Chapter 591 - Phoenix of Ice

MGA: Chapter 591 - Phoenix of Ice

Underneath the Wolf Ivory Mountain, within the Spiritual Veins, with one in the front and one in the back, the Ma family’s and the Li family’s master were speedily flying.

They pretty much used their strongest bodily methods, but the two rank one Martial Lords could not even catch up to Chu Feng. They couldn’t even see Chu Feng’s back.

“Dammit! How can that guy be so fast?”

That situation was something the two family masters never expected, but they did not panic. After all, that path would end up at a wall, and as long as they continued chasing, catching Chu Feng was something that would happen sooner or later.

However, things were not as simple as they had imagined. When they madly flew to the end yet did not see Chu Feng, it was as if Chu Feng disappeared. He did not leave any traces behind.

But in that instant, the two family masters simply didn’t have the heart to think where Chu Feng went. They were thoroughly absorbed by the scene in front of their eyes.

It was a square cave, and the walls at that place were not ordinary rocks like the ones within the Spiritual Veins. They were strange crystal-like and ice-cube-like things.

Yet, those things were not crystals, nor ice cubes. They were Ice Crystals, extremely strange and special objects in this world.

Ice Crystals were extremely hard objects, one of the best materials to use when making weapons. They were very rare, and very valuable. But at that place, Ice Crystals formed a vast rectangular palace. Moreover, in the center of such a strange palace, there was an object.

It was an egg, its diameter over ten meters. It was an egg formed by Ice Crystals. But, as the huge egg lay serenely in the center of the palace, faint blue-coloured light visible by the naked eye could be seen circling around it. Moreover, it emanated energy that cultivators could clearly feel.

“Treasure! That’s the treasure in this place! It contains such powerful energy, and it is a very rare Natural Oddity. This makes my Ma family’s five hundred year long wait worth it.”

At that instant, the Ma family’s master was endlessly excited. With quick meteor-like steps, he flew, and in a blink, arrived in front of the Ice Crystal Egg, and wanted to take it.


However, just as his palm touched the Ice Crystal Egg, a burst of wild power spread from within. Catching him off guard, it actually threw the Ma family’s master, the rank one Martial Lord, away.

*bzzz* Simultaneously, thick cracks also started to appear, and they were rapidly spreading. With only an instant, the cracks covered the entire Ice Crystal Egg and finally, within “bzz” sounds, shattered

“Brother, careful! Quickly retreat!” At that instant, the expression of the Li family’s master couldn’t help changing greatly as he hurriedly called out loudly.

Because, at that very instant, at the location where the Ice Crystal Egg was, an enormous thing several meters tall appeared. It was a phoenix. A phoenix formed by Ice Crystals.

Although the Ice Crystal Phoenix’s body size was not very big, it gave off an extremely powerful aura. It had the strength of a rank one Martial Lord. However, that was not the important part. The important part was its incomparably noble demeanor. With a glimpse, one’s soul would tremble. They would also have the impulse to kneel and worship, as if it was an unoffendable holy existence.

“Brother, this is the treasure we must take down. How can we retreat? Quickly take it down with me. The energy it contains can definitely make my Ma family and your Li family prosper, and we can create an unprecedented flourishing age!”

In comparison to the Li family master’s fear, the Ma family’s master was extremely thrilled. Not only did he not shrink away, he even unrestrainedly released his powerful aura of a rank one Martial Lord, then like an arrow, shot towards the Ice Crystal Phoenix and started to fight against it.


*boom boom boom*

Two rank one Martial Lord existences clashed against one another, instantly giving rise to many frenzied ripples. Martial power only Martial Lords had merged with the power only the Ice Crystal Phoenix had. The entire vast Ice Crystal palace became their battlefield.

The Ice Crystal Phoenix was very strong. Although it did not speak, it emitted its extremely strong enmity. Every time its wings fluttered, extremely cold hurricanes formed. In addition to that, endless barrages of incomparably sharp Ice Crystal blades were shot out from its body. Every single of those could create extremely terrifying damage.

But evidently, the Ma family’s master was not a simple character. He had an abundance of fighting experience, and he also grasped many mighty martial skills. As he used them skillfully, he actually fought evenly against the Ice Crystal Phoenix, the Spiritual Being.

“Heavens! Wha-wha-wha-what is this?!”

At that instant, the people from the Ma and Li family finally arrived as well. When they saw the Ice Crystal Phoenix that was like a deity, overflowing with light, they were also deeply astounded. All of them stood where they were, dumbstruck. No one dared to take a single step forth, and many people were gradually backing away as well.

“Brother, what are you looking at? Why aren’t you subduing this monster with me?! My Ma family and your Li family’s future is grasped within our hands!” The Ma family’s master roared once again.

After a mental struggle, the Li family’s master also, finally, howled, and with similarly powerful aura, he entered the circle of battle.

*boom boom boom*

Despite lacking experience, the Ice Crystal Phoenix was very strong. However, it could not fully exhibit such powerful strength. Only because of its innate strength could it be on even grounds against the old and cunning Ma family master.

But after the Li family’s master entered, the Ice Crystal Phoenix could not fight against four hands with its two wings, and very quickly entered a disadvantageous situation. The two family masters’ attacks then became more and more ferocious. Using all sorts of martial skills, they started to unceasingly throw those attacks on the body of the Ice Crystal Phoenix.

*aooo~~~~~~~~* Finally, a heart-tearing and lung-splitting cry full of hatred rang out. The Ice Crystal Phoenix lost its fighting ability, and after the last ripple dissolved in the air, its enormous body actually started to shrink, and became an Ice Crystal Egg only the size of a watermelon.

That Ice Crystal Egg was completely different from the one before. Although its size was a lot smaller, the energy it contained was more pure.

“Haha, success! Brother, we’ve succeeded!” The Li family’s master was endlessly ecstatic. He, who was the nearest to the Ice Crystal Egg, held it up first, and happily cheered.


But just at that moment, he suddenly felt pain in his chest. Following that was hot liquid endlessly flowing out of his chest. Casting his gaze downwards, his face involuntarily froze.

He discovered, aghast, that a three-foot azure blade pierced through his chest, and he recognized also that three-foot azure blade. It was the Mastered Elite Armament of his most trusted brother, the Ma family’s master, Ma Yukun.

“You, you, you!!”

At that instant, the Li family’s master quickly turned his head around, discovering that the Ma family’s master was indeed, standing behind him. Moreover, he was holding the Mastered Elite Armament that pierced through his chest.