Chapter 587 - The Domineering Chu Feng

MGA: Chapter 587 - The Domineering Chu Feng

“This is quite an imposing atmosphere. It seems like this guy can really play tricks.” Seeing the powerful might that Chu Feng generated, many people stared at the side with cold eyes and spoke only to scorn. No one believed that Chu Feng’s power was genuine, and instead felt Chu Feng was going to embellish the previous defeat with another one.

“Ahh, one cannot escape from the disaster they stirred up themself. He is truly preparing to embarrass the Li family!” And Yuelao who was heavily injured by Mr. Gu just now helplessly shook his head. After personally experiencing his power, he was pretty much sure of Chu Feng’s defeat.

*hmm* But just as everyone felt that Chu Feng was putting up false might, they saw him abruptly merge his blurred hands. In front of him, a dozen vortexes appeared. They spun around quickly, and like circular doors, stood in the air.

As the vortexes spiraled, purple-coloured lights emerged from them, along with countless blinding symbols. When the purple-coloured lights interweaved with the symbols, they formed strange and bright patterns. At the very end, the dozen vortexes transformed into purple-coloured Spirit Formations.

“Heavens! That is?!”

When everyone saw that, all of their expressions distorted. They were dumbstruck, and their glittering eyes were full of astonishment.

All of them were quite extraordinary people, so they could all tell what Chu Feng created were all purple-coloured Spirit Formations. Moreover, it was a dozen purple-coloured Spirit Formations. Chu Feng, the person only in the eighth level of the Heaven realm, actually grasped purple-coloured Spirit Formation power as well.

“How is this possible? Can it be that he’s a Purple-cloak World Spiritist?!”

At that instant, many people who disliked Chu Feng were stupefied thoroughly by the scene in front of their eyes because they really did not dare to believe that Chu Feng was also a Purple-cloak World Spiritist.

“Lord Benefactor Wuqing is actually?”

In reality, not only were those who were awaiting Chu Feng embarrassment stunned. Even Li Chan, the Li family’s master, and the Ma family’s crowd were baffled.

If one were to say that a person who obtained purple-coloured Spirit Formation power in the ninth level of the Heaven realm was a genius, then a person who obtained such power in the eighth level of the Heaven realm was a genius within geniuses.

“They are indeed purple-coloured Spirit Formations, that is true; but more importantly to World Spiritists is the control of those Spirit Formations and not merely false bravado. Can you control the dozen of Spirit Formations you opened simultaneously?”

Mr. Gu, who was also a Purple-cloak World Spiritist, had already confirmed Chu Feng’s identity. However, he did not feel that Chu Feng could proficiently control the power of purple-coloured Spirit Formations, and even more so, he didn’t believe Chu Feng could successfully lay a dozen Spirit Formations.

Thinking back to when he first obtained the power of purple-coloured Spirit Formations, and when he skillfully grasped the power of purple-coloured Spirit Formations, the time he spent on doing both those things was a lot, and he had also worked very hard.


But at that moment, within the dozen of purple-coloured Spirit Formations, deafening roars rang out concurrently. That noise was even more terrifying than the roar from the giant Mr. Gu formed earlier.


However, that roar was merely the beginning. Within the unending roars, a dozen large and sturdy figures stepped out of the Spirit Formations in succession. Everyone was thoroughly astounded by that.

Not a single one of those figures was smaller than the one Mr. Gu formed, and looking at them in terms of might, every single one of them surpassed the giant beast that Mr. Gu made.

It was because they not only had large physiques, on their semi-transparent bodies, there was even a layer of domineering armor. With armor on their bodies, and huge axes in their hands, their imposing outer appearances made it difficult for anyone to determine whether they were giants or beasts. But, something unquestionable was that they were definitely near-invincible enormous warriors.


As everyone was submerged in shock, there came another deafening roar. Those dozen of enormous monsters, as commanded by Chu Feng, strode forward, dashing quickly towards Mr. Gu.

*boom boom boom*

As they madly ran, they kept on making thunder-like explosions. Not only did they stir up roiling dust, they even shook the mountains and earth. Moreover, their speeds were extremely quick, arriving in front of Mr. Gu after only a blink.



At that instant, the huge beast Mr. Gu formed had intentions of protecting Mr. Gu, but in an instant it was tore into pieces by the dozen of monsters Chu Feng formed. Ultimately, it reverted into purple-coloured Spirit Formation power, which then scatteredly floated in the air. The huge beast that Mr. Gu thought to be invincible could not even take a single blow in front of Chu Feng’s giants.

“Damn brat, don’t underestimate me!”

When the huge beast was torn into pieces, Mr. Gu immediately paled, but, he was not afraid. Rather, he howled at the sky with strong bloodlust.

He overlaid his palms, throwing out a very special hand seal. When that hand seal was completed, the earth underneath his feet also violently trembled. Countless cracks appeared, and at the end, the earth started to shatter and rise into the air.

“This horrifying power… Could it be that he wants to pour all he has, and is betting everything on this single strike?” Seeing the environmental change caused by Mr. Gu, Yuelao couldn’t help inhaling a breath of cool air. He, also a World Spiritist, seemed to have a premonition.


Indeed, when the power in Mr. Gu’s body accumulated to a certain degree, he suddenly roared at the sky. Then, boundless purple-coloured Spirit Formation power, like a volcano erupting, started to burst out of his body.

The purple-coloured Spirit Formation power rose into the sky and was exceptionally grand, but the most shocking thing was that the boundless power started to gather together, and formed a large snake that touched the sky.

That large snake was over two hundred meters long. It had sharp teeth in its mouth, and its eyes glowed with red. Not only was it lifelike, its might was even extremely powerful. Even a very arbitrarily movement in the sky gave rise to gales.


*boom boom boom boom boom*

Suddenly, the large Spirit Formation snake’s tail suddenly moved, and like a whip it streaked downwards. In only an instant, it completely smashed the dozen of enormous monsters. Its strength was powerful, and was simply unstoppable.


However, Chu Feng was not afraid in the slightest as he faced the horrifying Spirit Formation snake. He snorted, coldly, then opened up his right hand, his left hand then quickly drawing a symbol in his right hand’s palm.

After drawing the symbol, Chu Feng raised his right hand slightly. At that instant, purple light swirled around in his palm. The symbol was speedily changing, becoming countless patterns surrounded by purple lights. They were like little snakes as they climbed Chu Feng’s arm from his palm, and almost immediately, they covered the entirety of Chu Feng’s right arm.

At that instant, on Chu Feng’s right arm, the patterns surrounded by purple lights were oppressing, and frightening. But, that was only the beginning. Chu Feng waved his right arm slightly, and the Spirit Formation power that was smashed by the huge snake actually started to gather together, and became a huge hand even a bit larger than the huge snake.

The huge hand was purple-coloured and several hundred meters long. Its sinister appearance was simply akin to a devil’s palm. But that wasn’t even much. More importantly, in every single pore of that palm, sharp blades similar to teeth of saws extended outwards. With a glimpse, it made people shudder from fear and it chilled their spines.