Chapter 590 - Fatal Change

MGA: Chapter 590 - Fatal Change

“Haha, success! After waiting for five hundred years, the time has finally come!” Seeing the already opened entrance, the Ma family’s master was unceasingly excited, immediately running in.

Quickly after, the Li family’s master, Chu Feng, and the others followed closely in.

After entering, Chu Feng discovered that all around the Spiritual Veins were normal rocks. Even if he observed detailedly with his Spirit power, he could not see any abnormalities. But, when he attempted to break them, he found out that the normal rocks were unbreakable, and were unexpectedly very hard to move.

That was sufficient to prove the specialness of the Spiritual Being. Unless Chu Feng’s Spirit power reached a very powerful stage, otherwise, only by using the Heaven’s Eyes could he find the location of the Spiritual Veins.

And the reason why the rocks were so special was naturally because they were affected by the Spiritual Being. According to the Pulse Searching Method, Chu Feng also learnt that such a thing was a normal phenomenon. Depending on the different time lengths of Spiritual Being formation, mystical and dangerous things of different degrees would be created within the Spiritual Veins.

However, looking at the features of the rocks as well as the number of years that the Spiritual Being had been forming for, there was likely not too many dangers in the Spiritual Veins. The only danger should be the Spiritual Awareness that had intelligence.

“Wuqing, how did you do that? You’ve actually opened this place.” After walking along the Spiritual Veins for a while and discovering that there were no aberrations, the Li family’s master walked up to Chu Feng side, smiling and asking.

“Those two light objects were keys. After they entered my body, not only did they grant me power to open this place, they also reminded me what to do.” Chu Feng replied with a smile.

“Oh? Then did those two light objects point out anything else to you?” The Li family’s master continued asking.

“They didn’t. But milord, don’t worry. This path leads straight to the location of the treasure, and there are no obstructions or anything challenging on it. However, the treasure is a living being, and it has a certain level of cultivation. Milord, although your cultivation is sufficient to take care of it, you must also be careful.” Chu Feng responded.

“I see, I see. Ah Wuqing, thank you for the hard work on this journey.” Hearing those words, the Li family’s master satisfiedly nodded his head, but as he spoke, a hint of a cold smile flashed past his face.

*whoosh* Seeing a hint of dark smile, Chu Feng heart immediately tightened, and he subconsciously used a bodily martial skill, leaping backwards.

“Die.” As expected, just as Chu Feng evaded, the Li family’s master suddenly attacked. He slammed down with his palm, a layer of horrifying battle power exploding at the location Chu Feng was just at. Luckily, Chu Feng dodged it, or else that strike would have definitely heavily injured Chu Feng.

“Milord, what are you doing?” Although he was aware that the Li family’s master had malicious intents towards him, when he truly threw an attack at him, Chu Feng still felt astonished, and very furiously questioned.

“Father, what are you doing?!” At the same time, Li Chan also questioned with a face of confusion. As she spoke, she even opened her arms and stood in front of Chu Feng. She was deeply afraid that her father would attack Chu Feng again.

“Chan’er, don’t be tricked by him! I’ve already asked your Uncle Ma. He simply didn’t use any Monstrous Beast against you, nor had he thought of doing anything to my Li family. All of those were lies fabricated by this Wuqing. He aims to use me and you so that my Li family and the Ma family kills each other, while he profits on the side!” The Li family’s master pointed at Chu Feng and furiously said.

“Father, what are you saying? Why can’t I understand? Why would Wuqing harm my Li family? He’s the person who saved me! He’s a person who wants to help my Li family!” Li Chan did not know what to do.

“Sigh. Chan’er, how can you be so foolish? That Monstrous Beast was not even bound by any Spirit Formation, and the Shabi couple didn’t betray our Li family either. Everything was set up by this Wuqing! That Monstrous Beast is an accomplice with this Wuqing! He is using you!” The Li family’s master also explained to Li Chan very helplessly.

“How is that possible? Father, you must have made a mistake. Wuqing definitely wouldn’t use me or harm my Li family. I believe that he is innocent!” Li Chan was still defending Chu Feng.

“My silly niece, don’t tell me that you’re willing to believe an outsider than your Uncle Ma? Do you really think that I will harm your Li family?”

“Don’t be stupid. My Ma family and your Li family has been so close for so many years! How could I do anything disadvantageous to your Li family?” At that instant, the Ma family’s master also spoke, and his face was full of innocence.

“Big Miss, wake up! Don’t continue being tricked by this outsider!” At the same time, the Shabi couple also urged her.

“You! You two!” Seeing the several people in front of her, Li Chan couldn’t help taking a few steps back. She was thoroughly frightened by the circumstantial change at that instant. So much that she almost fell to the ground. Luckily, Chu Feng behind her held her up.

The current Chu Feng was rather calm. He already saw through everything. Li Chan’s father, the master of the Li family, was indeed as he thought. A person who reached the extremities of stupidity.

Very clearly, he secretly met the Ma family’s master in these few days and questioned him, whether he controlled the Monstrous Beast to kill Li Chan, and whether he was planning to harm the Li family.

And the outcome was very obvious as well. The Ma family’s master made up some lies and put all of the accusations onto Chu Feng’s head. The most speechless thing though, was that the Li family’s master, the idiotic person, actually believed them all.

“Li Chan, you truly have a good father. It is quite the miracle for your Li family to have existed until now.” Chu Feng smiled, relieved. As he spoke, he pulled Li Chan behind, then looked at the Li family’s master and the Ma family’s master, saying, “It seems like right now, you two feel that I no longer have any worth, and want to eliminate me?”

“It’s not that you have no worth, it’s that you should die in the first place.” The Ma family’s master fiercely said, as if Chu Feng truly wronged him, and that he was the real criminal.

“Ho, you can want to kill me, but whether you can or not will depend on your skills.” Chu Feng coldly snorted, then leaped, and the azure-coloured huge dragon appeared underneath his feet. Then, a light flashed, and Chu Feng had already rushed deeper into the Spiritual Veins.

“Hmph. You are looking to die!” Seeing Chu Feng escape, the Ma family’s master also stepped forward, and disappeared in an instant, chasing after Chu Feng.

“Brother, I’ll give you a hand!” Quickly after, the Li family’s master also chased after him, similarly, his bloodlust evident.

“Father, don’t go! You can’t attack Wuqing, don’t be tricked by Ma Yukun!” Seeing that, Li Chan’s face changed greatly, but just as she wanted to chase as well, two people appeared in front of her. It was the Shabi couple.

“Scram! Don’t block my road!” Li Chan furiously shouted.

“Heh. Miss, don’t be lost in his lies and have your heart muddle by that bastard. It’s better to stay by our side and let us protect you.” The Shabi couple coldly laughed, and as they spoke, they grabbed Li Chan’s arm.

“Ahh!” At that instant, Li Chan felt two enormous bursts of Heaven power drilling into her body. Then, all of her strength was gone, and she lost her ability to move on her own.