Chapter 589 - Hong Qiang

MGA: Chapter 589 - Hong Qiang

“This is?”

At that very instant, Chu Feng astonishedly discovered that he was still standing within the ravine. The sceneries around him didn’t change at all, but the people within the ravine did. Everyone from the Li and Ma family was completely gone.

At present, other than him, there was only one other person in the ravine. It was a middle-aged man. He wore plain cloth clothing, and stood nearby with his hands behind his back.

When a light breeze brushed past his body and blew his ink-like black hair as well as his clothing, Chu Feng could feel that his strength reached a point that he could not even touch.

“You are not from the Li family, nor from the Ma family.” Suddenly, that person turned around, and at that instant, Chu Feng could also see that man's face.

His face was very ordinary, and in addition to his simple cloth clothing, he was simply as ordinary as one could get. But, in between his brows, the man had a hint of a unique demeanor. It was like the descent of a lord, and of an extremely valiant person. He was truly an exceptional expert.

Without even thinking, Chu Feng knew he entered an illusion.

Although the man in front of his eyes was very real, he was likely only a strand of awareness. As for why he seemed so real when gazed upon, it was because Chu Feng was currently located inside the illusion. He seemed real, but in reality, nothing was real in front of his eyes.

As for who that person was, it was not a difficult guess. He was likely the mysterious expert, that the Li and Ma family saved five hundred years ago.

“Senior, I am indeed not a part of the Li or Ma family. I am an assistant invited by the Li family, responsible for opening the treasure you left behind.” Chu Feng replied truthfully because his opponent was too powerful. Even though he was an awareness fragment left behind five hundred years ago, if he wanted to kill Chu Feng, it would definitely not take more effort than blowing dust.

“I left so many things for them back then, and even specially channeled Spirit power into the two of them, but the result is five hundred years later, they couldn’t even develop a half-decent World Spiritist, and still have to rely on an outsider’s help?” After hearing Chu Feng’s words, the mysterious expert seemed rather helpless.

“Whatever, whatever. Their successors’ incompetence is not related to me since the favours I owed were paid back five hundred years ago already.” The mysterious expert seemed to be very disappointed at the Li and Ma family’s successors. Only after sighing for a while did he raise his head again, look at Chu Feng, and ask, “Young man, what’s your name?”

Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s heart tightened. The man actually saw through his Transformational Mask, and knew that his real identity was a young man.

“Senior, I am called Chu Feng.” After he was seen through, Chu Feng did not dare to hide anything, and could only speak his real name.

“Chu Feng, you have quite good talent. If the Eastern Sea Region was the same as five hundred years ago, then you would be seen as a rare genius. This land here would not have bound you.”

“Whatever. Rather than leaving the treasure here for the Li and Ma family’s ordinary people, why not give it to you for marriage costs or something. Perhaps in the future, in the Holy Land of Martialism, we could meet.” The mysterious expert smiled and said.

“Senior, you’re, you’re in the Holy Land of Martialism?!” Hearing those words, Chu Feng couldn’t help being taken aback because the meaning behind his words did not only mean he was in the Holy Land of Martialism, it also meant that he was still alive. If he was already so powerful five hundred years ago, what realm would he be in five hundred years later? Most importantly, he’s a person who has lived for over five hundred years?!

“Hoh. I was originally from the Holy Land of Martialism, and accidentally came to this place five hundred years ago. But, you don’t need to be too shocked. The natural energy in the Holy Land of Martialism is completely different from here. The average life of a person at that place is not low. As long as one becomes a Martial King in addition to large amounts of life prolongation resources, it isn’t hard to live for over a thousand years.”

“In the future, if you can enter the Holy Land of Martialism, then you will see everything. I will guarantee that you’ll like that place, because that place is more suitable for you.”

“And if you can come to the Holy Land of Martialism, you can find me at the Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest. Remember, my name is Hong Qiang.” The mysterious man smiled and spoke. It could be seen that he liked Chu Feng quite a bit.

“Senior Hong Qiang, thank you for your kind intentions. In the future, when I enter the Holy Land of Martialism, I will definitely pay a visit to you.” Chu Feng remembered that name because sooner or later, he was going to step into the Holy Land of Martialism, and if there were a person willing to help himself in that mysterious and unpredictable land, it was definitely something good.

“Judging by your talent, it shouldn’t be hard for you to enter the Holy Land of Martialism. I’ll wait for you here.” Hong Qing satisfiedly nodded his head, then said, “Chu Feng, listen well. This Wolf Ivory Mountain Range is a place where a Spiritual Being gathers, and five hundred years ago, I already found this place’s Spiritual Awareness.”

“At present, you’ve obtained the Spirit Formation I left behind. Exactly because of that, you can open the lock to the Spiritual Lair and enter it. Go along the Spiritual Veins inside, and you will find the Spiritual Awareness.”

“But with the time of five hundred years, the Spiritual Awareness has since have small achievements. It naturally also has its own intelligence and a certain amount of power. I predict that its current cultivation is in the realm of a rank one Martial Lord.”

“But you don’t need to be afraid. Back then, taking advantage of the Spiritual Awareness’ infant state when it had yet to have intelligence, I laid a formation in the area it congregated at. As long as you enter, you can use that formation and suppress everything that is in the formation.”

“Okay. This awareness fragment has been here for too long. It cannot existence for lengthy periods of time, and will disperse soon.”

“If we are fated to, let us meet in the Holy Land of Martialism.” Finishing those words, the mysterious expert’s body became a strand of rainbow light, then it charged into the sky and disappeared. Quickly after, the scenery around him also twisted and changed.

“Fallen Leaves Bamboo Forest, Hong Qiang!” At that instant, Chu Feng shut his eyes, and deeply carved in his heart that mysterious expert’s name and his place of residence.

Although they met only once, since that expert entrusted everything here to him, it could be counted giving him a favour. Chu Feng did not expect that the mysterious expert would help himself in the future, but he had to repay such a favour, so naturally, he had to visit him.

“Wuqing, what’s with you? Are you okay?”

Just at that moment, Chu Feng kept on hearing nervous and anxious voices next to his ear. Opening his eyes to look, he saw the Li family’s master, the Ma family’s master, as well as the crowd of the Li and Ma family, surrounding him in circles while tightly staring at him.

As he faced the crowd’s nervous gazes, Chu Feng lightly smiled, then said to the two family masters, “Milords, don’t worry. I know the method to open it.”

After speaking, Chu Feng willed, then a golden pattern appeared on his forehead. After it appeared, it quickly transformed, spreading downwards from his forehead. Soon, it covered Chu Feng’s entire body.

But that was not the end. The patterns continued climbing downwards, and actually went onto the surface of the ground along his body. Then, it spread like a spider’s web, and instantly spread throughout the entire ravine.

*rumble rumble rumble rumble rumble*

At that instant, golden light shot everywhere in the ravine and rumbles sounded. Beneath such strange might, even the earth started to tear. An extremely special square entrance then emerged in the heart of the ravine.