“Oh? I’ve seen quite a few scumbags, but I have never seen one who’s so scummy.”

But as the Li family was almost completely killed and Li Chan’s chastity was going to be taken away, familiar voice to everyone to suddenly rang out in the palace.