Chapter 588 - Opening the Treasure

MGA: Chapter 588 - Opening the Treasure

“It seems like I have underestimated you. But, my full-powered strike may not lose to yours!” Seeing Chu Feng’s attack, Mr. Gu was also aware of the unfavourable situation.

But he did not retreat. Instead, his hand seals changed again. The huge Spirit Formation snake “dancing” in the air shrieked, then it opened its horrifying huge mouth that was full of fangs and flew quickly towards Chu Feng.

He knew that his huge Spirit Formation snake would not be able to defeat Chu Feng’s terrifying huge hand, so he didn’t even plan to meet force with force. He wanted to put everything into one thing: to attack Chu Feng with the speed of the huge Spirit Formation snake.

“Naive.” However, Chu Feng lightly chuckled at Mr. Gu’s action. The radiance on his arm poured out, lightly trembling, then with a bang, the huge hand in the sky exploded, and disappeared.

“What happened? It is possible that the formation Wuqing made was too strong, and he couldn’t control it, so it shattered?” Seeing the disappearance of the huge hand, people felt that there was a fault in Chu Feng’s control, leading to the destruction of the formation. After all, there was too much Spirit Formation power contained in the huge hand, and it was indeed not something normal people could control.

“You know what they say: the old ones are the cunning ones. That Wuqing will be defeated.” At the same time the huge hand disappeared, the Spirit Formation snake Mr. Gu formed was less than a thousand meters away from Chu Feng. It was almost instantly going to collide into Chu Feng and consume him.


But just as everyone felt that Chu Feng was undoubtedly going to be defeated, he coldly smiled, then his palm lightly trembled again. The space in front of him transformed, and when everyone came to their senses, the horrifying huge hand actually appeared in front of Chu Feng, and stopped the huge snake’s path.

As it turned out, the huge hand did not disappear, nor did it shatter. Everything just now was only an illusion that Chu Feng made. The huge hand could actually be controlled however his heart wished to.

*wuao* Mr. Gu, of course, wasn’t a simple character either. Seeing the reappearance of the huge hand, he did not panic too much. His face gloomed, and with a thought, he controlled the huge snake, aiming to circle around the huge hand to attack Chu Feng again.


However, Chu Feng did not give that chance to him. His right hand clenched suddenly, and the huge Spirit Formation hand clenched also with strong pressure. Moreover, it caught the huge snake. The hand’s speed was quick, much quicker than the huge snake.

With a bang, the huge Spirit Formation snake that Mr. Gu created was shattered by Chu Feng huge hand.

“How is this possible? It’s impossible! I’ve actually lost to a brat like him, I...”


Seeing his lifeblood crushed into pieces, Mr. Gu very bitterly howled at the sky, but before he could finish, his mouth widened, a mouthful of blood sprayed out.

Moreover, this time, not only was his face pale. His forehead was awash with sweat, and it was even like the skin on his body shrunk. In an instant, he aged dozens of years, and was like a person who was going to age to death. From that, it could be seen how much spirit he put into the Spirit Formation snake he formed just now.

But looking back at Chu Feng, his face was currently florid, and very casually, he dissolved the huge hand. He simply wasn’t affected at all. Clearly, the attack just now wasn’t his strongest killing move.

“How is that possible? This, this, this, this Wuqing is actually so powerful?!”

“Where did the Li family get such a World Spiritist? He is truly young and has potential!” At that instant, not a single person didn’t have a face full of shock. They were thoroughly convinced by Chu Feng’s strength.

Especially the people who looked down on Chu Feng and wished he would mess up. At that instant, their faces were very ashamed because this time, their eyes were really mistaken. Not only was Chu Feng not merely an ordinary person, he was even an outstanding genius.

“Haha, my friend Wuqing, I never would have thought that you were a Purple-cloak World Spiritist, and you are even so practiced with Spirit Formation techniques! The technique just now truly broadened our horizons!”

The Li family’s master excitedly laughed loudly. This time, he was even happier. Clearly, it was a smile that came from his heart. After Chu Feng walked up to him, he even unrestrainedly praised.

As for the Ma family’s master, Ma Yukun, the corners of his mouth twitched. Especially when he saw the Purple-cloak World Spiritist he spent great sums to invite no longer having any use, his fury was overflowing, and his bloodlust raged.

But, right now, he had no choice but to forcefully suppress the fury and murderous intents in his heart. He put on a very relieved and happily surprised expression and walked up to the Li family’s master and Chu Feng.

“Brother, is this that Wuqing you told me before? Indeed, not simple at all.” The Ma family’s master first looked at the Li family’s master before handing the stone case in his hands to Chu Feng, and said, “My friend, the heavy responsibility of opening this place rests upon your shoulders. Do not disappoint us!”

“Wuqing, my Li family and the Ma family has waited five hundred years for this day. Everything depends on you now.” At the same time, the Li family’s master also gave the stone case to Chu Feng.

“Don’t worry. I will definitely not disappoint everybody.” Chu Feng lightly smiled and accepted the two stone cases.

Holding the stone cases, Chu Feng could feel that there were special formations protecting the stone cases. Those formations were very powerful, and it could be said that the methods Chu Feng grasp simply could not open the stone cases.

But, that was not a problem for Chu Feng because he, who was sharp, immediately saw the way to open the stone cases. Moreover, there was only one method to do so. It was not to use the power of World Spiritists to open them, but to combine the two stone cases.

Indeed, after Chu Feng put the two stone cases together, two bangs rang out. The two stone cases then opened, but it was different from what he expected. Within the stone boxes, two normal Spirit Formation keys were not inside. There were actually two glowing objects.

*swish swish*

After the two objects of light appeared, they rapidly rose into the sky, then flew down again. Their speed was strangely quick, and when people came to their senses, the two objects started to quickly circle around the crowd, as if searching for something.

“Quick, catch it!”

At that instant, no matter if it was the people from the Li family or the people from the Ma family, they were endlessly excited. Some even thought that the two objects of light were treasures and wanted to catch them. Even the Li family’s master and the Ma family’s master made their move together.

But they could do nothing as the two objects of light were too fast. Even the two Martial Lords could not catch them. That couldn’t help making them panic.

*whoosh whoosh*

However, just as everyone expressed helplessness one after another, the two objects of light became two pencil-straight light, charging straight into Chu Feng’s brain.


At that instant, Chu Feng only felt a stabbing pain in his brain. A scorching current of air spread from his head, then it filled his entire body. When he endured the scorching current of air and opened his eyes, even if it was him, his pupils couldn’t help shrinking, and his calm face couldn’t help changing suddenly.